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    Here are some more samples of forms and applications from my Taiwanese teachers' DVDs for those who might be interested.


    29 Mantis Fist Techniques: [ame=""]Tanglang Chuifa 螳螂æ¶æ³• -- 29 Mantis Fist Techniques - YouTube[/ame]

    15 Mantis Palm Techniques: [ame=""]Tanglang Zhangfa 螳螂掌法--15 Mantis Palm Techniques - YouTube[/ame]

    18 Mantis Arm Techniques: [ame=""]Tanglang Shoufa 螳螂手法--18 Mantis Arm/Hand Techniques - YouTube[/ame]

    12 Mantis Kicking Techniques: [ame=""]Tanglang Tuifa 螳螂腿法 Mantis Kicking Techniques - YouTube[/ame]

    Mantis Form, White Ape Exits Cave: [ame=""]Mantis--Baiyuan Chudong 白猿出洞--White Ape Exits Cave - YouTube[/ame]

    Mantis Form, Dajia-zi: [ame=""]Northern Mantis: Da Jia-zi (Major Frame) åŒ—èž³èž‚å¤§æž¶å­ - YouTube[/ame]

    Mantis Form, Lipi-quan: [ame=""]Lipi-quan - YouTube[/ame]

    Lipi-quan Application: [ame=""]Lipi Application - YouTube[/ame]

    White Ape Exits Cave Application: [ame=""]Baiyuan Chudong Application 白猿出洞招å¼é‹ç”¨ - YouTube[/ame]


    Taizu Longfist Form Two Demo: [ame=""]Taizu Erlu (Taizu Longfist Form Two) - YouTube[/ame]

    Sample of Taizu Form One DVD:
    [ame=""]Taizu Changquan Subtitled 英文字幕太祖長拳 Shaolin Longfist - YouTube[/ame]

    Taizu Form Two Kicking Applications: [ame=""]Northern Shaolin Longfist--Taizu Erlu App 北少林 長拳 太祖二路 連環腿é‹ç”¨ - YouTube[/ame]

    Xiao Hong-quan Applications:
    [ame=""]Northern Shaolin Longfist--Xiao Hongquan DVD Sample 北少林å°æ´ªæ‹³ - YouTube[/ame]

    I think the Mantis may be especially interesting as it has a more Longfist flavour than most. Also, the Lipi-quan form is a 7* version of Lipi as apposed to the more commonly-seen Babu Lipi. Any comments welcome! (other than "get a haircut" and "nice sound fx lol"--I've heard those a few times....)
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    I moved this to the resources section Onyomi,as it's exactly the kind of thing I was wanting in here. :)
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    No problem. :)
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    Only a blue sash? What a n00b!

    Seriously though... love this stuff. That "White Ape Exits Cave Application" was cool man... scary speed. :D

    Thanks! :D
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    My name is Chris! Hello, Onyomi!

    I am very interested in what I just watched of the Mantis Style.

    I found the site that has them for ...

    Looks like Loung Chuan!
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