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  1. jamie1976

    jamie1976 Valued Member

    i keep losing to a guy in my class that im a higher grade than?!
    when we jus do the submission wrestleing side of our ma i show him up not meaning to be big headed but he isnt really a match for me in that department but as soon as we don the grappleing gloves and go ground an pound he beats me every time i always beat him to the punch and i take him to the ground but then find the bugger wont tap out as he normally does any ideas why? also he seems 10 times stronger when we fight this way im not sure if its me getting tired or him holding back im getting really angry with him now :bang:

    jamie :woo:
  2. pauli

    pauli mr guillotine

    first, sparring isn't (usually) a contest. stop thinking in terms of winning and losing.

    second, it's been my experience that once people are allowed to strike, they get really sloppy with their positional control. make sure you're still securing your positions properly before going for submissions (or striking for that matter). it's really easy to overfocus on one goal to the exclusion of what you should be paying attention to - your training partner, and what he's doing.
  3. rubberband

    rubberband Valued Member

    I think mindset plays into this alot... not just yours but maybe your opponents... I have seen guys like what you describe who feel that submission wrestling is an opportunity to learn and go slow and they get tapped because they are using the wrestling as an opportunity to learn defense and develop feeling and relaxation... and then once the pads are on they feel like it is more real and switch into fight mode and put all the defensive ideas they picked up on while going slow and relaxed into motion...

    another possibility is that the guy has low arousal and needs the feeling of being hit to get into fight mode...

    or maybe he is a ninja who hides behind the deception of a new student and who could take you out at any moment but prefers to secretly laugh at your feeble attempts to defeat him :D

    makes you think, :eek: steve
  4. jamie1976

    jamie1976 Valued Member

    definatly makes me think lol.
    nah think its more likely he jus needs to be hit so he knows he's in a fight next time im changing my whole game plan on him and see what happens.

    jamie :woo:
  5. Sonshu

    Sonshu Buzz me on facebook

    At an early level when covering ground and pound with people I do find they are always without fail left open to submissions and being sweapt as they are too tied up with getting shots off.

    Slow it down and work fighting with you brain as people do switch it off when GNP is involved. Work your sub game and keep the strikes secondary as the head is always in the same spot so you should not need to give it much thought to hit it when on the ground.

    Concentrate on base and weight distribution and the strikes will look after themselves is my advise. Also dont leave your arms hanging or you will get caught by armbars. I am crap at them but even I can usually get a beginer form my back when they tire from throwing big bomb punches.
  6. DeepFreeze

    DeepFreeze Lurker

    Personally I enter an entirely different "mode" when switching from Judo to sw/MMA. It's because I used to have these lousy teachers who were keen only on "containing" me. (I'm small guy, but I can outmuscle people 2-3 weight classes higher)
    Over time, it created a mental block. Even today, I can hardly utilize 40 % of my power/skills. Even against top-level competitors. That's the damage over time

    The SW/MMA on the other hand... When I entered it, everything seemed so easy. Like a weight had been lifted from my back. It's all because it was completely different world. The mental side had no reach to something that seemed unknown.

    Could it be that he goes through something similar? Without knowing it, limiting himself below his actual abilities.
  7. jamie1976

    jamie1976 Valued Member

    could be deep freeze think he knows im onto him now tho we had a club do lasnite an i got a lil drunk a told him i was gunna do him next time we fought but in a friendly way so he's gunna be watching me now lol. :bang:

    jamie :woo:
  8. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green Member

    MMA != Submission wrestling.

    They are two different animals, if you approach one like you would the other you will get beat.

    Besides, this is sparring. If winning is your main concern, then you need to get beat a lot more anyways ;)
  9. stump

    stump Supersub

    What submissions is he catching you with? Work that out and ask your instructor to go over defences to those situations? Also if you're trying to submit him and he won;t tap it sounds like you've not quite got the technique of the submission down - ask your instructor to go over the intricicies of the subs you're trying.

    Try and make a learning experience out of your stupid ****ing contest
  10. jamie1976

    jamie1976 Valued Member

    i dont mind losing i know that losing is a part of learning but i'd rather i never lost im a bad loser and it gets into my mind for days after thinking about what i should have/ could have done to win i think im jus a little bit too competative lol but thanks for the coments.

    jamie :woo:

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