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    Didnt know we had this feature on here so figured I would post up current regime and stats for feedback etc. It will also give me like an online diary to keep track with.

    I'm 29 (30 in July :cry:) 6"4 tall and weigh 92.8 Kg (weigh myself every Thursday morning).

    Monday evening: 4.7 mile road run

    Tuesday evening: 2 hr Wing Chun Session

    Wednesday Evening: 2 hr Wing Chun session

    Thursday Evening: 4.7 mile road run

    Friday evening: body weight/weight training session, core lifts back n shoulders, plyometric push ups etc.

    Saturday morning: 4.7 mile road run

    Sunday morning: Strength/heavy weight session with my brother (so we spot for each other).

    If the weather is bad or I just feel like a change I have a x trainer and I also jump rope and do plyometric cardio workout.

    My gym is in the garage and is free weights, fold up bench, x trainer and my wall bag and rope.

    I only lift the heavy weights on Sunday as its the only day I can get my bro round to train and spot. My mrs is 5"4 and couldn't lift the weights off me should the worst happen.


    I should also note that the road run distance is taken from walk jog run and rounded down - although it won't be exact obviously. I did also have a treadmill but broke it lol.

    Edit: diet is no white carbs (pasta,rice,bread, cake, starch etc no dairy or sugars) just chicken, fish and veggies. No coke or Pepsi type drinks either just water. I drink Gunpowder green tea at home and Oolong tea at work.

    Supplements are creatine mono hydrate, and multi vitamins. Sometimes I buy some whey protein not often, and I also use thermopure and tribulis on occasion.
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    Today I did the run using my heart rate monitor (won't say make etc incase advertising etc) 45 mins in the zone. Ave heart rate 138 bpm and max was 158 bpm. Total calories burned 738.

    Tuna salad fro lunch and feel like a sleep lol.
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    Nice, good to see another training log.

    Don't worry about advertising. If it is relevant to the thread it is fine.

    The only thing I would say is there is no rest day.

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    Cheers mate

    I use the WC as a rest really as sometimes we don't do massive amounts of drills hence no major workout. Sometimes we will work forms etc which don't really cause too much stress on the muscles and joints.

    However I have been caught out on the occasion when we have had two days of seriously hard drilling and then find I'm creamed by the run on Thursday evening and eventually just pass out on my sofa lol.

    Whenever I am feeling worn out or lack energy I just eat more during the day - good excuse eh lol. I have a high protein diet with little to no carbs (not many in lentils and veg) so I'm use to it now. Was hard at first as I use to eat pasta loads but established all white carbs are evil to me lol.

    The creatine also helps enormously and I have circa 10mg a day on an eight week on one week off cycle.
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    Morning all my workout this am was as follows:

    Warm up (10sec break between each)
    20 standard width push ups (bars used)
    20 wide grip push ups
    15 military push ups
    15 diamond push ups
    15 plank push ups
    10 fly push ups(each side)
    10 plyo push - push ups (clap without the clap lol)

    Incline abs: 25 stand crunch, 20 leg raises, 25(50 total) mason twists, 50 V up pulse ups.

    Wieghts (5 secs up, 5 secs down)

    Flat bench
    30kg DBell press 7 reps
    30kg military DBell press 7 reps

    2 x 30kg pendulumns 7 reps
    2x 35kg law mowers 7 reps

    15 reps preacher bar 30 kg
    1 x 7 reps 22kg DBell cork screws curls
    1x7 rep 22kg DBell xbody curls
    1x 7 rep 22kg flat arm curls
    2x 7 rep 22kg hammers
    1x 7rep 50kg barbel curl
    1x front and back 30 kg shoulder rolls with DBell

    Finish 20 full plyometric push ups

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    Didn't go for a run tonight as wife was late home so I looked after my two wonderful children until she got back.

    Instead I did a cardio circuit in my garden when they went to bed. Skipping, plyometrics, squats, lunges, level 1 drills, level 2 drills. Cross jacks, jump jacks running, shadow boxing etc etc you get the picture.

    45 mins 635 cals.

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    Wing Chun tonight 2hrs so that's it for today

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    Another two hour session tonight.

    Last nights session was spent on drills and some form towards the end.

    Was actually a really good class as it was small, guess folk don't like cold dark nights.

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    Back from another good session.

    Started off with some hard drilling, then some form work followed by attack vs def scenarios.

    Alarm set for 5am as I want to get a run in tomorrow.

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    Oops forgot to update.

    I didn't hit that run in the morning - hit snooze instead lol.

    I went for a run following work.

    Tonight was just a mixed weights session using free weights and body weight exercises.

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    Another run this am.

    45 minutes and my pulsar stated I was in the zone for 41 minutes. Average heart beat 141 bpm. 623 calories burned.

    Was hard this morning as again it was really cold. The ground was still frosty so my feet were slipping on the road and pavement.

    Right knee is a little sore now so will take it easy for the rest of the day.

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    Damn it forget to update this.

    Sunday. Heavyweight session with my brother. Focus was on core lifts working bicep, tricep, shoulders, back and chest. Weights going up this week so will post a full break down of new weights next Sunday.

    Monday. Today I did 30 minutes on my cross trainer (my right knee is a little sore following my last run). This was followed by a cardio circuit I made up for another 30 minutes. Overall 601 cals burned which isn't bad as I struggle to get the heart rate up on the x trainer.

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    Wing chun tonight 2hr training session.

    There is an assessment shortly (not grading we have no belts) so recently we have been doing drills and forms. Hopefully the same tonight.

    I have also booked myself on Steve Maycocks Krav Maga induction session 18th Feb. if successful I will be adding 4hrs of krav maga to my wing chun per week.

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    Wicked session yesterday concentrating on strikes and contact work.

    Some foot work drills and forms completed also.

    Last hour we worked on the assessment syllabus.

    I hope tonight's lesson is similar.

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    Late night at work Thursday so I never got to train as I was beat by the time I got home.

    I hit a 5 mile run on Friday circa 11 am and then rested a little. Around 4 pm I hit a weight session focusing on bicep and back muscles. Knee swelled up a little following the run so had a long shower and rubbed plenty of woodlock into the area.

    Before bed I again applied woodlock and tried to keep leg straight.

    Saturday I decided I would try and take it easy, althought the knee is fine and the slight swelling has gone. I figured if I waited till the end of the day and then went for a run I would have given it 12 hrs plus rest.

    That idea went out the window when it started snowing, as I have been sliding around on the frost and ice, no way am I running in snow. Decided I would have a light workout on my x trainer instead. This would give me a cardio workout and restrict the impact on my knee. Anyway 1 hour and 756 calories later all is done and I can relax for the evening.

    Body weight has reduced as I was 91.7 kg on Thursday and my scales (they have metal pads on that shoot an electric current thought you) say I've dropped .5% body fat.

    Quite happy with things so far.

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