My Jhong Law Horn, anyone?

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by eggman, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. eggman

    eggman Valued Member

    My Jhong Law Horn


    Recently my wife and I enrolled for Kung Fu classes here in Shreveport, La. The style taught is known as Mizong Luohan. We're not youngsters, but we're having a ball and feeling great while learning!
    I'm 43 and the wife (Asian, a bit younger and alot slimmer) and I have noticed that our balance, endurance and quadriceps muscles have gotten stronger. That Horse stance is one tough customer given my weight (6'0, 245 lbs). At this point, I don't know if I'll ever learn those spinning kicks and such, but we're taking things one lesson at a time-and loving it. Anyone else study this style?


    PS: Our School is Tiger on The Red. Our Seifu learned under Master Johnny Lee.
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  2. Taijiman

    Taijiman Valued Member

    I learned a little bit of something close (mizong without the luohan ;)). Not enough to really talk about it though, as I was mostly concentrating on taiji at the time. I was learning taiji quan and asked my teacher if he could teach me a traditional longfiist form since I had a strong longfist background from my previous teacher, so he taught me a mizong form. And... that's about it :p I love the style though, and like to collect examples of the various branches on vcd to watch :)
  3. Mei Hua

    Mei Hua Banned Banned

    Don't nor have I but like I said in your intro I have a buddy who has, he posted some info elsewhere, I'll see if I can track it down and post it here.

    I do do a Lohan system though, ever have questions about that ask away :)
  4. Mei Hua

    Mei Hua Banned Banned

    Here we go;


  5. Cannibal Bob

    Cannibal Bob Non Timetis Messor

    My Jhong Law Horn huh? Sounds dirty to me. I like it. :D

    Yep, horse stance hurts alright. I have a theory that it was created by sadistic masters who liked to laugh at people in pain. :eek:

    Or maybe not. :eek:

    Anyway, good luck with your and wife's training. I have a lot of respect for people who can do something even though it poses a formidable challenge.

    Stick with it dude, it just gets better from here. ;)
  6. eggman

    eggman Valued Member


    Mei Hua: Thanks for providing the historical background info on MJLH! An impressive history, alright. We didn't have class last night as everyone (except us) went to Dallas to ring in the Chinese New Year with Master Johnny Lee. Lee was Yep Ye Ting's final student, and brought MJLH to Shreveport, La and later to Dallas (which is easily the nearest major city to Shreveport,La.).
    I'm beginning to see some of the decepetion, and tricky moves as described. Now how soon or if I can EVER execute all this remains to be seen!

  7. Mei Hua

    Mei Hua Banned Banned

    Glad to help Eggman :)

    Have no worries, the skill does come just takes time and constant practice, the ability doesn't come overnight, more like in months and years.
  8. eggman

    eggman Valued Member

    Ouch! Injured Ankle


    Two nights ago I injured my ankle in Kung Fu class. According to the Doc, it's a mere strained ligament. Doesn't sound bad, but it hurts! I'm improving and hope to return to class in 2 weeks. I'm 43 and will ease up when it comes to trying to make 15 consecitive jumps in class. :eek:
    At my weight and age (6'0, 245 and 43 years old), too much jumping is probably not good for my ankles/knees anyway. The Seifu agrees. This Kung Fu (Mizong Luohan) is the greatest. My blood pressure is so low and I feel great-except for the ankle. This is the second week for the wife and I. They'll need the COPS to keep us away; We need Kung Fu!

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  9. Mei Hua

    Mei Hua Banned Banned

    :) It's a good addiction isn't it?

    Just remember, you don't have to jump as high as the other folk, your health comes first. But you'll be surprised after a few months when the conditiong, cardio, strengthening and flexibility have all restructured your body just how capable you will seem, things that were tough before will be much easier.

    Just take care of the ankle for awhile and once you get back into training might want to keep it wrapped for a bit to help support it.
  10. Bassmonkey

    Bassmonkey Formerly Cobalt60

    Seeing as it quite a 'regular' stance and that 'most' CMA systems seem to be derived from roughly the same people/temples/etc...? is it possible that all CMA's were made up by senile 80 odd year olds who like to see people suffer??

    :bang: :D :bang:
  11. eggman

    eggman Valued Member

    Another mild injury :(


    While recuperating from my sprained ankle (Jumping in Kung Fu class; 15 straight jumps; many while landing in the Horse stance!), I failed to stretch during that 2 week interval.
    I return to MJLH class all excited and ready to go, only to strain my right Hamstring! It's mild, but I'll not be attending class for a few more days as a precaution. I can't wait to get better; my wife and I love Kung Fu!


    PS: I stretched before class, of course. This probably isn't enough!
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  12. Ben Gash CLF

    Ben Gash CLF Valued Member

    Hi Eggman, make sure you're nice and warmed up, and then try to build up to holding your stretches for 3 minutes. Stretching in class is usually constrained by class times (although I did used to go to a 3 hour Wushu class where we did an hour of stretching :eek: ), so while enough to prevent injury most of the time, it's not the best way to build flexability in the long term. When I'm stretching alone I aim to hold for 3-5 minutes per stretch, which is the length of time research has shown to be optimal.
  13. eggman

    eggman Valued Member



    Thanks, Sifu Ben. I didn't know that one had to stretch a given muscle/muscles for several minutes! I usually stretch my hamstring for 15 seconds, then return a few minutes later for another 15 seconds. Oops!
    Back in my slimmer, younger teen years this was enough; No wonder I'm straining hamstrings and groin muscles. My Jhong Law Horn is impressive stuff.

  14. Infrazael

    Infrazael Banned Banned

    Take about 20 minutes a day to stretch. It really helps out.
  15. eggman

    eggman Valued Member

    Fully recuperated and progressing!


    I wanted to update my own thread. My ankle is a good 80%, my right Hamstring is about same. I'm feeling good and will soon test for my White belt.
    I must sound awfully silly to be talking of White belts at age 43!
    Kung Fu (MJLH) makes the wife and myself feel so good, we can't get enough. Realistically we'll probably never attain Black-Belt, but surely we'll both be better prepared for any self-defense situations in a good year or so than if we hadn't studied Kung Fu at all.
    As for remaining in the Horse stance for 90 seconds, My Siefu is rumored to show some leniency on occaision. There's just no precedent at my school for old, fat guys! Presently, I can hold my Horse stance for 50 seconds, barely HALF the required time for a White belt! This is my biggest hurdle.
    I'm grateful to be feeling better from my injuries and progressing at MJLH. Oh, had I only discovered this in High school!

  16. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    Congratulations on your progress dude! I'm sure you'll get there and be way happy you did!

    I look forward to your continued updates.
  17. eggman

    eggman Valued Member

    First belt-test approaching


    This Sunday my wife and test for our White sash in our MJLH class. We're excited and nervous about holding that Ma-Bu (Horse Stance) for 90 seconds!
    The only way I can do that at my size, weight and age (6'0, 245 and 43 yrs old) is to stand a bit higher and not bend my knees so much.
    If I remain a bit higher in my stance I can get to 90 seconds in the Horse Stance. This Kung Fu is the greatest; i'm going to the gym and walking on the cardio-eliptical machine and will get my time up to 30 minutes by the end of the month. Hopefully I'll be down to 225 by Summer's end. My wife and I love Kung Fu.

  18. SirVill

    SirVill Valued Member

    Is the stance gettin' ya in the leg muscles, or joint pain in the hips?
  19. eggman

    eggman Valued Member


    SirVill, the Horse stance really tires my Quadriceps muscles! I can feel "the Burn", as they say. I'm losing some weight, so hopefully things'll get better.

  20. SirVill

    SirVill Valued Member

    Ah right... well that's the good one. For me its inflexibility in the hips... leg muscles are just fine. :D

    Yeah, if you keep training those quads will get stronger and stronger. Hell, mine legs are so damn big now I almost need a bigger pair of pants.

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