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    Monday - no karate, yet.

    Tuesday 3rd January 2023

    Morning Taiji
    Laojia Yilu for a warm-up, then we worked on a few moves from the second half of the form. In the remaining 25 mins we racticed the sword basic exercises and the beginning of the sword form. I got a few corrections to everything we were working on, awesome.
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    Tuesday 3rd January

    Taiji - fan
    I can a few mins late and joined the group practicing the fan as usual. We practised by ourselves for the first half an hour or so. I tried my best to explain the latest moves to a person who missed the last class. Then the teacher came and gave us corrections and did the whole form with us once, too.

    Taiji sword
    Laojia Yilu for a warm-up (I felt great and energetic, so I enjoyed this one) and Laijia Erlu right after (I know less than a half, though). THen we practiced the whole sword form, split into parts to be able to focus on parts and also because the gym is a bit small for a large group of people to practice the sword form. I always stand and one end and always end in the wall as I traverse more than half of the lenght of the gym in the first half of the form.

    Taiji - Laoji a Erlu
    Not that much energy left, so my Laojia Yilu for a warm-up was quite a bit worse then the previous one. We then did the Laojia Erlu twice and worked on the last couple of moves. I got a couple of correction and the teacher also taught us the next move.

    I was tired and a little sore form teh kettlebells, and I took around 25 mins to properly stretch by the wallbars. I feel like I have made some progress, splits-wise. A little one, though. I was able to lift the right leg up enough to rest my calf on the bars vertically, nearly getting my toes over the head. Left leg is much worse, though. ThereS this little muscle somewhere, that is too stiff, but I think I found some ways to stretch it today. So I could feel it strained on my way home...
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    Wednesday 4th January

    I started my karate journey at PE in my uni in my student years. Although I stared training at sensei's dojo, I was going back to these PE classes with sensei even after I've graduated. A junior sensei took over and has been teaching these since before the pandemic. But I started with Taiji and after the lockdown was helping with the Taiji classes on Wednesday, so I haven't been there for ages. I finally decided to go. Sensei M teaching the PE now asked our senior sensei if he could coe do a grading for a few students. Today was the last class of the semester and an ideal time for the grading. I thought I'd tag along for this, good opportunity, so I appologized to my Taiji teacher in advance that I wouldn't be coming.
    Yesterday I asked sensei if he was indeed coming. He couldn't, but never mind I'd just go alone, and check out the regular sensei's classes. But a I got a call today from the regular sensei if I was coming as I said. Oh, since he's calling and asking this, it surely is... yep, he can't come, either. He was ill, so I ended up being the only blackbelt coming and taught the classes.

    Karate at uni - teaching
    There are two clases, each lasting 75 mins. One is for beginners, the other for students who've been coming for more than one semester. But mostly everyone, or at least the advanced, stay for both classes, which was the case today, too, so we only did one 2,5 hour long training. As this is the last class, plenty of people are ill and the students don't really need to come and need to study for the upcoming exams, there were only six of us, one of which was a friend, who's more of a Muay Thai, BJJ, Judo etc. specialist, but has been going to karate classes longer than me, but still kind of badmouths karate, he's quite funny, honestly. I haven't seen him for years!

    Sensei, who will be coming to do the grading asked me to check on the candidates, especially how is their kata. Regular sensei told me it would be nice to do some iron body conditioning and put the guys there in place a bit :D
    We stareeted the class with a running warm-up, then Junbi Undo, then kihon - I wanted to see at least tsuki, shiko dachi, age, yoko, harai uke and some kicks, so we practiced all of these in various ways. There were three advanced people, but one gurls who seemed to not know any of these techniques, so I first explained everything and we practiced from very slow to fast. She was catching on rather well, which was great.
    We were also doiong some bodyweight exercises in between everything. Then we moved onto Kote Kitae - Iron body conditioning. 4 techniques for the forearms, each done 10x per side with three different partners (so 3x10). Then leg kicking, eblow to elbow strikes and finally body punches. Except for one, I have to say, the students were really going at it. It seemed like they were pushing themselves, which I didn't try to make them, but if they wanted to go hard, I am happy to oblige! I couldn't help but praise them, though. But the harshest was, of course, my muai thai friend. Especially for the body punches. I kind of knew I might regret that. I don't care much about forearms, I wasn't afraid of him, but the punching. We did each two punches to the body, then the second person would punch. This guy would start surprisingly lightly, but it was because, as I soon found out, that his forst punch was basically just a relatively light tap and a setup for the second one where he'd twist his body and do a hook. Ouch. I had to ask him if he could aim lower. It wasn't that he was particularly near the solar, but the strike was strong enough to make my solar feel rather uncomfortable. Worst, he was adding pawer with every rep. So I thought I'd at least give back what he asked for, but... I can't even punch that hard :eek::confused::( That realisation was really sad for me. :DI swear, if I wake up with belly tommorrow...! But he was having fun, he said it was great he doens't need to hold back. Yay, truly awesome! -_- He said, though, that I got better since last time we practiced, which was a few years. I had no idea he was the type of guy to give compliments like this, but it made me happy. And it is nice to hear this from someone like him :)
    We still had 45 mins in the class and I spent those with the kata. The students didn't remember it whole, and one didn't know it at all, so I went step by step. At the end, I asked those who knew the kata, to do it a few times and gave several corrections to each. Hopefully it wasn't too overwhelming.
    I had fun today :) I think I'll have bruises, the conditioning was relatively tough, but I am pretty happy about it. It is just that I am not conditioned too wel as we don't do it that often.

    It would be nice if I could attend these classes at least from time to time, but Wednesday being my assisting day at Taiji, it is not possible. Unfortunately. Maybe very occassionally.

    1285 kcal today.
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    How heavy was this guy compared to you?
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    Hi Mitch, he's pretty muscly, but of similar height to me and a few years back he said he was 63 kg and he didn't look any different now. I weight 75 kg, so he should be quite a bit lighter. :oops:
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    So I haven't done any training at all. Since my last post here. A day after my last training, I got a cough, started feeling uwell and before I knew it, I had fever. It got to 39,8°C, which is probably the highest fever I've had since I was little. Apparently I caught a flu, just after I thought I was finally feeling well for a couple of days after my cold. So I pardoned myself from the classes. I spent a few days just lying and then worked, but my first activity was a walk on Sunday. Well, I did walk for 20 mins on Friday to give my vote for the presidential election that is going on. We spent days watching TV, so we checked some debates, and my god, the drama! :D

    Anyway, I still skipped Karate. I did not feel like doing karate, much less teaching karate. I feel well, but still have a nasty cough. Well, not that nasty like I want to cough my lungs out anymore, but coughing all the time.
    Today, however, I really didn't want to miss more Taiji classes. There are mayn new things I'd learn and I am already behind everyone. SO I went at least in the evening. Taiji is good as it can be taken easy.

    Taiji kungfu - individial practice - Fan form
    So the girls in the changing room seemed to be really happy to see me, to have someone to help. They made is sound like I haven't been here for a year or so, when It's only been a week and the Wednesday before that. But I was really happy to see them, too. They kindly showed and did their best to explain to me the two new moves they had learned while I was away. The teacher said something like: "Teach her the moves, then she'd give you advice on them." I was like wft? But I understood later. These two moves were ones I knew form Laojia Yilu, it is only that they were modified slightly for the fan. And most of the ladies there didn't know the whole Laojia Yilu, therefore didn'T know these two moves, which were both with a jump and relatively difficult when taught for the first time. I spent some time adjusting for the fan, but since I had a previous understanding of these, it was easier for me. The teacher then came and explained again in a more comprehensive way. We practiced these for the whole hour. Except when we tried the whole form, maybe 4 times altogether.

    Taiji - broadsword - first class
    This class was also a big reason I didn't want to miss today. It is the first class of a new course for broadsword! We have finished the sword (jian), so the time came for broadsword (dao). As previously agreed we spent the first 20 mins polishing the jian form, while those who didn't learn it tried a few basic exercises with the dao. Then we worked on some jian moves, but then joined the rest with the doa for a proper introduction and basic exercise. Not many people had their broadsword, so we had to borrow. There were barely enough, so the instructor and I and then a couple other people got the wooden dao. It was a bit heavier thatn the standard training dao, and wouldn't bend.
    We learned the few basic techniques. Some were the circles we had known from the sword, so it was realtively easy to adapt. Then we learned new moves - slashes with a block around the head. I have work to do there, but it was fun. When returning the weapons, someone switched with me to try the wooden one, so it turn, I got my hands on the practice dao. It was very light, and when I tried the slash, it made an unexpectedly loud noise that it startled me. I had just practiced the slashes with a stiff wepon and this was completely different. But this kind of soft and light practice weapon felt very flimsy. The teacher said we can purchase these, or if we want stiffer and heavier ones, they'd arrive in like a couple of weeks. No doubt htey'd be more expensive, but I think I'll wait for that. Or maybe I'll look for the wooden one. Or aybe I'll get the wooden one as well. I'll see. I thought I don't need to get the dao of my own right away, but I can't really practice outside this one class a week, which is a pity.

    Taiji - Laojia Erlu
    Laojia YIlu for a warm-up. I was feeling rather weak at this point. The previous class wasn't that hard (except for the two sword forms at the beginning), but nonehteless, my legs were shaky. I did low stances, but didn't push for very low and practiced relaxedly. I hate being ill, I could feel how weak I had become in less than couple of weeks. I couldn't get much stranghts in the strike. No usual snap in the punch etc. It kind of irritated me :D I'm sure I'll get the snap back in no time, but still :D
    We then went through the Laojia Erlu twice and worked on the newest moves. I got a few correction and as for the move I missed, the teacher explained it again, after practicing the previous two I did learn, but struggled with or half forgot them. And in the end we added a new move. I was realyl weak at this point, I was praying for breaks. I am very greatful we didn¨t do the whole form again at the end, only a couple of moves at a time.

    I spent the next 20 mins stretching.
    Today in the morning my cough has finally gotten better. But as I practiced today, I couldn'T help but cough more and more often. It stopped when I stopped moving and started stretching, though.
    I felt weak today and I am tired, but honestly, I was worried I'd feel worse. I should be able to do tommorrow classes as well, though I will still get break from Karate this weak, I think. I was supposed to be on a sick leave and not move around till yesterday at the very least, so I should probably still be resting.
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    Wednesday 18 January

    Taiji - Fan
    I was asked to start the class with wuji. Then we practiced the form with the teacher and then he'd watch. We would work on some weak points and reviewed what we learned last time (yesterday in my case) and added probably three new moves. I knew these from the sword form, so the struggle wasn't that huge. And we went through the whole form a couple more times.
    The teacher also advertised our Tuesday sessions with the fan, wehre we practice by ourselves. It is true that more and more people are coming and we are quite a group there now. He, however, said, that sometime in March he thinks about opening a new official course for the fan form in that time, so if we can find space to practice what we want, we may, but otherwise we're welcome to join the beginning group and learn from the start again.
    Only an hour later the teacher told me that he meant to make that new course for me. To teach. I will supposedly know most of the form by then... I shouldn't be too surprised, though. The fan course is rather popular and the teacher obviously doesn't want to be associated with the fan more than he absolutely needs to, so he was sure to try and hand it over to someone else to teach the first chance he got. And at the moment, there's really no one... So now that I think about it, I should have seen this coming. If the course really starts, I think it may actually be quite a fun challenge, but I am also rather nervous.

    Taiji - 26 moves
    The next class was started with a bit of silk reeling and I joined the course practicing the 26th move - Cloud Hands. I assisted a tiny bit by being a reference inthe front when needed. A standard and nice class.

    Taiji - beginners and 15 moves
    A new course started last week. I usually do the silk reeling this class. I didn't expect the beginners would join us since they for sure hadn't learned silk reeling, yet, but the teacher told me to do the normal silk reeling excpet for the final two steps and if I can do it facing the class. Meaning in the mirror was so thay can see what is being done. I know some people do fins this confusing and prefer the instructor to be facing the same way, but for complete beginners this should be better. The only thing was... I had never done it in the opposite way before! Dang this. I focused really hard to do everything in the opposite way and not to skip anything. Hopefully I did fine, although I am not completely sure about the final two types which are a bit complicated and I might have switched directions. Not sure till now :D
    Then I joined the 15 moves group for 14 moves review and explanation of the next one. The teacher used me to explain the stance and positions on, making me hold a low stance, which was rather tough. When I thought it was over, I was asked again to do something similar. Ouch. And then practice it with the group while the teacher would go around correcting. I expected this class to be relaxed, but it wasn't as much as I had hoped.
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    I didn't do much in these days, mostly work, and some tidying up after I was ill. No trainings, but I went for a walk on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. 5, 3,5 and 5,5 km respectively. We have snow since Saturday and I just love walks in the snow :)

    Sunday 22nd January
    Kettlebell gym
    I took a break for two weeks due to flu. I wanted to go to an extra class to replace the ones missed, but wasn't really alowed to as the other classes are at a capacity limit :(

    Mobility exercises at the beginning.
    Than the basic routine. I ussed a 10 kg kettlebell for all these as told previously.
    - Lever once per side
    - Wiggling squat 10x with 2-3 bicep curls in the down position
    - Pull-over 10x

    TGU - 5x per side
    Last time the instructor told me to just do all of them with a 10 kg kettlebell. So I was happy, I kind of did't feel like being stuck with the 8 kg one, but I kind of hoped the next one would be 12 kg... I know I should drill the technique, but... this lets me cheat anyway.
    The instructor came by when I was just in the middle and asked me how I felt about the weight and asked me to take 12 kg and use that next time. Yay, awesome!

    Deadlift + push-up, hanging
    I was out of exercises, so I went to get advice. The instructor said to do 5 rounds of 5 deadlifts + 3 push-ups on the step.
    Last time I did horozontal bar hanging instead of the push-ups, btu I am not a fan and the isntructor said it was fine and I can just hang a little later. Last time I didd deadlifts with 36 kg. I was asked how I felt about that weight. Hard to say. I wasn't struggling, but I don't really have experience with lifting heavier ones, so I couldn't judge. I might go for a heavier one next time, but since I just recovered from a flu, we kept it at that. I wasn't told to take breaks between rounds and didn't feel like I needed then, so I finished pretty soon. Instructor was busy, but since she had said I can do some hanging, I went for it. I thought I'd only do it once and see how long I can do it for. I went for 1 min. It was very hard at the end.

    Intstructor still busy (there were many more people today), I didn't know what to do, but last time I learned goblet squat. I used 20 kg kettlebell, so I went for that and did 5x10 squats.
    I stretched for a bit when the instructor turned up. She said something about the hanging, so I told her I had just done that (I kind of didn't want to go through it again :D), I sadi I just did it once for 1 min. She asked a few times if I had really done 1 min and probably based on that she said to go do the next preparatory exercise for pull-ups. Damn. I didn't want to hear that. I used a tall box, got myself in the high pull-up position and was told to just hold there for like 3 secs and then lower myself to stretched arms within 5 secs - do the negatives. I was told to always do 2 reps at a time and take a long break - 2 mins. There was only about 10 mins left till the swings, so I did 4-5 rounds. Ouch.

    Swings - 10 min EMOM - 10 double-handed swings on the minute. Like last time I picked 28 kg bell. At the end it felt lighter than I remembered, but rogressively it became a bit hard. I worked quite a bit today and after being sick my cardio and strenght aren't the best. My head was also spinning a little in the final 3 rounds, but I pushed through. Probably not iwth the best form, but hopefully passable.

    Stretching. I was tired today. 600 kcal burned - obviously I am getting more of a workout as I am learning more exercises. I wonder how sore I'll be yesterday. Polar already screams "overtraining" at me.
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    Monday 23rd January

    Karate kids
    Game of tag for a warm-up, Junbi Undo, then running and games, some kihon and finally San Dan Gi Ichi and and games. The class was full today.

    Karate adults
    Many people in the adult class also. 3 Sanchin for a warm-up as usual, Junbi Undo, some work-out in pairs, Kihon ido - kicks, Kata practice - up to Saifa, I taught Gekisai Dai Ichi to those who did not know Saifa, and finally a game I came up with, or rather, remembered we did years ago and tried recently with children, but it did not work too well. Basicalyl we formed groups of four, both Sett and I had to participate and we'd say, which parts of the body can tough the floor in the group. No touching the walls, only floor and each other within the team. So it would go like: "8 hands!" or: "One back!" or: "Two feet!" or "4 feet, 4 heads!" etc. It was fun :D

    I was a little sore from yesterday. Only a little, but all over and was generally tired. I tried to participate in the adult class as much as possible, but although I did the kihon ido whenever I had some space, in the end I stopped. Windows were close and I started feeling not that great. Which lasted till the evening. Today's class wasn't hard at all, in the 2,5 hours I only burned 660 kcal, but somehow I really felt not that good. Maybe it is the overtraining in general. I just need to get used to the physical activity again.
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    Tuesday 24th January

    Taiji - fan practice
    Our group that had grown as large as 8 people or so practiced the fan form, as usual. Mostly by ourselves, but the teacher came a couple of times ot give corrections.

    Taiji - Jian and Dao
    We started with 3 sword - jian forms, then worked on the ending of the form. In the second half of the class we continued the introduction to the broadsword - Dao. We didn't do anything new today. Mostly practicing the basic skills. Our sword group has done some of them with the sword before, so we are quite ok, but there is a group of people who didn't do these before, who practice this for the full hour, but needed to practice more. Regardless, it was nice. As a preparation for double broadsword, the teacher had us practice these skills (well, we didn't have enough time for the last one) with left hand. :)

    Taiji - Laojia Erlu (Cannon Fist form)
    Laojia Yilu for a warm-up, then twice Laojia Erlu. We worked on the latest moves and later were taught a couple of new ones. They were similar to moves we had learned before, which was probably the reason we learned two.
    The Cannon Fist form is really nice. I keep telling myself I should practice it at home. It is rather difficult and training once a week is far from enough. Moreover by the time we get to the technical part, I am usually very tired and don't try as hard as I probably should...

    30 mins stretching. For splits mostly and allthe muscles around the hips and hamstrings I can figure out how to stretch. I am a bit irritated there is a significant difference in how far I can go for right and left side. I want to get my legs evenly stretched and stretch them some more :D I remembered a stretching exercise I had seen somewhere recently and oh boy did that hurt. But probably might help me strech the inner front of my right thigh which is the muscle (or one of) preventing me from getting my left leg as high as the right one. So, I will work on this a bit more!

    1700 kcal today, Tempo Training+

    Very intense training. Polar now screams I will be overtrained till Saturday... Polar is so pessimistic! And it doesn't even know how much I plan to train till then :D
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    Wednesday 25th January

    Taiji - Fan
    It was only yesteray that the teacher announced we will have a Chinese New Year and the school's anniversary celebration in about 3 weeks and we will be doing demos again. He asked in the fan group, we looked good as a group, so who wants, we could perform again. Today when I came into the changing room, the girls were already panicking and stressing over it, looking for excuses to avoid it or for ways to cut the latest difficult part of the form :D Wow, looks like I will have a lot of persuasion to do in the coming weeks. :)
    In class we went through the whole form a few times. The teacher practiced it with us. As usual, he said to do the form slowly. But, as usual, he's the one going the fastest. Like in the sword class. Today, he didn't rush as much as he would with a sword, but definitely more than we ever did. I did my best to keep the tempo, to move fast where he did, to slow down where he did. But he was speeding up more and more and was laughing inside and noticed him grinning :D My, my. Obviously, in the group, everyone finished at different times, wondering whether this was supposed to be slow. The teacher laughed and said, ok, so now one more, slowly, I'll watch. Since I would be starting and figuring out the pacing, I was wondering whether "slow" meant what we just did, or actual "slow". So we started, but when we turned around in about the third move, the teacher was in the very back (now front), doing the form with us and gaining speed. By the time we finished, we were breathing rather hard, lol.
    Then we spent some time working and reviewing the ending of the form, and were taught a couple of new moves. At least one obviously taken from the sword form, but changed for the fan. The several newest form are rather lively. Turns, jumps, kicks, strikes. This can be practiced rather fast and I had a lot of fun! :) I am looking forward to what'll come next.

    Taiji - 27 moves
    I was assisting a tiny bit with this group, working on Cloud Hands and learning High Patting on Horse.

    Taiji - 15 moves
    I am officially assisting now, so I started with the silk reeling. Again, since half of the people were beginners, who had only just started learning the silk reeling, I faced them. Doing the silk reeling the opposite way. I did this last week for the very first time and swore to myself that before today's class, I will try it at home to figure out and be sure for the final two types, which arms go in which direction to not mess it up. And of course, I forgot. I only remembered in the previous class, so I did a bit of a mental exercise to figure this out nad just rememebring "Right hand forward, left hand left!" It saved me a lot of brainstorming during hte silk reeling I had to focus hard on in general.
    Then I joined the more advanced group learning 15 moves. We practiced for a bit. I wasn't overdoing it with the stances. I knew I still had to survive till the end and although small, there was a chance I will be again used to demonstrate something, which meant standing in a low stance for a rahter long time. And I was already tired. Sure enough, I was called over to demonstrate the hip movement in the final move. And all the posssible mistakes one can make, being guided by the teacher. Whew, it was tough.
    I went home tired, but definitely not as much as yesterday. 1300 kcal.
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    Thursday 26th January

    I wasn't sure if I should come today. I didn't feel well after Monday. But the last two Taiji trainings were likely harder than karate would be today and I managed that and I was looking forward to getting back to karate properly, so I went. Sensei was teaching today, we did some warm-up with what we call randori - a very light sparring with rules like each partner attack, block, attacks, blocks, etc. No two attacks in a row.
    We worked on mawate today a lot, the turn, using also some bunkai to go with it. And later practicing the turn and Gekisai Dai Ni bunkai in pairs and groups. It was a nice exercise, but the turn there was confusing for the attacker. And then the bunkai with random attackers faster.
    Sett and I stayed after class with a friend from a different dojo, who has just started her preparation for shodan grading n a few months. She showed the first tow kata, we each gave her a correction and sensei then asked us to show either Sepain of Kururunfa. Wow, I was sure I'll be rusty as I haven'T practiced since before Christmas (not only kata, but karate in general), but I definitely wanted Sepai. I messed up at one point and the kata was awful. Sensei didn't comment much, only agreed that we indeed haven't practiced for a while O:)

    Only a bit over 600 kcal. Again, not a particularly hard training, but later at home I again didn't feel my best. :/
    But I will rest for the next two days.
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    Sunday 29th January

    Kettlebell gym
    Warm-up, then I did the lever, pull-overs and wiggling squats (10 kg). I was told to try 12 kg next time.

    TGU - 5 times per side. As per instructions from last time, I used 12 kg today. It feels better than 10, definitely. Instructor came at the end, told me to take 14 kg next time (after first round for warm-up). Yay :)

    5 rounds of:
    Kettlebell deadlift x 5 - upped the weight today to 40 kg; and 2 negative pull-ups (starting with holding the upper position for 2 secs). Then lowering myself for 5 secs. The last rep was hard, I couldn't keep myself up for 2 s and the lowering was much faster, too. Pull-ups, my nemesis!

    5 rounds of:
    Gobles squats x5 - 24 kg. And 3 push-ups with hands elevated on a couple of steps. First round 4 push-ups. The elevation is something I am not used to. It does make the push-ups easier, but it messes up my posture. Or at least I feel like it does. I got a few correction in the past classes, so I tried to adjust my posture accordingly, btu had no mirror. But the instructor watched, said it looked good, only my head is lowered too much. I should add 1 push-ups next time. To only the second round, though. Or all? I can't remember :O

    2 rounds of (to fill the time before the swings):
    High plank - 30 s followed by side high plank - 30 s per side.

    Swings - 10 min EMOM
    Just beofre I was asked how the swings felt with the current weight (28 kg). I said ok, last time I wasn't feeling too well, yet. Toward the end my hips felt tired. The instructor told me to try doing only 5 reps each min instead of ten, but not continuously, always put the bell down after each swing and start again as explosively as possible. She gave me a 24 kg bell to try, but int he end we moved to the planks.
    The first three rounds were spent figuring out the movement. The first swing I do after picking the bell up is always a bit messy, I didn't know how to use the momentum. And today, all of the swings were like that :D So I thought I should figure this out. The instructor came and told me she hopes she didn't make me work too hard with the 24 kg... I... should have had 24? I didn't realise that was what she meant. I took that, then. After the heavier, these swings were fairly easy. I was able to more easily figure out the momentum and had an easier time actually doing the movement explosively, which was the goal. I didn't get particularly tired form this


    Over 600 kcal today. Unlike last time, when I was really really tired even walking, I felt energized after today and was full of energy. It was a good feeling.
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    Monday 30th January

    Karate Kids
    Running for warm-up, Junbi Undo, then we worked on kicks, focused on Ushiro geri and a game at the end. I didn't parrticipate in the exercising too much today. Only a few kicks, Junbi Undo and a few bodyweight things.

    Karate adults
    3x Sanchin kata, Junbi Undo.
    Then, as I met a friend O at the beginning of January, he was interested in coming to our dojo (he hasn't been here since we moved locations before covid) and offered to teach some joint locks etc. He used to do Muay Thai for a few years, then moved onto Judo and BJJ. He's been at it for many years, actually doing karate for fun, too, for 01 years or so, but he hates grading and avoids it, so he's a white belt in everything. Not sure about BJJ, though. The grading there is a bit different, isn't it?
    Anyway, I took up his offer and asked if he could come and teach us a few locks, preferably some basic, standing ones.
    He was happy to do so. He started with us practicing brakfalls, mae and ushiro and yoko ukemi. I haven't done ushiro ukemi many times and I struggled a bit on one side. Yoko ukemi I have never seen before and felt funny. I probably messed it up, but... it was weird to begin with :D
    Then we practiced several locks in pairs. I paired up with O and always tried a couple of times with him, then went around helping others. The standing locks were known to me. There were some slight differences - variations - but I tried, asked if I wasn't sure about how to do this specific things and went to check on others. THen we did a couple of things on the ground. One was on a shoulder, the other was an arm bar and then we tried them with a change of position from one to another. I am less familiar with these. I mean, I did arm bar before, but the explanation wasn't very detailed and I was able to pick what the important parts of it were. Then it worked nice :)
    As for the combination of these two on the ground, I left the correcting to O (unless I saw someone forgetting to do one of the points O mentioned) as I wasn't familiar with it and when I tried I had problems, too. I got it in theory, but...
    At the end, O had a work-out for us. Run around the dojo with your partner on your back. Then with him in a princess carry, then over the shoulders. I am glad O was my partner as he's still lighter than me (at least that'S what he claims, but he's hard, all muscle and felt heavy for his size, but that was probably just that feeling). I struggled a bit with the princess carry nonetheless. I am sure the woman is the one being the princess and carried for a reason! :D
    Actually when O said to put a hand around the other's shoulder and do a princess carry and he jumped up to demonstrate, I was taken off guard completely and didn't catch. I totally didn't expect he'd so eagerly jump into my arms :D And I also didn't think I would be able to carry him anyway, so I wasn't ready to catch him at all XD

    I didn't do much of the exercise, and if so, it was mostly technical things and correction. Only slightly over 600 kcal.
  15. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday 31st January

    On my way to Taiji by a tram, an older lady asked me for some directions - she had lost her phone and didn't know how to get to a certain address, so I found it for her and explained the directions. We were chatting when another man stood next to me and was obviously looking my way. Later I realized he was actually looking at my sword - or rather, at the bag where the "sword" was written. He was staring too obviously, so I looked back. I explained I was doing Taiji. He was interested in which style, so I told him I practice Chen, just over there. The man said our school teacher's name, he mentioned he went with him to China a couple of times, to translate when both our teachers were learning from master Zhu Tiancai. Oh! I searched my memories. I heard the teacher's stories rfom his trips to China and he had a few stories about their translator whom they needed on their first visits, too. So I asked this guy if he was... his name. And indeed :) And he just regards to the teacher. They probably haven't been in contact since. And these trips were some 20 years ago. The world is so small! :)
    When he left, the lady had questions about taiji. She said she was a masseuse, but no massage can help her with her stiff hips, shoulders etc. and she was looking for an exercise that could help. So I gave her the adress and recommended to try :)

    Taiji - fan practice
    Our ladies group practiced the fan. The demo is coming close, so a friend - probably the only other person from the group actually willing to participate in the demo - asked if we could turn around and practice in the direction we would be for the demo - turned 180°. Sure, no problem. Well, it was a problem for some. I understand that the 180°would make one uncertain whether to go right or back, but, when another frined started doing several steps to the front - turned by 90°, we all first looked incredulously and couldn't stop ourselves from laughing out loud. There was some confusion throughout the training. Another friend would argue with me which way to turn after one jump, so I had to explain step by step how it was in the original direction and how it is now, indeed it is by the same angle. Wow :D
    We reviewed the last two moves we learned last time. I think I got these and remembered them, but many people did not and some were missing, so I did my best to explain, I hope I got all the details correct. Then the teacher came and practiced with us for a whil,e gave us corrections for several moves. That was nice.

    Taiji - sword and broadsword
    Our sword group started by basic sword exercises and two forms. As for the exercises, well, the forms, too, I felt very rusty today. I was too stiff overall and couldn't get it right and enjoy the movement. I should really practice at home. I can't fit the sword form inside, but the basic exercises should be ok. We got some corrections and then joined the beginning group with the broadswords. Sooner than usual today. We worked on the basics again, The teacher explained how to shift weight in more detail and then it clicked for me and I had fun, it worked and the cuts with circle around the head worked nicely. I borrowed the very light practice broadsword and it was making so nuch noise. Even in my diagonal cuts. Which it probably shouldn't. I tried to adjust my tehcnqiue as this seemed a sign I was doing it wrong, but I couldn't stop it. Maaaybe (at least that's what I try to tell myself) the broadsword is just so soft and flimsy that even if I cut relatively precisely - by the blade - when I stop the cut, it would still bend one way or another just because it is too soft.
    Today we started learning the form. The first move or two. The usual form beginning, a cut, jumping turn and a thrust. Oooh, I think I am going to have so much fun with this form! For the thrust, the flimsy weapon would make a loud noise even when I'd go slowly, but stop with, well, ehm, a tiny little karate kime (can't help it). For a thrust, though, I suppose that is alright - the noise. And the teacher then said to try to do it like me, a thrust should make a noise. So I just added some speed to it :) I will have to polish the turn and the technique in general. I hope I will be able to get my own broadsword, soon. A heavier (and definitely) a stiffer one, so that I could practice :)

    Taiji - Cannon Fist form
    I missed the beginning and I had something to talk about with the teacher. I gave him the regards from his former translator and invited him for an event my sensei is organizing at his school, where he would like to include demos of our dojo, a iaido/kendo dojo practicing in the school and a tiaji demo, as well :) I ended up chatting with the teacher about other stuff, too, and I only returned for the last third of Laojia Yilu. We then tried the Cannon fist form and the teacher came to work wth us on the latest moves and explain them again and give us corrections. A normla class. I was surprisingly not as tired as I usually am today. Not sure, why, I think I worked quite hard before. But I am not complaining.

    Thorough stratching for the splits and muscles all around my hips to help myself get into the splits. I did make some progress! Yaaay! I could go into the side split to the point where I'd actually touch the ground with my butt. BUt I couldn't yet sit down with my weight. As for front splits, I was also closer than ever. Nearly on the floor on the right side. But left side is worse. I am trying to get my legs equal, but there is a significant difference. I spent 35 mins stretching today.

    1500 kcal.
  16. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Wednesday 1st February

    Taiji - fan
    I started the class before the teacher was ready. We did 3 forms, turned the same way as yesterday to practice for the demo,which again brought some confusion, but only on a few occassions. At one move we were doing over and over, I noticed I was turned a different way than literally everyone else. So I corrected myself, but still had no idea how they managed to do the move and end this way, so I started questioning how well I remembered the move, but... after the third try the teacher had us start from a little before it aaand... I was right :D
    We got a lot to work on and learned a couple of new moves again.

    Taiji - 27 moves
    We practiced mostly Cloud Hands and High Patting on Horse - mostly only working on the footwork. The teacher said he had an idea for me. The way he said this made me a little scared. He saw me stretching yesterday (like I do every Tuesday) andgot an idea about a course I could have in the small room. The prices for energies are going up and there is a need to have more classes and more students, to use the gym fully. So if I can help, I will.

    Taiji - 15 moves
    I did the silk reeling for both present groups, facing the group. With much more ease today. Then I assisted with the class where we worked on the 15th and started learning the 16th move. It was nice, we had a few laughs as the teacher was in a good mood. He wanted to demonstrate something pretty much all of us were doing and there was actually no reason for it, but we kind of understood it that way before. His demonstration was hilarious XD. Especially since he did it exactly the way we do.
    We were given some corrections and taught the next move and the teacher wanted to again show us some mistakes we do with moving the hips etc. He took the stance and I immediately relaxed, as this would usually be the time he'd call me over, have me stand in a low stance, while leasurely explaining what (not) to do and directing me accordingly. He did take the stance now, but the second he did, he obviously realised something and: "Nachi, come here!" Oh no. I ended up suffering quite a bit in this class. :)
    At the end of the class he told us how in China, Taiji or kingfu was practiced at nights so nobody would see and "steal" the form or technique. Since many people practiced Taiji and understood the principles well, one look could tell them how a move was done and its intention and therefore it could be easily stolen. The teacher ended the class with: "Obviously stealing a technique is certainly not something you would need to be concerned about." :D I mean, I know he meant it (probably) in a different way, but... we burst out laughing.

    Taiji - 2 moves
    I promised a friend I'd stay today for the class she attends and I did. But she did not turn up! Anyway, my hips finally felt soft, I was wormed-up thoroughly and was able to keep my posture better than in the classes before, so I just enjoyed myself, relaxed and focused on details in the silk reeling and the two moves we did. I wasn't asked to go to the front, a friend of mine was, which was nice as my legs hurt. I still practiced low stances, but I couldn't hold the stance, unmoving, for long. The teacher gave me a correction about my stepping he noticed in last class, so I tried to figure out how to do it well. Without success, though. This will take time.
  17. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thursday 2nd Februarx

    Sensei planned to do a sparring class today. We don't do much sparring, especially lately and although I know nad kind of want to do it more, I am a bit scared, it usually leads to at least someone's injury, if not mine.
    We stretched and practiced easy combinations wiht gloves. For the last at least 20 mins or so we would do light free sparring. We started in groups of threes, one person always resting, by grade. Sensei beat me up, as usual, he tried to take me down, successfully. I did my best to resist, but it was mostly futile. When I was going against the other instructor, I thought about all the sweeps and takedowns sensei pulled on me and I swept his foot at one point, too. Just that, swept a foot he was putting down. And he fell over, which actually surprised me. He had a bad knee, which I am aware of, so I paid attention to sweep the healthy leg, but he said just the fact that he had to shift weight on the other leg was enough to aggravate his knee and he fell. And was out for the rest of the sparring. I felt awful.

    Then we were just changing partners randomly. Sensei said the higher grade in the pair would announce if they would either use only one hand or both hands, but no kicking. Dang. There's one guy with nidan from a different style, so I enjoyed one normal round. Then I eiher used only right or left hand. I didn't want to let go of kicks. I think I mostly held my own, but I felt really clumsy. I would need to practice sparring more. I managed to take down some people as well, but unless I got them off balance before or got a good opportunity, it wasn't easy with one hand only. In the last round sensei said it would only end with the other person on their back for 5 s. I misunderstood and only thought we needed to take them down and I did, but the guy rolled, I didn't pursue, thought it was over and it wasn't :D It was a beginner guy, taller, fit and I think quite a talented youngster. I got him in a one-arm guillotine then, but being short and unable to reach his feet with mine or unable to grab him with the other hand, I could only like knee-kick him, but didn't know how to take him down. Eventually I was the one on the floor. He immediately positioned himself across my chest, in a way I would have a very hard time getting out, especially with one hand only and no energy left, so I just gave up before the 5 s were even up. This guy was a beginner and he was really happy he beat me, and it was a deserved victory. He said he had done a bit of Judo before and had an idea of how to keep a person down, which explained things :) I felt a little bad about my abilities, but most of all I hope sensei wouldn't learn of this XD

    A Bring Sally up song for shiko dachi at the end and one Tensho kata.

    Counting the losses, except for the hurt knee that was my fault there were 2-3 small injuries. Nothing broken, probably, though one person had a large bump just below her toe that didn't look very pretty at all. :(

    Maximum trainig today, average HR 126 bpm, and max 187! I haven't had that much in a while, I think. 812 kcal.
    Still in overtraining mode.
  18. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Saturday - 4 km walk

    Sunday 5th February

    Kettlebell Gym

    Mobility exercises. There was a different instructor today - one I've met on my second class. She remmebered I was relatively new, I think my 7th or probably 8th class and I said I might need some help later. I didn't know one of the basic preparatory exercises a lot of people have always been doing. She told me to bring a 6 or 8 kg kettlebell or whatever I was using for these preparatory exercises and she'd teach me. I use 10 kg, but the egular instructor told me I should at least try 12 kg. I told this to today's instructor and got a little lecture on how these exercises weren't meant to use the heaviest possible bell, they were more like stretching. She said if an 8 kg was, let's say, too easy and no challenge at all, a 10 could be an option. I told her I am not trying to take the heaviest I possibly can just for the sake of it, but the instructor told me so. In the end I tried the 12 then and I think it worked. I could still touch the fingerst to the floor, but well, I was too lazy to stay in that position longer. Like for 5 s. Which I was told before I should try this if I can. But it was after my reluctance to switch to 12 kg. So I thought since I did, that was enough of a push :D


    5x each side. Last time I was told to start the first rep with a 12 kg bell, and do the rest with 14 kg. Todays instructor was overseeing the class fairly nearby and I almost felt guilty to try and get the 14. But apparently all 14 kg kettlebells were taken anyway. So I only switched to 14 for the last 3 rounds (each side). I think it kind of worked. The biggest problem was the kettlebell pushing into an uncomfortable spot on my forearm. Mostly on the right side. I couldn't find a more comfortable hold, though. And couldn't change grip in the middle of TGU anyway.

    Squats and push-ups

    The isntructor was busy, so I did an exercise from last time. 5 rounds of 5 goblet squats (24 kg) and push-ups by the steps. I went for 4 push-ups each round. Only in the one before the last one did I realise I was probably sticking my butt up too much, I think. I tend to have this feeling, but have no mirror to check, so I did my best to keep my body in one line.

    One-legged deadlifts and pull-up practice

    Instructor was free and so I asked if I should go for the deadlifts+pull-ups practice like last time. She asked what pull-up exercise was i doing. It was five rounds of 2 reps (without break in between) or getting up from a tall box, holding in the upper position for 2 s (I was told before to try to go for 3 s, but I didn't think I could do that) and going down slowly - the negative pull-up for 5 s. I didn't mention the times before and there seemed to be a misunderstanding, so I specified. The intructor said the negatives were a rather hard exercise and the holding up with it was difficult, too. I thought this was how the progression goes. First hand, then do this hold and slowly lower yourself down. But it turns out it is more like the regular instructor being a bully :D I was told to try it if I was able to do it. A litlte struggle was ok, but if it felt impossible, or my elbows or whatever hurt, that would be wrong. I only felt it was hard as in challenging, but not impossible. I was told to go for it, then, but not to try to hold the upper position, take a break between the two reps (which regular instructor always specifically told me not to) and just try to lower myself slowly. To be able to get up to the upper position from the box, I need a couple barbell weights. Well, three. But I was needlessly high last time, so today I only took two large ones. And was a little low. So I had to make a tiny push/jump to get up, which made me swing back and forth a tiny bit, so I realized I was staying up for 1-2 s anyway just to steady myself first. And lowered myself for 5 s. It went better today. Last time it fell worse.
    As for the deadlifts, the instructor taught me the one-legged ones today. She showed me a couple of variations to play with. She asked what weights I was using for a deadlift and a swing to figure out which to start with here. I hinted that at home I was trying these before (thought not sure about my technique) and I had 16 kg and that felt ok, and we agreed that was a good choice. I starteed today with the kettlebell not on the floor but on one step so that it is easier. It probably was, but I think it was too easy to pick it up without bending the standing leg, so I didn't. I was reminded that for our purpose I shoud be bending it. But I was focusing and a ton of things and this felt redundant, so I struggled with it a bit.
    I was doing 4 rounds (the swings start at a specific time and there wasn't that much time left) rounds of 10 one-legged deadlifts per each side (from the step) and two negative pull-ups.


    10 min EMOM - 10 double-handed swings on the minute. I took the 28 kg bell as before. The instructor came to me to give me a correction. I should keep standing upright longer before bending over at the last moment, to properly use the bell's momentum. I got this exact correction form the regular instructor, too. I tried to focus, but after a few reps, I forgot and was tired - this was in the 7th round. And the instructor told me to maybe try a lighter weight to practice this, so I quickly changed for the 24 kg, which suddenly felt really easy (at least for the first round) and I could focus on this. It was still hard, though, probably because I am used to doing it my way and going down only at the last moment felt weird, so I had to focus hard on stopping myself. Yet agian I tore my calluses... Only on the right hand, though.

    Stretching. A couple of interesting stretches I want to remember.

    650 kcal, max HR 177, average 125 bpm.
  19. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Monday - skipped training, I went to visit my grandma in a hospital.

    Tuesday 7th February

    Morning Taiji

    Today I finally managed to get up for the morning class.
    We did wuji meditation, one whole Laojia Yilu (althought there were only two of us today who knew it whole). Then we worked on a couple of moves to advance those who only knew a part. And half of the class was practicing the sword basics and the sword form.
  20. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday 7th February

    Taiji fan
    A practice class. We usually practice on our own, the teacher sometimes come by. He helped me remember the last move we learned last time, so that I could help the rest. It is a similar move to one from the sword form - well, the same, but we are doing a different variation, which is a bit confusinga and so far hard to do. We practiced the several moves at the end and went through the whole form at least 8 times. We had a lot of fun today, and laugher through half the class. I hope we didn't disturbe the other practicing group too much. O:) It was fun. But I was tired already after just one our.

    Taiji sword and broadsword
    Instructor L wasn't there, so I had to go to the front instead and lead the tempo for the group. Which I can't do. I struggled with trying to go slower than I would, which is probably too fast, but when I lost focus or was at a nice move, I sped up and I think my tempo was rather inconsistent. By the time we were about to start the third form ,instructor L turned up! Yaaay, I passed her the leader role right away. :)
    The teacher came to us later and worked with us on several moves.
    Then we joined the other half of the broadsword group and practiced broadswords together. I managed to secure a wooden sword today - not the flimsy practice thing that makes so much noise and feels like paper. We practiced one of the basic moves - a slash to the side, added second hand and then a step and tadah, we had the next move from the form! We practiced for the rest of the class with the previous moves. This form is short, but explosive, jumpy and pretty cool. I already had fun today and we barely know the beginning.

    Taiji - Cannon fist form
    Laojia Yilu for a warm-up, then Laojia Erlu I think twice, then we worked on the latest moves and did the form once more and practiced the ending over and over. I was really tired now, I've been jumping around for three hours now, without rest. I didn't mind at all when we were asked to try slowly, without fajins, etc.

    The teacher mentioned the previously promised broadswords for purchase finally arrived! I was waiting to be able to purchase a broadsword that isn't the flimsy training one (flimsy and loud, how could I practice with it outside?) and they were finally here, although only 4 pieces. I guess the teacher doesn't expect many people to buy these heavier ones? Either way, I didn't waste my time and went to grab one right away ^^ The teacher recommended the cheaper one of the two types to me, they should be of similar quality. So after class I went to pick one of a suitable lenght. The teacher probably let the class practice by themselves for a while and came to my aid, which was awesome, I kind of hoped for his opinion. Each of this swords were of a different lenght, he showed me how to measure it relatively to my height. The shortest was too short and the next one would barely pass if I stretched myself, but when I tried a few moves, the teacher said it was too long after all. And there wasn't anything in between. Except... for the teacher's broadsword. He has started using it only since the start of this course. He brought it for me to try. The slash felt much better with it and the lenght felt more comfortable, too. It was also the more expensive one and it was better balanced, and with a better handle. The teacher ended up letting me have it and picked a longer one of the other type for himself. I will bring money to pay for it tommorrow, but I already can't wait to try it properly :) Having been used by the teacher, it surely is charged with some "master-level qi" :D My form will definitely be on a different level now :D :cool:;)
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