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Discussion in 'MMA' started by Freud > God, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Freud > God

    Freud > God Valued Member

    I was wondering if anybody knows of MMA clubs in birmingham that hav good instructors.

    Thanks :)
  2. spirez

    spirez Valued Member

    I hear this place is good, was gonna train there myself but didn;t really want to travel from Cov every night.

    They have Muay Thai, BJJ and Vale Tudo classes.

    The BJJ is taught by world champion Braulio Estima so you could probably do worse, lol.
  3. Freud > God

    Freud > God Valued Member

    cheers for that, it looks pretty impressive. I do Lau Gar kung fu and hav been for 2yrs and well jeet kune do, muay thai and BJJ hav always been arts i've wanted to do a lil bit of to improve my overall game, this gym is a pretty gd find :D
  4. spirez

    spirez Valued Member

  5. spirez

    spirez Valued Member

    Just a bit of a follow up to my last post.

    I tried out the class today at F's Freestyle and it really is good.

    Did a few cardio circuits then some takedown techniques and then finally a techniqu based circuit including ground and pound, guard passing, submissions, bag work, clinching and wrestling takedowns. They usually roll too but we didn't today

    It was only £5 for 90 minutes too.

    Marc's cool and he's fought some big names in MMA including James Thompson and Jeff Monson (in ADCC)!

    They have a few pro fighters there that have appeared in Cage Warriors amongst other promotions.

    The place is in King's Norton next to iron works gym. They have a myspace page at:
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  6. astonlad

    astonlad New Member

    I found this place in brum its AWESOME cheap and has mega talented coaches I was made to feel welcome and been training there 2 weeks now!.
    oh and did i mention cheap! they have student discounts £3 per session SICK
  7. dinomighty

    dinomighty New Member

    if i go to uni in birmigham next year im going to join dtec mma otherwise im going to leister
  8. D-TEC

    D-TEC New Member


    You would be warmly welcomed dino same as anyone else off this great forum! not blowing our trumpet but D-TEC's the place to be for MMA in brum if you want serious no frills quality traning
  9. nico storm

    nico storm Valued Member

    For what it is worth. My friend is one of the instructors (and UFC fighters) at the Ultimate Training Centre in Birmingham (Erdington). The other instructors are his coaches I believe. They are more expensive than the ones previously mentioned above, but they do have alot of great facilities including a full-size cage.

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