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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by Chen dakhan, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. Chen dakhan

    Chen dakhan New Member

    Hello guys, hope its OK to post this here.
    Shifu's planning a quick trip to the UK this July (2019).
    There's no seminars planned but he's asked me to let people know incase any old friends would like to get in touch, and of course he's happy to make some new ones.
    I understand he'll be staying mainly around the South Suffolk area .
    Deep bow
  2. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Hey, funny I just heard about this. Alex K mentioned it elsewhere.
    I'm definitely interested in meeting him, PM me, some way to get some details perhaps.

  3. Chen dakhan

    Chen dakhan New Member

    Hey Cloudz,
    No problem. A guy called Richard is hosting him, but I'll probably be envolved somewhere along the line too.
    If there's too many people to message directly I thought I'd start a line group chat.
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  4. Chen dakhan

    Chen dakhan New Member

    Just a heads up that there's a Taiji Daoyin Master in the travel party too.
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