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Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Athleng Nordic, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Stop riding it immediately! Sounds like the rear spindle. Can you post pics? If not get someone who knows or a local mechanic to look at it. Don't ride it.

    Have you got a Haines manual for it?


    Off to bed, PM me if you like or post up here and I'll follow this up with you :)
  2. Rhea

    Rhea Laser tag = NOT MA... Supporter

    I'm not stupid enough to ride on it...local guys picked it up yesterday to work on it, they'll sort it out. I was right, the bearings have gone, there's some damage to the drum from where we got it onto the recovery truck, but he already has a couple of full rear wheels about, apparently 3 people have written off theirs in the last couple of months -.-
  3. oldshadow

    oldshadow Valued Member

    Well it's cold today but the weather is warming up and I think about our old friend now and again (Athleng Nordic) when I think of the great times ahead again.

    I hope he is riding the best roads in biker heaven.
  4. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    It's all starting off again :)

    The first MotoGp race of the season was a corker and the weather's looking better for getting my bikes out. Woot! :D

  5. Grass hopper

    Grass hopper Valued Member

    This is how I'm getting around these days


    I've never had as much fun on a vehicle!
  6. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    LAst year we had an early spring and I had the bike out in March for the start of a great riding season. I sold the (1985) Honda Shadow 700 and got an amazing deal on a 2003 Harley Sportster (complete with spare 2-up seat, and quick release windshield and sissy bar)... loved riding it all summer and fall. Took it in to the shop for the winter and got upgraded shocks, new tires, and a larger fuel tank. She's ready and I got to hear her purr...

    The downside is that we are in the winter that won't end... we just got another 6-8 inches of snow today (snow started back on November 11th and we've had cold and more snow since then). Maybe April will bring some riding weather... I hope

    Anyway, I love to ride and am ready... just send some nice weather, please!
  7. Kave

    Kave Lunatic

    That looks so much fun. My daily ride is a Suzuki GSX1200y
    But I also have a little Suzuki GSX125 that I loan out to mates (one of these, but not in great condition).
  8. Grass hopper

    Grass hopper Valued Member

    That's a nice looking bike! What's the displacement on that?

    Mine is a 48cc 2stroke, I can go about 30 mph on it and I'm surprised how composed it is at speed.
  9. Kave

    Kave Lunatic

    Depending on which you are talking about: the red one is 1200cc (74ci for all you Americans out there), the blue one is a little 125cc (7.6ci) but because it is a 4 stroke it probably isn't too much more powerful than your little 50 (though I have seen 60mph on a downhill with a tailwind). I can tell you that when I have to ride the 125 for a while it can make the 1200 seem pretty exciting when I get back on it. I'm surprised you can still get new 2-stroke bikes (even little ones), I would have thought there would have been some sort of emissions regulation making it difficult to import or register them.
  10. Grass hopper

    Grass hopper Valued Member

    You can get a kit to put all that stuff on a bike for a bit under 200 dollars in the U.S., but I don't know about the rest of the world.

    I paid a guy 300 (including parts) to do it for me so it got done right, I'm not much of a mechanic (but I'm learning!)

    I bet that 1200 is nice, such a light bike like that must be fantastic to ride. But I'm partial to the cheapness of mine (a replacement motor would cost about a hundred with shipping).
  11. nimpy

    nimpy Valued Member

    some nice bikes :)

    I currently ride a ZX9r C2 1999. It's nice, quick enough and handles well. And it's in the fastest colour, Blue !

    My bike history is 1st GPZ500s, ZZR 600, ZX6r G2, then the ZX9r which i've had for about 3 years maybe.
  12. Ninja01

    Ninja01 Becky

    Clearly an old thread, so I don't know if this will ever be viewed.

    I've always loved bikes, that's one thing that attracted me to my husband, lol. He rides Ducati's, we currently have two. Both are 748s, one is more of a daily rider, the other is a track bike. He recently bought me a 2014 Ninja 300, as a starter bike, and also because he wants to use it on the track aswell.

    Obviously, I'm a beginner, I had my temporary license last year, which because of other things has since expired. Therefore I need to renew it. So I have very little experience currently.

    Edit: I was going to add a picture of all three bikes, but then realized it only allows one per post when uploading.

    This is his first Ducati, he had it ready to take to the track (New York Safety Track), blacked out lights and what not. That is Desmo next to it.

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  13. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    In a flagrant abuse of Mod powers I'm going to use this thread to advertise a charity event I help out with, in aid of Cancer Research.

    Every year a bunch of riders buy cheap hacks for less than £300, use their own time and ingenuity to make them roadworthy, then ride them 916 miles from one end of the UK to the other without recourse to motorways.

    They do this on the longest day of the year, trying to make it within the day.

    That's a long way on a bike which is, in the words of one participant, "the kind of motorbike that is held together by rust, mould and optimism."

    All the riders raise money through donations, all of which goes to Cancer Research. You can read more about the event on the website here.

    Please take a moment to do 3 things for me
    1. Donate whatever you can spare. You can use a Just Giving page for one of the riders here, or text LDDU63 and the amount to 70070

    2. Go and like the LDD Facebook page.
    The more exposure we get, the better.

    3. If you're on Twitter, follow @TLDDChallenge and retweet anything that amuses you. Again, it's all about getting more exposure.

    The event has raised over £60,000 over recent years, and this year already stands at £7000. It'd be great to make that total a lot bigger.

    Cheers :)

  14. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    Now followed and promoted by MAP.

    Check out the Stephanie Inglis thread. It shows you really can make a difference.
  15. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    As a follow-up, I sold the Sportster and now have a 2010 Harley-Davidson Super Glide Custom (FXDC)... a little bigger and more comfy. I switched out the beach bars for some drag bars and added a quick detach sissy bar. Last summer, I took a 1000 mile ride to Tennessee, stayed for a week, and rode back (another 1000 miles)... it was very fun, although I do confess to wanting a quick-detach windshield for some of the longer rides! Right now she is pretty stripped down - no windshield, no bags.
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  16. CamToolin

    CamToolin New Member

    thats really cool tho.
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  17. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    I added quick detach windshield this winter... makes those cool Spring mornings a little more comfortable.
  18. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Mine on the right, the one I test rode today on the left :)

    It was awesome. Mine is an analogue bike, no fancy electronics to keep things in check, just your throttle hand to control it all. This thing is very different. It's a 790cc parallel twin kicking out 105hp and weighing around 170kg, and it has electronic everything.

    The first thing I had to get used to was a quickshifter. I don't use the clutch on upchanges anyway, but on this you don't even need to dip the throttle. Once I had calibrated my brain, I could change gear with the throttle wide open, which is both hilarious and velocitous :D

    It also has anti-wheelie control, so I could exit roundabouts, wind the throttle on very aggressively, and feel the front wheel just skimming the tarmac with no danger of flipping the thing.

    Finally, it has ABS and traction control too. I couldn't bring myself to actually test them, too many years of having to do those things myself made it really hard to overcome my reactions in a short test ride, but knowing they are there gives some confidence I suppose. I'd love to play with them a bit more.

    The net result is that you can really wring it's neck, all the time :D

    A stubby exhaust exiting near the footpegs rather than the standard horror can, and a tail tidy to bring the plate and lights into the tail, and it would be much closer to the stunning prototype KTM demo'd a while ago.
    Mitch, earlier.
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