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    While the chances of me ever running competitions are very small, I thought I'd outline what my ideal grappling competition setup would be. I'm not talking about legality, licences insurance etc, just the categories, rules, and round timings.

    It would initially be split into 2 categories, stand up only, and your standard submission grappling.
    These categories would be split by number of competitive bouts. (Perhaps Novice 0-5 bouts, intermediate 5-10, advanced 10+)
    I would then want to break that down further, into:
    Jacketed Wrestling - stand up wrestling, whilst wearing gi type jackets and trousers. Usual rules like no grabbing hair, groin or throat, fishooking etc, and change legality of throws based on category.
    Non Jacketed. The same as above, but no gi. Probably stipulate rashguards to prevent damage to clothes.
    Submission grappling, Gi and no gi as usual.

    Round timings:
    For submission grappling I would want a move away from single round decided on one sub or points, instead I would want a best of three three minute rounds, with each submission being worth one point, and the round continuing.

    Stand up wrestling
    Three Three minute rounds, each takedown being worth one point. Thrower must either keep their feet or land in a dominant position. Removing your opponent from the area is worth one point if you stay within the area.

    Who I would want competing:
    Anyone who is insured, physically capable and can prove they train! I think this mixture of rulesets would allow athletes who may not ordinarily meet to test their skills on a fairly level playing field, and lead to some interesting matchups.

    Obviously the rules are vague, but it's just random musings at this point!

    What do you think? What would your ideal competition scenario be?

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