MAP is back online!

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by Saz, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Angelus

    Angelus Waiting for summer :D

    I love Saz :D
  2. Banditshaw

    Banditshaw El Bandido

    Looking real good people. Good Job!
  3. adouglasmhor

    adouglasmhor Not an Objectivist

    Great job folks thank you.
  4. SWEHurricane

    SWEHurricane Valued Ninjer

    Great job! I just realised how addicted I was of posting here when the forums were down for so long. Had to resort to trolling at Bullshido :Angel:
  5. Anth

    Anth Daft. Supporter

    Sods law said that I came over ill yesterday afternoon so I got a text from Saz saying we were back.

    Trust me, a heck of a lot of work went on behind the scenes, with the unsung hero being Sam (Skc_Wado) who has been learning the art of MAP Modification and doing a fair bit of testing :D

    Its about time we got round to doing this upgrade - only been trying to get it done for the past 3 years...
  6. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    So you guys lost my post that contained the secret to eternal health, wealth and happiness?
    Well it's your loss I suppose.
  7. Gufbal1981

    Gufbal1981 waiting to train...

    I love the new look!
  8. tb2776

    tb2776 Valued Member

    Welcome back

    Newbie here, thought I'd done something wrong! Welcome back, MAP:)
  9. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Great work Saz & Anth!

    nice to see the site back up.
  10. Satsui_No_Hadou

    Satsui_No_Hadou Ultra Valued Member

  11. cheesypeas

    cheesypeas Moved on

    Thank you Saz and Anth for all your hard work to give us MAP junkies our site back!!:D
  12. nready

    nready Verifying DMI pool....

    Nice look to it is all so gentle on the eye.
  13. bulkathos72

    bulkathos72 Valued Member

    um what happened to the other eye?
  14. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Supporter

    got lost in the database crash
  15. Stevebjj

    Stevebjj Grappling Dummy

    Good job.
  16. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    Just a quick question,will the journals be coming back, has all the stuff been lost?
  17. Satsui_No_Hadou

    Satsui_No_Hadou Ultra Valued Member

    Yes I am interested in the journals also...
  18. Anth

    Anth Daft. Supporter

    As we've said in numerous threads about upgrading MAP, Journals have been our stumbling block for years in that we have been unable to find a way to convert them to the current styles.

    That said, while we have kept a copy of the journal data in hope for the future, the old Journals will not be returning. It remains to be seen if we are going to implement a journal system any time soon.
  19. cptnpicard

    cptnpicard New Member

    Well Done guys, love the new look.
    MAP is now back bigger and better than ever!!!
  20. Summer Gypsy

    Summer Gypsy Has a Valued Member

    Oh sweet lord, is it really working?!?!? Am I dreaming?!?! Hallucinating?!?!?

    OH YES!!!! Thank you so much! I've been forced to do constructive things lately, like work, and excercise! Never again! :)

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