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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by texas doc, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Welcome to Map. Russ is a great instructor. You should pop down to Wrexham sometime as well. Guessing you're Flint area training with Mike?
    Look out for Fire Cobra's posts on Thai boxing. Another old school guy

    Where did you train jujitsu?
  2. evojm72

    evojm72 Valued Member

  3. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Just practice the skipping at home. Branded skipping rope and you'll pick it up in no time. Good exercise too.
    He's alright is our Will. He was my sons sparring partner before he went his own way.
    Kicked my wife in the head a few months back, nearly knocked her out. Still owe him some money for that!
    You'll have to try Wrexham as well. Maybe on a weekend. Great facilities
  4. evojm72

    evojm72 Valued Member

    Ha ha ha! She'll be kicking you in the head for comments like that! I might give the Wrexham gym a go soon but I just want to get a few more sessions under my belt first. Going to be training 3 times a week at the minute although it's killed me this week as I've just come back from 3 weeks in SA at the World Cup where the only think I exercised was my drinking arm!:rolleyes:

    I'm loving the intensity of the training though can't really get away with taking it easy like I've been able to do in jujitsu! I'll be getting a skipping rope in the morning see if I can crack that this week!
  5. miniDekkers

    miniDekkers Valued Member

    Greetings! I started Muay Thai only 2 months ago. I have a history in boxing as a teenager, this is my first martial art to use legs. I can finally kick as high as my chest and cannot wait untill I am fully stretched and can kick high above my head. My shins and elbows are coming along fine, I have great knees for thai boxing, very large and bones are very pronounced.

    Thank you all for having a Muay Thai community on here. Blessings.
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  6. Glock 18

    Glock 18 Bang


    Name's Jon, and I've been training for about a year and a half now, with bits of boxing here and there. Training's currently on hold, unfortunately. Work's gotten me too tired to train. I've tried to cram it into my schedule, but my body gave me the finger by getting sick on me.

    First time I've competed was about three weeks into training after being cajoled into it by practically all the instructors in the gym, both boxing and MT. Sprained my knee while sparring, came up against a guy a good deal heavier and taller than me. I got my ass kicked soundly that night, and I've been waiting to face that guy again and avenge my loss ever since (haven't gotten a chance to yet).

    When I was still a student, I love how I could train for hours on end - sometimes as long as six. Now, it's all fond memories. I've got plenty of responsibilities heaped on me all of a sudden. May start to cut some things out of my life to accommodate training. I've really missed devoting a whole day to doing nothing but train (and eat). Now, all I just do is eat. :(
  7. evojm72

    evojm72 Valued Member

    Hi Glock

    Take some time out from eating and fill it with pain!:evil:
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  8. Glock 18

    Glock 18 Bang

    Haha! Thanks evojm!

    I try to maintain (in vain) by skipping rope, shadowboxing, and doing weights, crunches, and pushups at home. Of course, we all know they're no substitute for actual bag and pad work (and sparring).

    I have Thai pads I bought at a trip to HK a few years ago, but nobody at home would care to hold the pads for me. And there's not enough space to install a pad. Tsk tsk.
  9. evojm72

    evojm72 Valued Member

    Bummer. No subsitute indeed. I take it your powers of coersion are not what they should be!:rolleyes:
  10. Glock 18

    Glock 18 Bang

    Welllll, I'm not the type to strong-arm people into doing stuff for me. I'd really like them to do these things for me, but I wouldn't force them to do so at gunpoint or threat of disembowelment.
  11. evojm72

    evojm72 Valued Member

    Ha haha! I manged to briefly convince one of my mates into training in the hsi garage with me with a view to him starting training properly at our gym...after I'd kicked the pads about 3 times he lost interest! That's not to say I'm 'bigging' up my kicking prowess but you can put the uniniated off if you're not careful!
  12. edudley

    edudley Valued Member

    Just signed up after my 2 free classes. Kru absolutely wrecked me the first two classes. One of the senior students wanted him to take it easy on me so I would come back :)

    It has been a lot of fun already looking forward to training two days a week.
  13. evojm72

    evojm72 Valued Member

    Good to hear that you've not been put off! I found that my only regret after my first couple of lessons was not having took it up earlier! :rolleyes:
  14. edudley

    edudley Valued Member

    No regrets for not taking it up sooner. I need to get to the place I am before it appealed to me :) I enjoy a lot of different Martial Arts and have through the years. Getting in shape and learning a new MA, who could ask for anything more :evil:
  15. evojm72

    evojm72 Valued Member

    Here here!
  16. edudley

    edudley Valued Member

    Day 3 of taking Muay Thai....

    10 minute warm up, 50 minute beat down by the young women who helps run the center. I was so absolutely beat down it took me and my body over 6 hours to recover, even after getting lunch all I wanted to do was go sleep for hours and hours.

    Can't wait till tomorrow!
  17. KatieS1984

    KatieS1984 Valued Member

    Starting a two week trial of Muay Thai at a new place that opened up near me next week! I am very much looking forward to it, especially as it's *super* convenient to me location-wise (about five minutes by car even on a fairly trafficky day).
  18. edudley

    edudley Valued Member

    Enjoy it, if you are not in the best shape, pace yourself. Don't be afraid to slow down and just do what is asked as best you can doing the best technique.

    Let's face it, after we are exhausted all we have left in us is to do it right :)

    Good luck and have a blast!
  19. carl hammond

    carl hammond New Member

    Hi guys

    I am Carl and am in Maidstone, Kent

    I used to do Muay Thai and freestyle Kickboxing (for 6 years) then my daughter was born, her mum and I split so took 8 years out sorting loads of things out and spending as much time with my daughter as I could as she reached her slightly older years, she is now 8 and I re-started training last year so have been back into training again in both Muay Thai and Freestlye Kickboxing for just over a year and train 2-4 times a week dependnig on work and access commitment to my daughter weekly, (but I did train myself over the 8 years to ensure I did nto loose it fully).

    I love being back into it and wont stop again :)

    ANyway just a quick introduction and hope your all well :)

  20. tokyo

    tokyo Valued Member

    Hello everyone

    I don't know if this thread is really meant for me, as I don't study muay thai.


    My name is Hal and I am from NH, usa. I am 24 years old and not in the best shape of my life. I used to be a runner and was in great shape in high school, then when I graduated I stopped running and stopped working out. Now I am just skinny and "soft bodied". Ha, but hopefully I will be turning that around soon.

    I am currently looking for a Muay Thai gym in my area, which is actually why I came to this forum. But I will post that in a seperate thread.


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