Major Jeffrey Prather (Close quarter combat)

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  1. Kikaku

    Kikaku Gakorai Tosha Akuma Fudo

    During Saturdays class, a student brought in a U.S. Special Forces "Special Military tactics" book called "Close quarter combat" by one Major Jeffrey Prather. I briefly flicked through the book from the middle as one does, admiring from a first glance what appeared to be very practical/effective concepts. It wasn't until upon closer examination, that I found the photos of the displayed techniques, very familiar. Once I read the intro page, I discovered that Major Prather, was a 15th Dan Shihan in the Bujinkan, who also happens to credit SKH as a teacher.

    Basically the entire syllabus from the book is developed from Taijutsu, and are supposed "proven combat skills" ,which are being taught to various Military units. I thought it would make a good topic, which again touches on Taijutsu in the Special forces.
  2. Dale Seago

    Dale Seago Matthew 7:6

    If it's mostly the same stuff as in the video he put out a few years ago (complete with soundtrack music from Conan The Barbarian :D ) then it's drawn primarily from Kukishinden ryu.
  3. Kikaku

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    Interesting. For the most part it looks like he's replaced classical weapon attacks ,with Bayonet and M-16 attacks :D
  4. jules

    jules lurking bacteria

    you got to admit that IS a classic soundtrack :D
  5. Nick Mandilas

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    3 philaharmonic orchastras, 20 kettle drums and 400 french horns...
    BRING IT ON!!!


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