Martial Artists VS Street Fighters

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Karate Freak, Sep 2, 2006.

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    the martial arts only deals with the actual combat stage.... not the pre-combat and post-combat which are VERY important.

    pre-combat can more often than not determine the winner, too many people are in and out of the fight before they even know it.

    I would highly recommend some of Geoff Thompson's stuff on the matter, it was invaluable for the couple of years bouncing I did - while some people may have thought I was overly aggressive or whatever, the same people had no understanding of the first punch being thrown usually wins the fight. Fortunately I managed to get through without ever taking a full on punch, just a couple of grazing ones... and I sucked 'grappled' at least a good 30-40 people in that time. Fortunately for me now I am out of that game.
  2. KenpoDavid

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    Any martial art which is geared towards self-defense WILL absolutely be involved with the pre and post fight stages. Sport styles have no need for that... their biggest pre-fight concern seems to be "what music should I walk out to"...
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    Is this like your traditional myth thingy ?

    You havn't run into many british football firms have you. Some of them can even get pretty handy with weapons (don't even look at the Scottish). They'd certainly make a mess of your bar/pub. Not everywhere is America where all the tough lads run round with shooters. It's a minority but you will find them in pretty much every town over here, it's not usually 'an idiot' but a group thing, though idiots seem to be everywhere don't they. In the UK there is somewhat of a different culture for fighting . Sure everywhere is a bit different. I wouldn't call them streetfighters. i'd call them bored thugz, ****ed (off) and up for it.

    Your "streetfighter" may be a myth, but the weekend scrapper/hooligan certainly isn't over here. It is and has been a reality. Admittedly the football stuff is mostly organized by smaller groups these days. But I wouldn't underestimate the numbers and reality of the (fairly) regular weekend binge drinker scrapper.

    Recently a UK Mapper admitted as much that he was into it, and he does MA too!
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  5. liokault

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    Thats not even nearly true.

    Few MA's deal with what really happens on the 'street', sport or not. If it was true, we would not have so many crazy unrealistic views posted on this site.
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    Do you think streetfighters are stupid, who would go to another fighters home turf and take him on with all his mates/collegues around him. The streetfighter is the guy who mains you on the way back from work.

    Most streetfighters are just short of pysco's, some of them are, but they aren't stupid.

    Play to win, not to play.
  7. mojo shorin-ryu

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    all any legitament martial arts is, is a system of moves that are trained into your instincts so you don thave to think about using them. Thats what Repetition training is all about. Sparring i finks is to help you get some confidence to fight and use techniques that you learn. And Sparring also helps you learn not to freak out as much...cause you still do, well i still freak out a bit anyway. MArtial arts do work, ive used them in real life situations and it worked! so speaking from my own experience id say they work...hmm my train of thought isnt exactly in one line today....
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    Check out Jack Dempsey's 1950's book for the ultimate "realistic street" fighters guide. plus great insights into some body mechanics, exploding into your opponent and aggressive defence as well as other tactics. The trainings almost like some IMA's i've heard about. Mythically speaking.

    You'll have to ask the ninjas anout the sneaking around though, they are the ones you can't trust.
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  9. KenpoDavid

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    well, let me re-phrase that...

    any RESPONSIBLTY TAUGHT martial art that DOESN'T JUST CLAIM TO BE geared towards self-defense (as opposed to competition or self-improvement or LARP) will be involve with... etc.

    sure there are plenty of schools that SHOULD teach about these phases but don't...

    what percentage of MA schools in your opinion focus on self-defense vs competition vs "self improvement / tradition"? is there a 4th category?

  10. MadMonk108

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    There's no such thing as a street figher.

    Just thugs.
  11. Karate Freak

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    What about the untrained person who has to fight those thugs? Does that mean he is a thug also? Put some more clarity into your "thug" statement.
  12. MaverickZ

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    you mean like batman?
  13. estranged13

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    "Do you want to help batman, do you want to be my robin?"
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  15. medi

    medi Sadly Passed Away - RIP

    Try saying "Thug" over and over

    It gets weird real quick
  16. Cloud9

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    Your zip wouldn't happen to be 90210 would it? :D
  17. cloudz

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    oh yes just like the nazis.
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    I dont think MadMonk108 is completely wrong; its a generalisation yes, but since when has the world become so cynical. I would say most regular streetfighters are thugs or of similar background...
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    Some people need to stop playing video games.
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    I don't know if I will be knocked out by a sucker punch, as I've never been sucker punched. I do, however, remember that at one time there was a swarm of kids coming to a trial lesson. Most of these left after a day. But anyway, my instructor told them to put on gloves and try to hammer me while I just defend myself. Now, most of these were small kids, about 14-15 (1-2 year space from me), but they fought like adults. This was at the end of the lesson, so that my instructor got some basic principles laid out to them. Now, some took them in and tried to apply them, some just ignored them completely as people do. One kid, I remember dropped everything and just tried to put serious hurt on me as he would in a street fight. There were also another kid, who kept doing 1-2's and another kid, who actually tried to brake my guard (in a very novice way, but did try nontheless). Now, let me just tell you, that I managed to completely avoid the 'streetfighting' kinda guy completely and without much effort, and I had much more problem with the other two, especially the one trying to brake my guard.

    Just me 2 cents from my experience (never been in anything bigger than a schoolyard brawl).

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