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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by KickChick, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. KickChick

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    I saw this story this morning on television and found it truly amazing ... and brings up a new area of discussion for beginning martial arts for rehabilitational purposes.

    While playing "hide-n-seek" during a national holiday in his native South Korea, the then three-year-old Woosik Chung reached out to catch the whirring fan of a tractor engine, and completely severed both of his hands.
    Luckily, his parents... a surgeon and a nurse... were there and rushed him to a hospital. When they arrived, they found only a skeleton health care staff because of the holiday. Although Chung's father had never attempted this type of operation before, with his wife and a surgical team assisting, the youngster's hands were re-attached. Because the procedure had rarely been performed, no one was quite sure if Chung would ever regain the use of his hands or what the best approach for rehabilitation was.

    His maternal grandfather, a Tae Kwon Do master, stepped forward with a unique approach. He began training the youngster in the martial arts as a form of rehabilitation. The blocking, striking and grabbing techniques while training helped in rehabilitatating the musculature of both Chung's hands.

    Not only did it help Chung gain strength in his hands, he mastered the techniques so well that several years after moving with his family to the United States, he qualified for the U.S. national Tae Kwon Do team. He would have competed for a spot on the 2002 U.S. Olympic team if the allure of medicine hadn't drawn him to enroll at UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School.

    Dr. Chung now 27 will pursue a residency in orthopedic surgery at Columbia University Presbyterian Hospital. He plans to specialize in hand surgery because, he says, "The best way I can thank my dad is to help someone else in a similar situation."
  2. neryo_tkd

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    wooow, what a story, but i am not surprised though. i honestly believe that martial arts can help a lot. i had health problems as well. wrote about it in HEALTH AND FITNESS, thread EXPLODING KNEE.
    martial arts have taught me many things and i really don't know where i would be now and in what condition after the accident, if it hadn't been for tkd and everything it taught me.
  3. flyingblackbelt

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    Ive actually heard of a few famous people using martial arts to get off drugs. Right now the most notable one is Scott Weiland, lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots and now Velvet Revolver, who started after the whole getting arrested for the third time thing. He found out through one of his new band mates duff McKagan, formerly of guns n roses fame. The funny thing is that with all of the fancy rehab programs he entered he says the one that worked the best is the martial arts retreat he went on. It just shows the mental and physical benefits of martial arts, something that ive always believed in.
  4. Taeho

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    I personally relieved my physical debilitation though TKD training. You may have heard of a condition called, "couch potato syndrome". heheh...Seriously, That is an amazing story! Thanks for sharing that KC.

    TKDshane Ÿ
  5. Holgate

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    funny how one of the things people assume won't help will. I find the same thing with my back, the more TKD I do the less pain I get in my back. my doctor told me to give up because it was putting undue pressure onto my spine and the muscles and yet my physio has said the reverse saying it will help strengthen the muscles and that I just have to be careful I don't over stretch myself.

    Just a case of rehabilitating yourself at the pace which is right for you and in the long run comfortable.
  6. Kwajman

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    I have had chronic back problems for almost 20 years and my Korean master gave me a set of stretching exercises to do, EVERYDAY, WITHOUT fail. They have relieved my constant pain in just under three weeks. I am amazed what TKD has done for me...
  7. neryo_tkd

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    a friend of mine was never in good shape. she complained about this and that, but actually never paid any attention to it although i told her many times to do something about it and although her brother is also an instructor (different martial art though), but everything to no avail.
    when i started with the club, her friends started training and she would come to the dojo and watch the training sessions. after 2 weeks she called me and told me that she would join us.
    a full year has passed and she has noticed enormous changes in her health, and she actually brought several people to the club who have so far also trained tkd with great passion.

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