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Discussion in 'MMA' started by Samurai Jay, Feb 16, 2011.

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    Whew!! Okay, okay... That works for me, thanks! :evil:

    I was afraid the next thing you were going to say is that Santa's reindeer's chi wasn't real either...
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    im going to jump in here a little late, and no offence to the systema crowd, but when i was looking for a martial art to practice, i looked at the trainers themselves as well, and you could see the legit guys, even if a bit stocky looked very solid, like geoff thompson, he is older and quite stocky, but looks the business. When i looked at systema , the vids i saw of the masters were really fat, out of shape guys. I know its probably not all like this but these are some of the guys who are called systema legends (see the vids posted for examples) so the fact that they are this way, says something too me.
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    It all depends how you train it. I think there is no much things from system or some other rbsd system that you can use in the ring.

    But surely MMA will help you, you can use it to raise level of taking the hits, learn to take the kick or punch, and deal with adrenalin stress.

    I believe full or at least strong contact sparring is required to gain mentioned, because in most self defense arts there are not a lot of moves you can actually finish and use real power. And we need it sometimes.

    So Taekwondo or Kickbox or whatever kicking will be good, so why not MMA to..
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    Being in or out of 'shape' has less than nothing to do with self defence but a lot to do with sport - so it depends on what it is you want to do.

    Also I have seen super heavyweight boxers who are lard tanks with legs but who can hit like - well I don't know what they hit like and I DON'T WANT TO KNOW !!! I suspect it would not be a one punch KO if one of them hit me it would be a one punch kill or a one punch my head falls off or something...
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    That's quite a dangerous assumption there robert. Being in shape is a tremendous advantage for self defence... can you not see how??? :confused:
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    Hi 'Killa',

    Of course you are right it IS a "tremendous advantage" but it is not the necessity that it is in combat sports where a 'good big un will beat a good little un' - in a combat situation physical attributes should be less important as it should (ideally) never be a fair fight, indeed it should not be a 'fight' at all...
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    In terms of self defence if you are in shape you have more options if you aren't you have less.

    EDIT - Plus you'll be as strong, explosive, fast, flexible as you can be with more endurance than if you hadn't conditioned yourself properly. These things could well be what tips the scales in your favour or be the lifeline you need to get you out of there when needed.
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    You'll have "fewer."

    Now write it out ten times and see me after class :D

    Being strong, fit and fast certainly isn't going to be a bad thing, is it?

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    Hi 'Killa',

    Again agreed :) However a lot of self defence is what you have to do when someone bigger or faster or stronger or whatever decides to attack you - so you are going to be at a size/weight/height type disadvantage - my thoughts are that self defence is a name for the mental/verbal/physical skills that you have developed that allow you to neutralise your attacker's advantages.
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    From my previous posts on other threads hopefully you will know that I totally agree that fighting is the smallest part of self defence and that mental/verbal/physical skills of greater significance however fighting can and often will occur and in the event it does would you not want to be in the best physical shape you can be? Would you not want to mitigate against any physical disadvantage as much as possible? You could actually be at a physical advantage through athletic training. What if you have to run? What if you get taken to the floor? what if you need to keep moving and using footwork till you can find an escape route?

    My grammatical failure brings great shame to my ninja clan. I beg the forgiveness of my benevolent ancestors' holy spirits and shall pay penance through 2 days of lexical kata. Osu.
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    MItch :D

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