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    A quick google search only shows him as a part of several dubiously named MA buisnesses, so either he's lying about the MMA bit, or it was at the kumite with Van Damm.......
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    Oh, sorry. Apologies, I thoguht you where referring to the advertising video.

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    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for the positive posts:) was going to leave it and let you all get on with the negativity but thought I would address some of the comments. Especially as I understand where some of you are coming from.

    MANTIS was developed and created by a number of people on a mission to introduce all children to self defence. Not teach all children self defence but introduce them to schools and academies that can further educate them and benefit their lives both now and for the future.

    Our study proved that many Martial Arts academies struggle with gaining new students, they are great teachers, great at their chosen discipline but just don't reach the numbers they could and should.
    We approached groups outside the Martial arts and were shocked at some of the negativity towards our industry. As a father of five and society going the way it is we wanted to utilise our groups skills and change these numbers and that's exactly what we are doing. Introducing more children to self defence and martial arts.

    I do agree the video clips portray that badly and certainly don't get our message across and that will be changed and the clips removed so thank you for that.
    We also don't sell a system as such, a self defence system to replace what anyone is already doing. We just add to it.How many children practise every day? very few. The interactive DVD is given free of charge to every student that signs up to the programme with in their local academy. They go to class once a week and learn simple release techniques, not locks but releases that do work and in a short time become reflex, like and as simple as catching a ball.
    After class 1 they go home with the DVD and thy put it on and practise a little bit every day, parents reports have been how much they love it and ask, hassle every day to practise and that was our aim, to enthuse the child and teach them to practise a little each and every day.

    Over 8 weeks they not only have a set of skills to release but also have a new group of friends, a new teacher/ coach and a parent that originally said no to martial arts that through the children's protector programme is now signing them to the additional programmes that academy has on offer.

    Guys it works!! Go in to your local bank with a karate flyer how ever well designed and ask them to back and support your programme - No chance. With a flyer introducing a children's protector course backed, supported and partnered by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, hosted by the NCB and you get a whole different response. After this reply I will post a letter from an academy that just came on board and a testimony from a ju jitsu instructor that's also a school teacher.
    As far as myself.
    The comment from the guy on my Dubious martial arts companies!!
    1/ My first company Immortal gained a contract with the home land security supplying each and every training hub with equipment.
    2/ Bladerunner was bought out and still runs today. Back when I founded this we had Royce Gracie as the face. If you look at his fight with Akebono on youtube you'll see Royce wearing his gi pants with one logo on his right knee, our logo.
    He said before the fight he would use that knee to win so our domain was in all the final shots!!
    3/ Cylon - We created and implemented the first body worn surveillance systems for the police. This turned in to our company supplying the met police and them doing a pilot project called the paperless police officer. In 12 months our product reduced crime by 8% and increased conviction rates by 86% based on domestic violence in just that first year.
    4/ Mantis - again taking that experience and generating new students in to existing academies while being able to promote and market in new ways to all and everyone. To fulfil our mission to introduce all children to self defence using our simple system that works.

    That's why in just a few months we have the academies we have in well over 100 areas.
    Lastly (sorry to go on) the person that commented on the green arm. What have you created and why? Children put green hands on and play hulk, if you paint their hands green it doesn't quite cut it. The green arm works by showing the child the angle of strike, the positioning of the finger therefor showing them the outside of the arm (where they want to be) but also makes them want to practise for longer. It works a lot better than a century lump of foam that's called a blocker. This gives the instructor a both hands tool, distance to view footwork and a product the kids love. To make a comment and put it in to the sex category??? well thats sad. We are trying to help more and more children so please ask any questions but not here. I am too busy and don't want to be pulled in to a forum.
    You can email and request a call back. I will call you! Can discus all your questions in detail. We can discuss the people Ive worked with, trained with, people ive bought in to this country actally Van Damme was one of them. Dan the beast severn, cyntia rothrock, chris kent, Royce gracie, the list is long and this post is already to long.
    Thanks again for the comments. I wish you and your families the very best this up coming holiday new year and the happiest and safest of new years to you all for 2016:)
    Contact email removed - please check the ToS
    Oh and Ultimate Warriors wasa 12 part series produced by Granada back then. I got the Gracies, Dan severn for the wrestling, a number of others I cant remember. I was the Martial Arts expert and overview on the show (I hate expert, im not one always a student) If anyone does find it please let me know. It was filmed over a decade ago. It was produced by a man named Nathan Duncan if I recall:)
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    Mantis & the Child Protector Programme

    My name is Andy Privett and I have been involved in the teaching of children and adults for almost 30 years. I have worked in children’s care homes, taught in schools, been a PE head of department for many years and was a sports co-ordinator for over a 10 year period. Presently I run a martial arts club, in which I teach Ju Jutsu to hundreds of students each week.
    Over the years I have seen many schemes and initiative in the field of self-protection ‘come and go’. Many lack a theoretical depth, whilst others are so commercially driven that they inevitably fail.
    Mantis and the ‘Children’s Protector’ programme is different. At its’ core is the well-being and protection of children and a passion to teach every child the skills to stay safe. When Simon and I first chatted I asked many questions to make sure of the scheme’s creditability and standing. Simon and his team have been totally professional and open about the mechanics of the scheme and their vision for the future. I asked Simon directly about why he had put this programme together……his reply was a simple one:
    ‘To empower the next generation to be safer’
    The strength of the techniques lie in their simplicity and effectiveness. The techniques are mechanically sound and easy to teach. In one of my sessions I taught a new student (5 years old) how to escape effectively from a grab… a parent this is priceless.
    The way that the programme is being rolled out will mean national coverage by an engaged and motivated network of like-minded people and organisations. From a business point of view the Mantis programme will make it easier for me to interact with the wider community to promote children’s safety and well-being. I can see this system as being the main lead generator for new students for all my classes.
    If you would like to contact me with regards to the above I’d be happy to chat:

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    Hi Simon,
    feel a bit like yourself, busy as a busy person at a busy factory!

    Done loads of interviews with the BBC after your press releases. Got more schools and teachers involved. Currently got 2 secondary schools on an 8 week block and 3 primary's booked in for January. Need a replecator from Star Trek so I can be in 4 places at same time!

    ****** from Wales is interested, speaking again on Tuesday and couple of other from Scotland I was in contact with to see if they could make ******* meeting next week.

    Got 2 sponsors on board in Inverness so we are able to offer free Mantis classes to 30 kids so far!
    Just need the time to do it lol
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    Hi Hannibal.
    Its being changed. It doesn't represent us well at all, I don't deal with that side of things. Clips are coming down I agree with you all and a full promo is being filmed on the 23rd that will represent us and what we do better. I will make sure I post it for your genuine comments
    Once people see the whole system, what we do then views change, which is why the clubs are joining at the rate they are. If you want to understand completely then im a talker not a typer:) I always make time for anyone that wants to understand more.
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    Understood and thank you for your candor

    I look forward to seeing the new material, and if i can guarantee one thing it is that I will be genuine in my comments

    Welcome to MAP btw

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    Thank you for understanding, thank you for your genuine words and thank you for the welcome to MAP.
    Have a great day Sir.
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    MAP is a discussion forum. There's lots of humour here, banter and jokes between regulars. My comment was in that vein.
    Your "fake pretending to be real" video of a child abduction to promote your product is in far more bad taste than a throw-away sex shop comment by me.

    In my opinion you are selling children's self defence by playing on parents fears rather than reality.
    In reality stranger danger and child abduction of the sort of scenario you are promoting just isn't that common (but still more common than it should, be). You are presenting a solution to a very rare problem.
    That solution might be a good one (and I can see having a fake arm to really rag about would be good training) but it's not targeting the right thing.
    Children are far more likely to be harmed (physically, emotionally, etc) by family members, family acquaintances and peers and other children than some bloke popping out of the bushes and grabbing them on the shoulder.

    There also seems to be a background here of marketing to get children into martial arts and boost student numbers rather than actually addressing children's actual self defence needs?

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    I understand completely and take peoples comments seriously and I agree re the videos (not my area but I insisted they come down).
    You are correct in a lot of what you say and again I agree. More children are harmed by disease, drowning, road accidents, violence at home, hunger, abuse etc.
    Our back grounds are Martial arts and we use martial arts to address problems. Our plans for the future are big and our help from our partners at the anti-bullying alliance has been superb. The further down this path we go the more problems we see.
    I like input from people, only collectively can we address larger problems. We have a series of modules that goes with the train at home DVD. this is more academic seated learning. Also we have papers written by us and the ABA offering help, advice and guidance. This gives lots of help lines, what to do, where to go etc.
    Its a long journey but one we are committed to.
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    I wish you every success.

    Could you please go back to post one and address the points there, then we can move on through the thread?

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    Your instincts are spot on questioning his claims.
    He does not have a relationship with any of the US Military/Law Enforcement that he claims.
    Fact of the matter, his real relationship with US Law Enforcement is a warrant for his arrest for fraud amount other pending investigations.

    Select ACTIVE WARRANTS, click the funnel at name and select CONTAINS, then enter Brooker.

    He left US to escape prosecution.

    When he was in the states 2011-2014 he was pushing this same product, he fled leaving investors at a loss of nearly 100,000 USD.

    You lot want to know more just say it.

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    IT WAS A CAR ACCIDENT. Nothing to do with MANTIS, nothing to do with any business, any brand other than a BMW. His company did have a contract with the homeland security and the Home office. You have sent emails to his family, you have written letters, even bought the copyright to his gym. This business is not his its a group of people trying to benefit children. Fled leaving investors at a loss of nearly £100,000usd would lead to a lot more than a misdemeanour. There is no loss to anyone I cant believe after two years you are still pursuing him. Enough attacking have a happy Christmas and a good new year.
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    Is more than one person using the CP mantis username? I can make head or tail of who's actually speaking in defence of this product/person.

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    Yes its the company that uses it. It comes through to the company mail.
    This person posting and making claims against the company and simon has done for a couple of years. The company speaks for itself, This individual is attacking Simon and making false claims against the company. I think it is time for legal action.
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    Hmmm...personally I'd make it a term of service that only one person can use each name but that's just me.
    Make's it hard to have a discussion when it's a different person replying each time.

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    Our company is made up of a collective. We were all going to reply. We just want to help children, introduce more children to martial arts clubs and not deal with personal vendettas.

    CPMANTIS Valued Member

    Its a shame when individuals hold vendettas towards others that they apply to a whole company. It just hurts a lot of efforts of a lot of people that are doing a lot of good for a lot of children.
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    Sorry, I missed it, but what good are you actually doing for children?

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