MMA vs Taiji Fight

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by icefield, May 4, 2017.

  1. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    Bit surprised this hasn't already been posted, self taught Chinese MMA fighter Xu Yao Dong issued an open challenge, claming Chinese martial arts is full of phoneys, particularly Taiji. A guy from Chengdu, Lei Lei, founder of Lei Gong Taiji, took up the challenge..... the result is... well....

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  2. Tom bayley

    Tom bayley Valued Member

    Not surprising, nothing worth talking about here. If the self taught mma guy had lost. he was self taught so. nothing much learned. the tie chi guy lost. well we know that many people that start and run martial arts organisations do it for money or power over students and that people often loose track of reality and believe there own hype. e.g the kia shout you to death guy.

    It would be worth talking about if the tie chi guy had won using good tie chi technique.
  3. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    The chances of a tai chi guy winning with what most tai chi guys would say is good technique are pretty remote i think, when tai chi guys do do well in full contact people say it looks like kick boxing not tai chi, dan Docherty's guys spring to mind :hat:

    I think the fact a self taught guy managed to beat a fairly well known tai chi guy is worth talking about, as is his response to the whole issue lol
  4. Late for dinner

    Late for dinner Valued Member

    It will be interesting to see the results of round 2. People has stepped up to defend the honour of traditional MA including a couple of external stylists and 2 other TC peeps.

    What will be interesting to see will be when Yi Long, who has a record of 1 and 1 fighting Buakaw, meets the MMA guy in the ring.

    I'm thinking that truly the argument is how one trains often more than what one trains in (to a degree and obviously making the training related to what one would do in the ring).

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  5. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Valued Member MAP 2017 Gold Award

    Another video making the rounds is this Aikido pracritioner:

    I don't think it's too fair though because the MMA guy is wearing boxing gloves which sort of makes it obsolete.
  6. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    Thanks for the video.

    Funny thing is that the one who accepted the challenge was indeed a phony.
    It's crazy. Didn't he know that by accepting the fight he would automatically prove the other guy's point?
  7. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool the merc with the mouth MAP 2017 Moi Award

    It looks like theirs not been too much "eating bitter" in that TC school In recent years.

    nice video, and helpfull context, cheers!
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  8. Dan Bian

    Dan Bian Neither Dan, nor Brian

    A pretty obvious outcome, really.
    The taiji guy was a 'self proclaimed' master, from what I understand, and had claimed to have invented his own 'style' of tai chi/kungfu called 'thunder style'.
    An article with a little more detail:

    Dude - 'tai' - not 'tie'.

    Like, it's not 'Muay Tie' - it's Muay Thai. Just because the word sounds the same, you can't just spell it how you like, because that loses the essence of the word.
    Please, try to spell it correctly.
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  9. aikiMac

    aikiMac "BJJ Over 40" club member Moderator Supporter

    Well, that explains it. I'm not a TC guy, or even a CMA guy, but I actually tried tai chi for more than a year with a guy who legitimately kicks ass, so I have respect -- and that guy's stance just doesn't look right to me.

    His legs look straight and stiff - not sinking, not soft in the knees, not loose in the hips. His hips look frozen, actually. And his shoulders are high, raised even, rather than down and lose. :dunno: I was taught to "sink" and have loose joints so that all movement and all power will come from the hips. That video ain't that. No wonder he lost so quickly.
  10. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Valued Member MAP 2017 Gold Award

    /forgot to post the link :/
  11. El Medico

    El Medico Valued Member

    Good night! As soon as I saw the guy's guard it seemed to scream "I ain't never come up ta scratch afore."

    T'ai Chi people who don't live in Dreamworld know a punch in the schnozz simply looks like a punch in the schnozz. Those who wring their hands about what TC in action should look like are not those who put themselves in such situations,either in training or comps.

    I don't see much to talk about when I see what appears to be a virgin of combat get smashed. Of course we all get to ROAR with laughter at his FB statement!

    Which is similar to Wong,Jack-man saying he knew he'd have to kill B.Lee if Lee really hurt him-which just sounds silly.

    I think the only meaningful discussion is do the Wu guys in HK or the Cheng/Yang guys in Malaysia still get in the ring and would any take up the challenge.(Getting paid helps).But as TC lacks groundwork and is not-contrary to popular belief nowadays-really a grappling system, even if any are active and would come up they can't really do MMA,they'll die on the ground.No big secret.

    Not that it has any bearing on the fight,but fairly well known? By who? Who is this guy and what the heck is "Lei Gong" TC? I haven't been able to find out Googling.You say he's fairly well known,you know about him?

    When I was a young guy there were quite a number of "fairly well known" TC guys in the US that I wouldn't have worried about-and to add my usual disclaimer-"And I ain't no tough guy." If I was 50 again I don't think I'd be too concerned about facing Mister Founder. Being known doesn't mean much-it's who knows you and what they know you for.
    A phony? Please show some compassion.We prefer the term "delusional". Sounds more clinical,too!
  12. Dan Bian

    Dan Bian Neither Dan, nor Brian

    Brilliant video - loved the open honesty of the aikido guy, and the ego-less performance by the mma guy.

    More like this, please!
  13. aikiMac

    aikiMac "BJJ Over 40" club member Moderator Supporter

    Seconded! :happy:
    Two immediate reactions: (1) Wrist locks are not entry moves, so he shouldn't be trying to get them as his go-to thing. I would like the next video to be about going for something that might actually be an entry move. (2) The MMA guy doesn't have wrists anyway, hello! He's wearing full boxing gloves!
  14. EdiSco

    EdiSco Likes his anonymity

    Maybe his chi malfunctioned as he was obviously trying not to kill him with his gargantuan nuclear chi ball iron fist. Must have been so frustrating...all that power and they can't use it since even using just 0.001% of their chi could result in the death of their opponent. I feel sorry for the guy.
  15. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    Yeah, his stance was screaming "I am gonna get knocked out!".
  16. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

  17. Vince Millett

    Vince Millett Haec manus inimica tyrannis MAP 2017 Gold Award

  18. Late for dinner

    Late for dinner Valued Member

    Vince Miller,

    ALthough the piece has some interesting points there are also contradictions in what the person says : e.g.

    And if there is one lesson that modernity has taught, it is that highly specialized skills will almost always beat generalist approaches to the same problems. That is true in the workplace (ergo the explosion of new professions in the last century) and it also seems to be true in sporting competition.

    This will not come as a surprise. On an intuitive level, it is something that we all seem to recognize. We accept that to be a jack of all trades is to be a master of none. ''

    But to be honest isn't the modern sporting competitor is the jack of all trades and the traditionalist the specialist? The writer implies that the specialist beats the jack of all trades but in competitions like the UFC the generalist often beats top level specialists - notably ex champion boxers , wrestlers and BJJ champions.

    Just sayin'

  19. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    Apparently someone has posted up 10million yuen "reward" for a CMAist to beat that guy.

    C'mon MAPpers! Mitch needs a new mankini!
  20. aikiMac

    aikiMac "BJJ Over 40" club member Moderator Supporter

    LOL, it's sounding like those Hong Kong-made kung fu movies that are so bad yet so good! :p

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