Love sparring with taller, stronger, and faster opponents! MOTIVATION!

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by TaeAno, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. TaeAno

    TaeAno Certified Ninja

    I'm about 5'5 117 Ibs at 15 years old so I'm a pretty short kid! My other friends in Taekwondo are about 17, 21, and 15 years old. But one difference, they're all ALOT bigger than me.

    The 17 year old is new and a white belt but he has the technique like that of an expert, he's very powerful and fast. We're about equal speed, It's always fun sparring him so we can try to keep up with each other's speed! If I get caught, I'd have to suffer a very punishing hit.

    The 21 year old is a black belt and is very skilled and strong, with speed too. It's always fun sparring him to learn new techniques and I have to keep up with him.

    The 15 year old is not as tall as the other's but definitely on of the strongest kickers there! Whenever I spar him, I need to dodge or else he'll send me flying.

    Something about sparring these humble guys always motivates me and makes me want to improve in many different skills: Speed, Agility, Power, and Technique! I won't stop until I get better! :fight1:
  2. Simon

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    Sounds cool. My son is only just 15, fairly tall and very slim.

    He spars all of the students and Instructors in the Academy. As long as the respect is there from the stronger older students then all is fine.

    Sounds like you have a great place to train.
  3. french fri25

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    its always good to spar someone better than you. to be the best you gotta beat the best!
  4. FiReSTaRT

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    Even lower level opponents can be of benefit to you. You can try out some newer, experimental techniques/combos on them until you get it down pat, which would have got you knocked on your behind if you were going against a higher level opponent.
  5. TaeAno

    TaeAno Certified Ninja


    That's a good point

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