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    I think the Micahel Spinks fight was his last hurrah really. I don't think he ever had the same motivation after that fight. From then on he was just in it for the money. That and the fact that hes not the smartest or most stable person sent him on a rapid decline. What do you think?
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    I think you need some other hobby to be honest. :(
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    In other words you don't know anything about Tyson or his career. Thats cool. Want me to teach you?
  4. Simon

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    Please do.

    I personally would prefer the information in the opening post, rather than because of a disagreement further into the thread.
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    Tyson became the youngest HW champion in history winning a title at 20. He lost the title at 23, in a huge upset loss to Buster Douglas, a fight Tyson barely even trained for. He had seemed invincible before then. He later went to prison for 3 years, resumed his career when he got out but was never the same killer he was before. Tyson was like a comet, flaming across the sky, taking our breath away, and then suddenly flames out. Why?
    Well he himself said that there were really no challenges left for him after Spinks. Less than two years would pass between his 1 round ko of Spinks and his shocking loss to Douglas. Tyson's style began to change after the superfight with Spinks. He got away from head movement and began relying more on his one punch ko power. His training habits slipped. Perhaps because he wasn't motivated anymore? I believe so. He never had the same motivation after the Spinks fight. If anyone here says i'm wrong then tell me why.
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    Three years in prison without fight training could be a significant factor. Ali lost three years due to objecting against the Vietnam War and his legal battles and he wasn't the same fighter by then, hence his rope-a-dope win against Foreman. Combined with the next factor, Tyson was basically a naive kid taken advantage of.

    A lot of it was actually due to Don King's influence by this point. Tyson ended up firing all of his original trainers he had with D'Amto and working with King's trainers. D'Amato's trainers were the reason for his head movement, then he started getting trained by King's bum trainers who didn't push him or keep his skills sharp. Combined with starting to party too much (something a good trainer needs to regulate), and you have your main factors right there. Tyson was still a young man from Brooklyn during the height of his career and was a bit naive and too trusting.
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    Vampyre girl... you seem to think that somehow you're throwing something out there that is controversial or new about Tyson... and then try to top it off with attitude.... save yourself the embarrassment.

    Those who have been following boxing for years will know that the Tyson has been discussed to death on just about every boxing forum since the advent of the internet. It's been done so often and from so many angles that it's now merely tedious. It's not new... it's not shocking... in fact it usually only comes up when noobs bring it up while stood at the bar are trying to come off like they have some great insight into boxing.

    You like boxing great. I'm all for it. But Tyson? Come on... there are far more interesting fighters than Tyson. It's a dead horse if ever there was one.
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    I forgot about the silly ink job on his face until I ran into him some years ago. Under the circumstances, I opted to tell him he had a nice car.
  9. slipthejab

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    I actually don't mind his tattoo. Not that it makes any difference to him what I think of his ink job... but aesthetically I think it's rather well done. In the world of ink... especially on faces it could have been dire.
  10. kurupt2020

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    Love him or hate him you can not deny he was one of the greatest ever ,
    the guy had opponents beaten before they stepped into the ring
    the thing that surprises me about tyson was his defence check out the clip some of the moves are just magic
  11. daggers

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    think your being a tad unfair there
    everyones allowed an opinion, maybe they werent into boxing up untill recently, everyones got to explore and understand history at somepoint even if its been done and done. tyson was exeptional! people should and will continue to discuss and debate him,and rightly so

    i think thats a problem with map, it has the same old members sticking together and getting bored doing the same old conversations
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    To make this interesting, what would have happened if a Foreman - Tyson fight had come off?
    Big George had the perfect style to fight him, was not afraid and had beaten Joe Frazier twice in the past.

    IMO Smokin Joe was a better fighter than Mike. If you compare the heavyweight divisions during JF's time to MT's time you will see a big difference in the quality of opponents.

    How well would have Iron Mike done against the likes of a young George Foreman or Ron Lyle or Ali or Ken Norton or Ernie Shavers or Mike Quarry?

    Just my 2 cents and to maybe get an interesting discussion going.
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  13. Johnno

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    Tyson at his best was an exceptional fighter, but he never fought anyone of the quality of Frazier, Ali, Foreman, Holmes, etc. How well he matches up is therefore impossible to say.

    Comparing sportspersons or teams from diffrent eras is always difficult, but it can be fun!
  14. slipthejab

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    yeah there is that possibility. Though seems to me it's more just the flavor of the month club. But hey who knows... maybe she's actually a died in the wool boxing fan.

    Yep that's entirely a possibility too. So what do you propose that will change that?
  15. aikiMac

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    That, and the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight. (sigh) :cry:

    Better? I don't know. That's an interesting comparison. But, I certainly agree that Tyson cleaned up what was then a weak division. As Kurupt pointed out, he had very nice defensive movements. I didn't really see it in that clip, but I remember that he could punch and slip at the same time. He knocked a lot of chins doing that.
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    Stop kissing each others asses all the time! God you all even have signatures of quotes you give one another!
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    Haha, the Man has a point, I for one have never had the chance to argue who would win because (obviously) it was being discussed before I had even ridden a bike.

    Not that I want to of course, that's why I'll stick with watching Amateur Boxing, until Manny/Mayweather.
  18. ShadowHawk

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    a fantastic person with a good heart. He went MC hammer with his money, got himself broke because of mooching friends.

    A tragic story. So much potentinal. He was such a posotive teen and young man corrupted by Don King.
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    you should put in your sig "ill troll you till you love me maggot"
  20. kurupt2020

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    Is thats really necessary ? she wants to discuss a topic then she should feel
    she can on here . be fair

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