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    We are introducing lots of children to Martial arts schools and introducing techniques, methods and study helping them in many ways.
  2. 8moves

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    No worries guys, I'm certain his account is just one person using it. Mr. Brooker likes to pretend he is many different people.
    A colleague coming to his defense is more convincing than if he defended himself after all.

    I see he still has not responded to the original questions asked in the first post and avoided responding at all until provoked by this response.

    Mr. Brooker, the original post asked if anyone had any further information abut you and I responded. I don't have copyright to any gym name, I'm not sure what you are on about.

    The warrant for your arrest is public record, its not personal - its business. Persons on this forum are questioning your character and I dropped in to let them know they are on the right track looking into you.
  3. philosoraptor

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    While making money right? I mean, fair go, nothing wrong with running a business, but we're not talking about a charity here. You can toss aside all the criticism you're facing as 'personal vendettas' but it sounds like people are really calling you out on your business practices.
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    You are aiming your issues with Simon at our company. Mantis has not committed fraud and Simon has not fled anywhere costing any investors money. There are a number of people involved with MANTIS that's obvious. We are aware of him having a warrant on complaint for not attending court attaining to a Car accident. Not anything to do with Mantis, his involvement with MANTIS, investors, partners. Its his issue to resolve and not MANTIS. Please retract and refrain from discrediting MANTIS.
  5. 8moves

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    It was asked directly in the first post for any information about the company OR Simon Lee Brooker.
    Simon Lee Brooker fled the US for fraud and has an arrest warrant out. There are many other investigations open as well, but they are open investigations so I cannot comment on them here.
    The truth always comes out eventually mate.

    CPMANTIS Valued Member

    8 moves, This is not Simon. Can you please tell us how we can put an end to this attack on MANTIS. Your personal issues with Simon are yours to hold. No one has lost money, no one is unhappy with our company. What do you want?
  7. Simon

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    No you're not.

    If you are a company then you need one person to act as spokesman.

    The Terms of Service to which you agreed to when you signed up to MAP clearly state that only one account per person is permitted.

    MANTIS is one account and we'll only take posts from one person.

    If we think your account is being used by more than one person there is a high chance you'll be banned, or the account closed.

    Sorry to air this in public, but the thread is moving fast and I want to make our position clear.

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  9. 8moves

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    Dear Mr. Brooker...erm, I mean CPMANTIS collective,
    What do I want? I don't want anything. Someone here asked a question about your validity and I responded. This is not a personal vendetta, I did not start a new thread out of the sky about you. I responded to a question someone else asked, that is all.

    CPMANTIS Valued Member

    Ok thank you. But anyone that knows Simon knows that he has not committed fraud taking money from Investors. It actually was for a car crash and not turning up to court. Why are you applying this to MANTIS and those involved?
  11. Hannibal

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    So instead od fraud you are saying he shot through and didn't answer for his actions when required to do so?

    Not exactly stellar conduct either is it?

    CPMANTIS Valued Member

    It was a warrant on complaint for not attending court regarding a car crash in to a telephone pole.
    The other so called investigations are actually against the attackers of his sites, his email hack, mobile phone hack. Its nothing to do with MANTIS or anyone involved.
    Have a happy Christmas all and a safe new year.
  13. Simon

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    This is hardly an accurate portrayal of how a child would defend themselves from an adult.


    Posing for a picture is one thing, but it's so far removed from reality that it's rather ridiculous.

    Edit. This isn't posed, it's a real technique.


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    CPMANTIS Valued Member

    Whats ridiculous is assuming that that's all we do and then calling it ridiculous. comments like that again negative. It is a pose for a picture, a front cover. We got the front cover because of the complete programme. Some very large centres with great careers and experience in all sorts of Martial Arts styles from TKD, BJJ, JJ, Karate are taking this on board. Sorry but this is a programme that works and isn't ridiculous.
  15. Simon

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    Nowhere have I said that's all you do.

    It's a pose, but I've edited my post to show the pictures from your website.

    On your site they are shown individually. I have shown them together as it's easier.

    The programme may be very good and that will become clearer as we move through the thread.

    The technique though done by a child against a grown man is absolutely ridiculous.
  16. philosoraptor

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    CPMantis do you believe that your instruction will allow a child to triumph over a grown man in a physical confrontation?

    CPMANTIS Valued Member

    Ok, now your talking with substance, thankyou. The techniques are shown in that way to help learn them along with obvious class room instruction. The movement is shown step by step and taught broken down but its a clip of much more. It actually takes an arc movement over the top of the wrist and forces a release. It works very well and its simplicity shocks many instructors. Even in the static poses you see his elbow end up pointing down, it has gone through the full circle. Also its the way its taught in sequence that creates a fast set of reflexes.
  18. Simon

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    Your website says the following:

    Any child and whatever the size of the opponent.

    Do you really stand by this claim?

    If you do role playing I'd be seriously looking at the aggressors, as they are surely rolling over and playing dead.

    You also say:

    Just a few minutes each day.

    So 3 minutes each day for 8 weeks.

    3 minutes a day for one week = 21 minutes.

    21 minutes x 8 (weeks) is 168 minutes.

    So you can teach any child to deal with any size of person in 2.8 hours, which is less than 2 lessons in a regular martial arts class.

    CPMANTIS Valued Member

    Not triumph over a grown man attacking them. There is no answer to a grown man sucker punching/ picking up an 8 year old but this does enable them to release quickly and run, it does work. Its also the reflex of turning instantly and sprinting with the follow on step, Theres so much more to it which is why we have a team and instruction is geared individually to each academy.

    CPMANTIS Valued Member

    They are delivered the course in a martial arts class

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