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    And I'm sure admin can confirm that the ip addresses are all legit. The people coming to defend are all individuals that know of Mantis, its team and its attacker.

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    also arradia, I haven't noticed you don't care about the claims of fraud but thank you for saying. Please under stand we do care about those claims and it is very concerning.
  3. philosoraptor

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    Wait, wait, wait, I'm still on the run out of town by 'city cops' thing. What's the deal?
  4. HairoNoSora

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    And these people just so happend to stumble upo here all at the same time?

    nah, maybe no sockpuppeting, but a coordinated effort to sway public oppinion doesnt strike me as very ethical either.

    I'll give you some free pr advice tho.. usually the best reaction if someone make accusations in public is to not engage at all. Ever heard of the "streisand effect"?

    CPMANTIS Valued Member

    But if you knew the ins and outs you would understand the concern.
    Thank you for the free PR advice, noted but again the details are very surreal and very long.
    We do look forward to showing the new videos and the new product launching early next year.
  6. Simon

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    My advice, stop posting, ask your friends/investors to stop posting and this thread will die a death.

    All we have at the moment is a self-perpetuating mess and the more people that join in the worse it will get.
  7. MantisSupporter

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    I too am an original backer of Mantis. Mr. Booker has been honest an up front with his investment group throughout this process.

    I will not comment on any allegations stated above because they are not worth validating.

    I so tire of those in this world who fire accusations online...there is no process to ensure credibility...ANYONE can say ANYTHING without fear of consequence.

    I encourage anyone who is reading this thread to AT LEAST give equal credibility to those supporting Mr. Booker. No one should be persecuted like this in a public forum when the source and accusations can't be verified. If it were would you feel in this circumstance?

    As for my credibility? I am an investor...someone who's Son was trained by Mr. Booker...and someone who knows him personally.

    Who's opinion should you trust?

    Let's all move on with our lives and not give this source any further validation.
  8. Dean Winchester

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    No let's wait until the person levelling these accusations has a chance to back up what they have said.

    If they can't then yeah move on but they must at least be given the chance.
  9. Dean Winchester

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    Anyway lots of chatter but little else so far.

    Do any of our new members have any training videos they could show?

    Not marketing nonsense but actual training.
  10. aaradia

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    No one is building an opinion based on trust. I don't trust either side or any of you agenda members coming on here on any side.

    I want evidence. Other long standing members here have also asked for evidence from ALL sides. Evidence of the various claims of efficiency. Evidence on claims that one knows their children can fend off an adult, evidence to back claims of fraud and lies.................

    Evidence that is lacking from both parties - sadly lacking.

    8moves had no evidence. He came on here with an agenda and no evidence. I don't trust him.

    Mantis backers come on here with little experience and an agenda to protect their investment. And no evidence or details. No, no reason to trust any of you.

    Mantis corporation people come on here with evidence they back away from as not representing their company. So - no evidence to back up the claims of their system yet. We are promised such evidence in about a month, but not yet. And they are not handling the claims of slander in a very professional way.

    Many of the posters in this thread have gotten to cyber-know each other through years of posting about our experiences in martial arts. Many (not me) actually know each other and have trained together. I trust certain members here because the EVIDENCE of their posts, including video's of their martial arts skills and knowledge, have given me reason to trust their opinions.

    The rest of you- you all don't look to good or credible to me so far.
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  11. Hannibal

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    The plural of "anecdote" is not "evidence"

    Screw the fraud accusations - I don't care. What I DO care about is bad techniques being sold to the uneducated and unknowing as legitimate and effective

    They aren't

    You put up a demo video then said video should represent what is being offered as it was filmed and directed at the behest of the company - that video is simply horrible. Ineffective and dangerous crap that i would rip strips off someone for selling to adults let alone kids

    You say you have an equal opinion? No, you don't. You lack experience and knowledge and to be frank have no clue what you are talking about.

    You have an equal RIGHT to an opinion, but that is not the same thing at all
  12. Southpaw535

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    Think the easiest summary is if your post doesn't include either a training video, or a detailed account demonstrating practical use, don't bother pressing the post button
  13. David Harrison

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    Taking everything you have written at face value and discounting any criticism given in this thread, just taking these two points above have invalidated the premise of the system you are defending.

    No martial arts training is needed to see the logical flaws here. Let's consider a pre-teen child, like those in the promo material:

    If you, as an adult, found that you did not have the ability and coordination to continue the course, how is a child expected to come out of it with the ability to fight off a determined attacker?

    Consider what percentage increase even the best training might give a child in preventing an abduction. Now consider what kind of percentage increase training might give parents and guardians in preventing the abduction of a child. Do you not think it is logical to concentrate on awareness training for adults? How many children are abducted while being actively supervised by adults? Come to think of it, how does abduction compare as a risk to children to household accidents due to a lack of awareness from supervising adults?

    Lastly, can you not see that you saying you had too much else going on to continue training is putting the responsibility of protecting your child on them? Does that seem logical?
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  14. philosoraptor

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    Wat. This warrants further explanation.
  15. HairoNoSora

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    philosoraptor, you just cant leave it that question alone. Almost like a predator.. some kind of dinosaur bird of prey like... a raptor?:p
  16. philosoraptor

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    It is zeRo Joke.
  17. Simon

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    Thread closed pending MOD discussion.
  18. Simon

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    The thread is now open, but on the condition that we discuss the MANTIS child protector programme and don't target individuals.

    It is okay to discuss the martial credentials of those involved, or their background and understanding that led to the creation of MANTIS, but any claims made by now banned members are to be ignored.

    Thank you.

  19. Matt F

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    Personally, even if the whole forum was saying it was great, and people with qualifications coming out of their ears were saying it was great, I would still say it was a load of conk. Simply because actually watching someone and what they are showing says more than anything else....more than marketing, qualifications, endorsements....anything.

    If a person has a reference to what violence actually is, or how a real fight or situation actually is, then they cannot be fooled. It can be hard at times to get passed the peer group pressure and its easy to be duped. Some legit people who can handle themselves sometimes have a combination of genuine and nonsense because they might be attached to a style or organisation or person who means a lot to them, either personally or financially. Also the links that people have with the military or police can be dubious at times or very vague. Some qualifications can be payed for by doing courses that then sound very authoritative.
    Then you have the all boys clubs.....guys who all help each other out and endorse each other either for financial reasons or they are good friends.

    Having a reference to how violence and fights actually are cuts through it all and gives a person a good BS indicator

    If there was a special way or thing for a weaker person, like women and children to do or train, why would every one else not do it too?
    I a special easy technique a women or child can do against a strong guy? Sod all the macho nonsense....give it me...I'll happily do it.
  20. raaeoh

    raaeoh never tell me the odds

    Not to beat this horse but has any one else noticed the.videos no.longer exsist?

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