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    RIght, here is the situation. I was thinking about the judo practice today and there is a kid there (17 or something) who is really aggressive. Now, it is a small club and I end up sparring with him every time. The problem is that not only he is aggressive, he is also a bit of a bully and I don't know if he feels threatened by me or what but I begin to see too many signs of aggression for my liking. I think he tried to punch me in the shin today while grabbing my gi. I laugh it off usually but it is starting to get on my nerves. Now, I am going to bring this up with the sensei next time and see what he does about it but it is like that annoying little rash that you scratch and scratch and just seems to get under our skin more and more... They way I see it, talking to the sensei will probably end this. If he doesn't pay heed I will probably have to put him in his place before he actually hurts me. I am against violence but thinking about his behaviour for the past weeks shows a tendency I am not comfortable with. So, what is your opinion about it? have you ever dealt with something like this?

    When I did karate, when a guy like that came up, me and a friend of mine had ways to cool them down. A punch to the stomach did it most of the times. If not, a session of traditional sparring with both of us in succession was like a calming balm. Afterwards they either left or learned to behave and realize we were not there to be on a street fight.

    I am a novice in Judo so I can't teach him like that yet. It is a thought that keeps me sane though. Give me a couple of months and I will be able to teach him a thing or two.
    Today I actually managed to get a scissor around his neck during ground work but stopped because it is dangerous and illegal in Judo. Maybe next time I will pull him down gently... :p
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    I'm not sure what you're actually talking about. He punched you in the shin when taking a grip? How does that even work? And you should take that trade all day long - if he wants to punch you in the shin, you should let him do it - his fingers will break long before your shin does.

    What do you mean by aggressive? Why is it a problem?
    Don't be a bloody idiot.
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    He needs to understand that most sparring is about learning, not "winning" or establishing dominance.

    As for punching you in the shin? Let him! He'll learn another lesson there :)

    As for illegal techniques, that's a daft trick to pull.

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    Ok, I regret putting that last line there. It was a joke but obviously it didn't come off as that. I would never do that. Risking putting a kid in a wheel chair is not my idea of fun.

    And I pulled it as I was trying to trap his arm with his head (legal) but due to the motions and contortions ended getting only his head between my legs (that sounds awful... :p).

    I mean by aggressive the typical behaviour of trying to assert dominance. Really, it'd be easier if he peed in my leg. The punch thing was after the sensei said for us to stop, he was grabbing my gi and he pulled his hand up to my face and connected and then proceeded to push my face a bit while giving me an aggressive look (which I tend to laugh since he is like this posh blonde kid...). I have no doubt it was on purpose and I don't like that sort of behaviour as I find it promotes an unhealthy environment.

    Mitch, what you said is to the point. I think in the end he will end up hurting himself more than me since his technique is not that good outside of his aggressiveness. Well, maybe I should have come out with that first.
    As an example I feel that I get very little from practising with him since I feel like I have to fight instead of trying to apply what I am learning.

    I kinda regret making the first post now... I was just thinking about it and got into that kind of aggressive spiral. Out of it now. Ate a can of tuna and found out it was mostly hunger...

    The woes of the world that could be avoided if world leaders ate a can of tuna... :)
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    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    so maybe talk to the instructor about the punching thing.
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