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Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by rne02, Nov 4, 2015.

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    My god...the ego needed to run a kids class called the "super simacs". I think Fiddes does one called the Mini-matts, super matts or something equally cringy.
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    I only got the joke second read through. Nice.
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    I like how it says the techniques are taken from MMA, then shows a load of wrist locks and manipulations :D
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    Hey...Aoki did one of those arm lock thingoes one time and broke a dude's arm. MMA wins!
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    Everything where little kids get told: "Do that and you can defend against a grown-up!" is just nuts. And, as you mentioned, dangerous.
    For the kids, not the potential grown-up attacker.

    I was as an assistant on seminar for children about self-defense.
    And that was what they learned there.

    When being attacked by someone their age, they were shown some "techniques"; means here: Taking up some distance, telling them to stop - and in worst case, do more, so to speak.

    When being attacked by a grown-up. Let me put it this way: They had incredible fun, when they finally were allowed to yell and cry during training ;)
    They weren't shown fancy stuff, like wrist locks or something, they were told to yell "no", "stop" and make a fuss until as many people as possible notice there is something wrong.
    (That's also what I plan to do in summer, when some show what we do).
    They also talked about prevention: "When coming home from school or kindergarten, do you know a shop or something where you could go inside and ask for help?"
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