my first no gi bjj class

Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by hewho, May 22, 2017.

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    Josh's coach is a bjj blackbelt, Josh is a bjj blackbelt, josh has competed in Gi and nogi BJJ competitions against world class blackbelts and won.

    His coach Erik even mentions this during his rolled up episode.

    its marketing schtick for his CACC school.
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    Everyone in mma is a black belt these days, it doesn't seem to mean much.

    It sounds like he's probably at least blue level if he's medalling in no gi comps and if the class is cheap and he's just doing it to get some rolling partners and a bit of experience then crack on. It is a little concerning when people are ungraded, but I got the same warning about my old mma coach not being graded and the gym pumps out solid grapplers. Like someone said if you never put on a gi you will never be graded, so if sub grappling is your only interest it makes some sense. Personally I find them to be different animals too and being good at one doesn't equate to being good at the other.

    It sounds like he's fine and you're enjoying it so congrats for finding it and giving it a go
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    Yeah, it's all good fun, lots of bodies to roll with. I do some trad stuff on Sundays, so I get some gi hours in too :) just having fun with it! Training to one day sub Chadderz ;)

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