Man muscles on a woman?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Kris x, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. Kris x

    Kris x :-p

    I cant help but notice my biceps have been growing over the past few weeks. :confused:
    My friends say you cant notice it but I know theyre just saying this to shut me up. ;)
    This may sound shallow, whatever, :cool:
    but I dont want big man muscles.
    Is there anyway I can do push ups without getting bulging biceps? :eek:
  2. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member


    Impossible !!

    Men and women develop muscles differently when weight training. It's a hormone thing - the guys, with all their testosterone, have an easier time increasing muscle mass (hypertrophy) Women, with all their estrogen, do not bulk up on the same level, even if they lift heavy.
    You may see female bodybuilders whoare in the gym for hours and hours daily, lifting heavy at less reps and also taking steroids.

    You can always substitute dips for push ups if the idea of increasing your biceps is really bothering you.... but although push ups do train the biceps, you are using your own body weight, and if the resistance doesn't increase, your muscles won't be overloaded and the stimulus these fibers need to grow in size is missing. So relax !
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  3. Kris x

    Kris x :-p

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  4. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Perhaps they weigh less than you?? ;)
  5. Kris x

    Kris x :-p

    I'm 9 and a half stone I weigh about the same as them.
    Someone told me that this is supposed to happen then it goes away, but the source isnt reliable.
    I am just slightly paranoid...I have visions of myself dragging my arms behind me :eek: (slight exageration)
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  6. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    tricep dips

    I guess you must be doing these push ups in class and not part of your training/conditioning at the gym/home.

    If you aren't weight training I suggest you quit your worrying ... like I said., you are just lifting that 9 and a half stone bod of yours.
  7. Kris x

    Kris x :-p

    I do the push ups at home as well, because I thought that I was supposed too.. :confused:
    I think I'll leave them out. :eek:
    Thanks for easing my mind :D
  8. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Honestly, it's far easier to lose muscle than it is to build it. :)
  9. fox1

    fox1 New Member

    Pushups hits your tri's, shoulders, and chest. They don't work your biceps. If your biceps are growing, it's probably from a pulling type exercise such as curls or pullups. And like KickChick said, you probably don't have to worry bout becoming to bulky since women have less testosterone then men, making it harder to build muscle.
  10. JKD_Haduken

    JKD_Haduken New Member

    your HUGE MAN!!!!!!
  11. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    Kristy, theres nothing wrong with a woman having muscles. Now those ugly she-men who do the body building thing is just wrong (to me). But a well toned woman is pretty attractive to most guys. Check out some of the pics of Kathy Long or Cynthia Rothrock. Very well toned and quite attractive too!
  12. Coges

    Coges Valued Member

    I know I'm a bit late on this one, but if you really want to do push ups or you have to do them in class with everyone else, then just change the angle a little bit. Bring your arms closer in to your body and maybe even down towards your rib cage. This will ensure that your tri's and back take most of the load for the exercise.

    And to echo some of the others, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman who has defined muscles.
  13. aaron

    aaron Chinese Martial Artist

    hmm...I think i know what your thinking kirsty. I think the best thing is to do lighter weights for curls if u do any, and do alot more reps. Pushups and dips do not work on your biceps, it works on triceps and chest.
    For me...I could never get bigger "manly" biceps :eek: because my workout is different. My workout makes me alot stronger yet not much muscle mass is involved. :love: So...basically i'm just a guy with no muscles to show, but strength to impress people at the gym.
  14. shotokanwarrior

    shotokanwarrior I am the One

    God, you're so lucky. I'm a scimitar-thin, delicate girl and I'd love to have soem muscle definition. Enjoy it.
  15. Moosey

    Moosey invariably, a moose Supporter

    :D <pedantic> aren't scimitars quite thick swords? </pedantic> :D

    I'm probably more of a foil myself... ;)
  16. shotokanwarrior

    shotokanwarrior I am the One

    True, scimitars are heavy things. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Oh, and Kirsty? Some good role models for you if you're insecure about looking 'unfeminine':

    Carrie Anne Moss (my deity)
    Demi Moore
    Hilary Swank
    Milla Jovovich
    Sienna Guillory
  17. Xue Fang

    Xue Fang Bluebelt

    Wow, am I ever late in replying to this... oh well...

    Anyways, let me get this straight, you don't want to get biceps muscles? Are you mad? Whyever not? What's wrong with a good pair of biceps on a woman? I love having toned biceps, it really impresses everyone and now I can basically haul anyone who irritates me over my shoulder and give them head rush. :D
  18. CKI

    CKI New Member

    If your biceps are getting bigger it's not because of pushups. Your biceps are developed by a pulling motion not a pushing one. There is nothing wrong with developed arms on a woman as long as you don't look like Arnold!
  19. Kris x

    Kris x :-p

    Thats just it.
    I'm scared if they keep on going I will look like arnold.

    *shudders at thought*
  20. Ad McG

    Ad McG Troll-killer Supporter

    A woman getting like Arnold = impossible, especially just using some press-ups! I love it how people think it's so easy to get big. You have to have 1. Lots of consistent, hard, scientific training 2. Tons of food.;jsessionid=BE15EB27A32B63D3A9DF484D06BF3A85.titan?id=551074

    Look at her. She is ripped to high hell, she trains specifically to look like that and eats specifically to look like that. You aren't even going to get anything like her by just doing press ups or a few other movements.

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