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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Conure, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Conure

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    Hi guys,

    First post here, done a bit of reading - seems like a great site!
    I'm basically having a bit of a life style change, taking on a few new challenges and things that I know that, if I haven't done them when I'm older I'll regret. So, basically my girlfriend and I are looking to start some form of martial art. I've looked into Muay Thai and spoken to a few trainers, basically they said that whilst they fully support women that would like to start the art, many do tend to quit - because of that my girlfriend feels it probably wouldn't be best suited to her.

    So, I'm trying to narrow it down. Karate seems very popular but I have read a fair bit that it's almost useless as a method of practical self defence. That said, I'd like to be competitive and I suppose that just because it doesn't translate to raw fighting ability on the streets, it still could be very enjoyable.

    Anyway, hope to hear some of your suggestions!

  2. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    It would all depends on how serious she wants to train and whether she can get over the fact she is no different to a man.(apart from the obvious)

    I never imagined my delicate tiny 42 kilo wife would take up Thai boxing at 30 and still be training and helping run a gym and fight promotions 8 years later.

    You'd both know for sure within a month, probably sooner. She'll need a gym with other women that are prepared to work hard. It's the bunnies that don't last.
  3. righty

    righty Valued Member

    First obviously, look at what is available in your area. That will help narrow things down.

    Starting anything is a good start. The only thing I would say is beware starting as a couple or at least be realistic of the fact that a particular club doesn't suit both of you or only suits one of you. Don't drag or be dragged to something only one of you wants to continue with.
  4. Griffin

    Griffin Valued Member

    Effective/not effective, Hmm, to be completely rational it comes down to the person who performs it not what they perform..
    That said, maybe picture other aspects of the undertaking. Like would you want to practise Kata or set routines in your spare time with partner, thats quite rewarding.
    Perhaps go to a couple of free intro lessons if theres any about, that will help test what you both would like together, like even if its an art you dont intend to do, its a good testrun :)
    Good luck.
  5. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    1. Think hard about exactly why you want to train. Then look carefully at what's available in your area and see what fits. There's bound to be something that's a good match.

    2. Then go watch classes. Instructors can make or break a class more than the art itself so talk to them. Bear in mind that you will only see a fraction of what a class does unless you see lots of classes, see 3.

    3. Remember too that you're not stuck forever. If, after 8 months of Karate you felt you both wanted something that concentrated on sparring to the exclusion of other areas, you could always move to Muay Thai then. See 2. Or if your ideas change go back to 1.

    Complicated isn't it? :) I think to some extent you just have to bite the bullet and try a class for a few months. Do your homework, sure, but then just go train and see what happens.

    Enjoy :)

  6. Frodocious

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    As others have said, have a look round your area, see what's available, go and try out each style and see which one fits in with your schedule, your interests and makes you feel welcome.

    As for your girlfriend, if she's serious about training it shouldn't matter how many women are in the class. For most of the styles I have studied it was just me (and occasionally one other woman) and yes, it can be frustrating having no-one of a similar size to train with, but I love the styles I do, so I just get on with it.

    You could try looking for schools that have a large childrens section as they often have sessions for parents and you may get more women in those clubs - this is true of my Judo club. Or try something like Capoeira which often attracts a lot of women.

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