mount escape with arms pinned to ground

Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by salchichon, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. salchichon

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    i searched for this technique but didn't see any tips.

    i'm looking for a tutorial or vid of how to escape from the mount when your arms are pinned to the ground.


  2. KempoFist

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    Um...well there's some things to keep in mind here. If he's pinning your arms with his hands/arms then he can't strike or sub you, so you're for the moment not in any relative danger.

    My recommendation is if someone is just trying to blanket you by pinning your arms -and is most likely abusing a size/strength advantage- I would start to work your knees up behind his butt. Once you're making contact, bridge and drive your knee up forcing him to let go of your wrists to base out. Once that happens, pull your arms in, elbows down and elbow escape back to guard/half guard.

    If he's riding REALLY high, putting all his weight down on your chest to keep your arms down, then there's a chance you can bridge up and escape out the back door as well.
  3. JayKayD

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    If your looking for a very basic escape try this;

    Explosively bridge like you are trying to roll him over, he'll probably let go of one of your arms to base himself. Use this free arm to push his hips/knee down on one side, shrimp and regain what will probably be half guard.

    You'll have to do it in quick succession.

    *EDIT* Just realised this is basically what Kempo just said. Nevermind.

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