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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by RyuTerp, May 4, 2007.

  1. RyuTerp

    RyuTerp New Member

    Hello All -

    I'm writing in hopes of learning about any Martial Arts schools in the Ashburn, VA area. I used to live closer in to DC but recently moved out here, specifically to the Broadlands. I'm currently a student of RyuTe Kempo Karate, but the Dojo is in Bethesda, MD and, while I love the system and the instructors are excellent, it may not be possible for me to make it over there regularly considering traffic and other limitations. I'm hoping to locate a nearby Dojo with similar style in the event I have to make a switch.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. pauli

    pauli mr guillotine

    my bjj class is in ashburn. not the slightest bit like kempo. come roll!
  3. mike-IHF

    mike-IHF Valued Member


    I teach Hapkido in Alexandria. I know that's still pretty far for you, but I thaught I would at least extend the invitation anyways. You can check us out on the web at koreanmusulinstitute .
  4. gungfujoe

    gungfujoe Please, call me Erik. :)

    If he can't make it to Bethesda to regular classes, I can't imagine any way he'd be able to make it here on a regular basis. :) I teach in Alexandria as well, and while I don't consider my art to be much like Kempo, I do have one former Kempo student who feels that this art is a very good match for him and resembes his former art. He's loaned me some of his old teacher's videos, though, and I see more differences than similarities, even if the core basics are similar.
  5. mike-IHF

    mike-IHF Valued Member


    I know it is still far, that's whay I stated that I was just throwing the invitation out of respect. I had a student once that came all the way from West Virginia. So I know some people don't mind the commute if they like what they are doing. This is why I thaught I would at least express an invite.
  6. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Doesn't help the original poster much, but we should have a get together in Alexandria sometime. I teach there too. Arnis.

  7. mike-IHF

    mike-IHF Valued Member

    ap Oweyn,

    Yes that would be great. I was thinking about trying to get some other instructors around the area to maybe do aomething at one of the local parks or something for the public. Maybe we could put something together.
  8. gungfujoe

    gungfujoe Please, call me Erik. :)

    Sounds good to me. It'd be great to get together and do a multi-art seminar or something. Spend a portion of a day having various instructors share something for 30-60 minutes, etc. I've seen these gatherings work very well elsewhere (then again, I've seen them work not so well).
  9. mike-IHF

    mike-IHF Valued Member

    Well, Let's start making some arrangements. I mean the more we talk about it, the longer it will take to get it accomplished. If anyone can find a place, I'm pretty much open as far as time. Sunday's would be the best for me, but if we can set a date I can make the arrangement to be there. I would also have to get one of our students from FL to come up, to take uke for me. But that should not be a problem. Anyway, let me know if anyone knows a place, and let's get together.
  10. gungfujoe

    gungfujoe Please, call me Erik. :)

    I'd offer my space, but I don't have my own space. :) I teach at a local RECenter, and renting space there would run about $75/hour, if I recall correctly (I've done it for a few seminars, and it wasn't cheap).

    I don't know what the county's policy is on gatherings of this type in parks, but there's some good open spaces in Lee District Park (just outside the RECenter I teach in), as well as probably most other parks in Fairfax County and Alexandria City.

    Edit: I forgot to add that Sundays are generally best for me, as well.
  11. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Good thoughts. Lee District Park is actually quite close to where we practice arnis during the summer (Lee High Park). But we should probably move this to email, as I think MAP prefers we not discuss outside contact unless it's one of their official MAP Meets. (Mods, lemme know if I'm mistaken about this.) So lemme PM you both my email address. Dig?

  12. mike-IHF

    mike-IHF Valued Member

    Ok well, as far as I know I think most of the parks would be pretty leaniate as far as doing something. I use to take some of my students over to a park off Braddok Rd. and I never had any problems there. So maybe if we could get some date to do it, we could come up with a flyer etc. for the event. Anyway if you want to contact me by email, just go to my homepage under contact, since I don't want to post it here, cause I'm not sure if I'm allowed.
  13. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Done and done. :)
  14. Asim Hanif

    Asim Hanif New Member

    Hi RyuTerp.
    I teach aikido in Dulles, near AOL. You can visit my website at
    I'm also the lead instructor at LA Boxing-Ashburn and we have an excellent BJJ instructor- David Trader. The website is Look for Ashburn, Virginia under the Location menu.


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