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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by Shou Tu, Mar 4, 2004.

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  1. matreyia

    matreyia New Member


    and ONCE AGAIN, i need to point out IMITATION is NOT What i am doing!! i do NOT imitate. I study the essential philosphy, and find the merits, and place that philosphy in my style. When I see someone punch, I dont' copy his punch. For example: watching a tai chi practictioner, I might point out his structure is good, seek to understand why his posture is good. And after discovering that his posture's goal is to have balance, I would understand the importance of balance and proceed to apply the concept of balance into my art.

    To call me arrogant is to show your ignorance. You dont' even understand what I do, and you presume to point out my flaws. I DO own the fact that what I do was created before my birth. I can teach myself a new language from a book. Doesn't mean that I think the language was invented by me. And I do not give any credit to any teacher, simply because I have no teacher. I do however always give credit to each philosophy and where I discovered that philosophy from.

    To know what's incorrect, you dont' need to know what's correct. You know what's incorrect simply by seeing that it doesn't work. To know what's correct, you must first know what is incorrect. i do NOT imitate. please, stop saying that. I explained that above ...

    Well Sir, it is apparent that you took my post as an attack. Sorry about that. Anyways, I did not say that you imitated in my post. I think that you presume that I said that. But still, your reply contains flawed logic. In short, I do not wish to waste your time or mine in useless exchanges that cause aggrevation so this is my last post to you. Best wishes to you.

    Viet :D
  2. kickcatcher

    kickcatcher Banned Banned

    LOL. that's about the sum of it.
  3. Shaolin Dragon

    Shaolin Dragon Born again martial artist

    If you do not train to fight against multiple opponents, then you certainly do not stand a chance of beating multiple opponents. That is not me saying that I think I can win against a given number of opponents, that is me saying that I have a better chance of winning against a number of opponents than I would have without training for that situation.
    If you do not think that fighting multiple opponents is possible, that's fine with me. But why do you have to waste your time and ours posting that you think it is BS?

  4. Guerilla Fists

    Guerilla Fists New Member

    Well I do plan to be seeing more than just London I'm sure. LOL, no point in going to a country to see just one city! What I love about England is that I heard every town has it's own part in the history, me being a history major I would just die to check out some tours and museums.
    I think Shaolin is on the right track pointing those of you have nothing constructive to say to leave the thread. Natxanadu, it's easy to issue threats to someone when you are about five thousand miles away. If you were ever to come to our country I would welcome you. Why show hostility towards me?
    This is another thing I'd like to clear up, we Shou Shuists don't go looking for fights, but we accept the inevitibility of them.
  5. matreyia

    matreyia New Member

    Yes, put in this way it makes sense. One does have a much better CHANCE of surviving/winning against multiple opponents if one trains for it. But does not guarantee it though. And this is what I realized after three years of BJJ training.

  6. Chilu

    Chilu Banned Banned

    Yes, you did actually. I am not going to go back and read 50 pages of utter crap, but one of you said it was the best martial art.
  7. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Your post is invalid unless you do back it up with a specific reference.
  8. Chilu

    Chilu Banned Banned

    Doesn't matter

    Tattoed Bear might not have said it, but one of them did. These people don't mean enough to me to go back and read for another couple of hours, but they did make that claim along with several others of how shou shu practitioners are superior to all other martial arts, and that a relative novice can beat a black belt in any other art, etc. Get my point? All I am trying to do is make them realise that these claims are empty unless they back them up. I need evidence before I believe that these people are invincible and can take 10 opponents. What if 5 of those 10 are their Shifus and the other 5 are still higher level shou shu people? I don't think your shifus would like to know you claim you can take all of them at once, and then some, eh?
  9. CKava

    CKava Just one more thing... Supporter

    Geez some people could do with being a little more relaxed. Why does what people claim on an internet forum matter so much? You know it is a choice to just ignore the threads or at very least not post the same thing "Prove to me you art is the best! Prove to me your art is the best!" over and over. Regardless of what claims have been made previously I think most of the Shou Shu folk are being entirely reasonable in all their most recent posts which is more than can be said for some...
  10. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    So you can't be bothered to back up your comments with a quotation?

    Your posts mean nothing to me!
  11. Chilu

    Chilu Banned Banned


    So if my posts mean nothing to YOU, then how is it not okay for thier posts to mean nothing to ME? They haven't backed up a single thing they have said, I am not making claims so I shouldn't have to back up mine, have you read the Shou Shu thread?
  12. Chilu

    Chilu Banned Banned

    you want proof?

    here's one of the quotes:
    "hey 8 we both know wassup, outsiders will never understand unless they become students in shou shu. they're very quick to dismiss something they know less than nothing about just because it doesn't fit into their "reality". hey no problem. so i think trying to convince these guys is a complete misuse of our valuable time. seeing and feeling are believing. it just reinforces in my own mind how far superior shou shu is compared to most everything out there. must we continue to beat a very dead horse????? salute"
  13. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    Mom Dad but jimmy broke the lamp so i shouldnt get in trouble for wrecking the car.

    But But But they did it first. why arent they getting in trouble. NO fair im taking my ball and going home.

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  14. Chilu

    Chilu Banned Banned


    Is that supposed to back up what you guys have said? That isn't a very good argument, nor a very good insult at that.
  15. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    although simultaneously, they are dead and I would say that the same principle applies. they can not move from a linear pattern. by myself moving towards one and attempting to get around at the same time. i get myself out of line of at least two which in theory would collide with themselves and two others. Theory of course.

    Edit: I dont see anything about ZOMBIES in the above post. just dead bodies being slung at you by a living human. there fore the linear qoute sticks.

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  16. Chilu

    Chilu Banned Banned

    Re: Wierd Zombie Scenario

    Okay, after he talked about the zombies, he did mention adding in basic intelligence and then moved up to size and strength. They aren't just going to run into eachother unless they both try to tackle at the same time and you move faster than sound. They don't just have the option of linear movement, either. They can move sideways as you try and cut around them. Good thing you mentioned the "in theory" part.
  17. Anonymouse

    Anonymouse Guitar wielding maniac


    I didnt bother to read this whole thread after scanning it and seeing what it had become. Now that things are (sort of) back on topic, I think I might try posting here :)

    Realistically, I dont think I can talk on more than 1-2 people. In sparring, I have practiced two opponents many times, and up to three on a few occassions (once they were armed and I wasnt). I dont know about actual fights, but in sparring, I can do quite well against 2 opponents. The things I have found that work the best are:

    Look at the ground. Seems odd at first, but your peripheral vision is much better at detecting movement than your straight on vision. Most people have a full 180 degrees of vision, and looking straight at the ground will allow you to see two opposite angles of attack. With this tactic, you can also get a good view of behind you by looking under your arm to one side.

    Dont stop moving! Pretty much common sense, but its hard not to panic when there is more than one person attacking. Stay on the offensive, you can end the fight quick this way, if you dont loose your cool.

    A lot of people say to keep the opponents on the same side, so you can see them, but I have found this to be distracting to have to keep on your mind. I can do just as well with one fighter to my left, and one to my right.

    Learn the Iron Broom :p or any good sweeping technique, I dont need to point out the obvious usefullness of knocking down an opponent.

    Avoid grappling... at least in my experience, its hard to grapple one guy (or girl), while you are getting your teeth kicked in by another.

    Lastly, learn Wing Chun :p Not to open another can of worms, but Wing Chun does teach a lot of single arm simultaneous block/strikes. By this I mean, blocking a punch, and striking with that same hand, in the same motion. This is useful when the ratio of hands to opponents is less than favorable :)

    Basically, if you are worried about getting into a situation like this, pracitce it! If you are in a club, or dojo somewhere, ask to spar two dudes, im sure they wouldnt mind beating you up :p

    Anyway, I hope these tips help somebody out.
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  18. jimmytofu

    jimmytofu A majority of one

    My sentiments exactly. I'm more interested in learning from others experiences then getting all flustered about the absolute validity of personal opinions / experiences.
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