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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by kickboxingidiot, May 18, 2005.

  1. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    the concept of matchign up will be totally alien to light continuous or semi contact figthers but kickboxers and thaiboxers are always matched up on weight and expericne
    have you ever seen a figth and thought "this should not be happeneing"?

    Have you ever then found out that they were mismatched on experience and that someone has been telling porkies about someones record?

    if you have any stories that would be great
  2. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Dazed & Confused

    In my experience of amateur tournaments, semi contact and light continuous fighters are matched up according to weight and experience. (If you're talking professional fights, please feel free to skip to the next reply :D )

    Unfortunately this rarely goes entirely to plan. In some smaller tournaments, there is often a lack of numbers to enable full segregation, and this leads to beginners fighting black belts at totally different weights. As the tournaments get larger, this problem is erradicated, however a new one can raise it's ugly head. Someone comes along with their license and grading record proving that they are 1st or 2nd belt in 'x' kickboxing style. The truth is that they have in fact a good tournament experience and hold much higher grades in other styles. Why they would do this is a mystery to me, as if you've been doing tournaments for some time, there is no value in beating up some beginners to get a worthless trophy, but I guess it takes all sorts. :confused:
  3. Ikken Hisatsu

    Ikken Hisatsu New Member

    the biggest mismatch I have seen was at a k-1 max NZ tournament a couple of years ago. A guy with I think 2 pro fights somehow got a match with "Chopper" Chapman, the best middleweight in NZ. needless to say what followed was a spectacular ass kicking, and the fight should have been stopped after the second round. the guy ended up in the 3rd round knocked out, draped over the bottom rope. nasty.
  4. Sonshu

    Sonshu Buzz me on facebook

    My First and only Kickboxing fight was a miss match - gladly in my favour but it was a shame to see the video as it was pretty unfair.

    At aged 17 I think I was I faught in a local event. In round 1 I knocked the guy down and on the 3rd knockdown he was out cold.

    Around 15 seconds I landed a hard right cross and knocked him down, which he claimed and his corner appealed to the ref it was a slip. To his credit he was fairly awake from it.

    2nd one was about 45 seconds with a hard righ round kick the the ribs. This one really shook him and he dropped down to his knees, as instructed I returned to my corner.

    3rd and final one he was out cold from as I went in to finish him and on 1.28 seconds I forced him into a neutral corner and threw a barrage of punches which he ducked and covered up for seeing his opening I landed a heavy uppercut which caused his legs to go and he slumped down to the gound when the ref barged me out of the way, as I stumbled back he his the mat face down and I am pleased to say he was ok.

    I think in total he threw about 20 shots in the whole round landing only a couple of kicks and jabs.

    I felt quite sick wathcing the Video afterwards feeling glad it was not me.
  5. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    Mismatches can be quite educational for both. Sometimes the higher ranked can learn what he's weak in and the lower ranked can find out just how good he/she is. You might surprise yourself, go for it.
  6. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    Kwajman :
    No mate mismatches are NOT good for anyone expect for a confidence boost for the better of the two.
    No one gains from a blatant mismmatch.
    Ok you do learn from a HARD fight but not a total stitch up.

    Sashoman "the ehad hunter"
    Sorry if i spelt your name wrong i dont have it in front of me as im typing.

    It was your 1st fight and his 1st fight= equal fair match
    just that you were better in ability.
    thats ok it was a fair fight
  7. Sonshu

    Sonshu Buzz me on facebook

    Fair in weight as I spoke to another fighter from the same gym at the event but the guy I was up against was no way ready for that boubt.

    He had 6 months training and I had 2 years along with lots a fair bit of TMA before my Kickboxing.

    He was in better shape than me - quiet tonned and strong built but it was a miss match and I felt pretty bad about it after watching the video, I was pummed and ready to go but just went at him like a bull, less martial arts from my part more just fighting with a few kicks thrown in.

    He was not ready but a little too keen.
  8. minimal

    minimal New Member

    I've never done anything other than sparring, and there I've mostly been mismatched by virtue of being of a wiry build and being very new.

    I've been in a few fights where I was mismatched by virtue of having higher skill or sobriety than my attacker. In two cases the attacker was scarcely a teenager.

    I have a style with very soft redirection of blows, and I tend to hit people only when I'm afraid of them, so in these fights I just tired the other guy out. They learned that there are some people who are hard to hit (I would like to get to the point where just about everybody on this board would find me 'hard to hit', but that'll take some practice). They hopefully also learned that it is often a mistake to attack someone, because my behavior afterwards would have indicated that they may have been mistaken in thinking I was unsympathetic to them, if not their position.
  9. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    in case where you are better than someone in sparring
    just hold back
    maybe let them catch you a few tiems just to build their confidence
    for example last night i went to one of the classes at the gym and most of the guys there were like in their late 20's and 2 or 3 in their early 30's. Also they all go to the pub down the street after training (not the figthers just the people in that class) and many of them smoke too!!!

    When sparring with one of them, i was blocking most of the leg kicks but then i decided to throw a punch (threw it to miss really) and planted my lead leg on the ground i.e. give him opportunity for a leg kick.
    Result: he leg kicked me and was well happy about it= confidence boost.

    The last few roudns we just boxed, and he told em afetrwards eh felt more confident about me the second time.

    Sanshou head hunter (sorry about the name again i cant see it while typing):
    Your fight was fair in the matching up sense in that youre both 1st timers.
    BUT he should not have been put into the ring , his trainer probably thought , " hes fit hes tough hell do the do"
    I can under stand where youre comign from though

    BRECKDOG Valued Member

    Welcome back Sonshu!! see you next week.

    I dunno why you feel bad about this- a full contact fight is a fight- its not sparring with your mates, its not training or drilling.

    You are not going in to play scrabble and have a cup of tea- you are supposed to knock the other guy out-

    If he had given up martial arts cos of this experience.. fair enough- but thats life.. you either let failure crush you or learn from it and get stronger.
  11. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    I got put against a guy a couple of belts lower than me and maybe 15 years older once. I landed 4 headshots in the first round and 2 in the second. In the second I delibarately pulled two reverse turning kicks to his face to make sure I missed then and gave him a bloody nose to stop the fight in the end.

    Felt good to win but it was just ridiculously easy, I still dont know what to think about the fight.
  12. Nick K

    Nick K Sometimes a Valued Member

    Funny how you guys always win..
    I got my tail handed to me on a plate at the Irish TKD open last year. Id got myself down to 70kg, hoping for welterweight division. Got there - all over 35s in the same division - regardless of age, weight or rank. First round - up against Gunther, 6'2 98Kg. Kicked me so hard I took off. Then did it twice more.

  13. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    Actually I just remebered my first fight against someone from outside my TKD club:

    He was 6 inches taller, 15 kilos heavier and had studied TKD for 2 years to my 5 months and he had studied karate for 3 years prior to that.

    Owwwwww!!! Funnily enough the score in the other fight I posted about was almost a reveres of that one, 15 - 0 to the other guy then 15 - 1 to me.
  14. Sonshu

    Sonshu Buzz me on facebook

    I only had 1 kick boxing fight.

    I have lost 3 in grappling over the years, not through being worse at all but the chaging rules sets of different events and not prepariing enough for them, thats me though as I do not want to become a Gi grappler so I dont train all that often in it.

    Just do a few events for the experience of it. 5-3-0 in Gi based events.
  15. minimal

    minimal New Member

    I wouldn't want to do full contact, I would have to hate / fear someone to punch them in the nose.

    KBIdiot: I was usually sparring against people better than me. With people near my level I keep it about even mostly. Most fighters don't mind when there's someone they can't hit. I mean, they know they probably can't hit their sensei, right? Even if that person is a lower / white belt, it's only the one opponent, so if they've been in the art for a while they will still have an okay time hitting the next opponent, and won't let it phase them.

    Sometimes I throw strikes in sparring, sometimes I defend against technique after technique and notice where there is, and isn't, a clear window for an attack without needing to throw it to confirm that it would probably work.
  16. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Dazed & Confused

    But surely in sparring the emphasis is for both of you to learn from the experience - both attacking and defending. If you spend the sparring time not striking, you're turning it into an exercise for you to practise your defense, the other person may as well just go and hit a punchbag for 3 minutes. Sure, you know that an attack would work without throwing it, but your opponent doesn't.

    If you're working with a partner, trying to improve each other's defense work, fair enough, taking it in turns to play the role of attacker/defender. This is certainly a valuable training tool, I've done it many times and learned alot, but to me this isn't sparring, it's a defense drill.
  17. NeilX66

    NeilX66 Valued Member

    I was cornerman for a friend of mine a few years back, he had never fought in the ring before, and it was meant to be a novice match up, he was in his mid 30s and in fairly good shape, we entered the ring first and we knew something was up when his opponent somersaulted into the ring and a massive cheer went up, obviously a local favourite, and looked about 19 or so and made of solid muscle, my mate was fine to carry on, so he got into the center of the ring and started the fight, I wasn't even at the bottom of the steps at the corner of the ring before he was on his back, got up, lost his temper, dropped his hands, down on his back again, jumped up, standing 8 count, straight on his back again, I don't think he even managed to throw a punch, and his opponent probably only threw half a dozen, had to be the worst match up I have ever seen


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