Looking for bjj classes in the surrey/sussex area

Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by Zatoichi001, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Zatoichi001

    Zatoichi001 Valued Member

    I'm having trouble finding a good school in the surrey / sussex / kent area.
    can anyone help?
    Thanking you in advance.
  2. alister

    alister Huh?

    Hi there - I know of two in Kent - I train at both.

    One is a Carlson Gracie club in Tonbridge:


    The other is Rickson Gracie, in Northfleet, Kent - PM me for details of that one.

    Carlson's is very competition oriented and Rickson's is very technical...depends what you're looking for and how far you want to/can travel. I guess Tonbridge is closer, and being on a sunday is cool. But, I have to say, Rickson's style is hard to beat IMHO.

    I notice you do CKD - I used to do that (Il Dan CI)...I promise you..if you do try BJJ it will open your eyes and only in a good way! :D

    Just found these as well:

    Gracie Barra in Hastings:


    Marcio Gomes in Brighton


    Sleeping Storm in Epsom:

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  3. Zatoichi001

    Zatoichi001 Valued Member

    Thanks alister,
    I have made contact with the school in Brighton, and have scheduled a lesson for next week.
    Really looking forward to it!
    Thanks again for the information.
  4. Stalkachu

    Stalkachu resU deretsigeR

    Have trained a little with Marcio and he strikes me as a down-to-earth, respectful guy, with more than enough skills to show. ^_^

    Also trained for six months at Sleeping Storm, and Ricardo, the Brown Belt there, is another excellent grappler and all-around good teacher. Also a lot of regular trainees there which gives the place a bit more of a family feel to it.

    Wherever you end up, tell us how it is and best of luck with it!

    Take care,

  5. Sandy

    Sandy Valued Member


    How was it? What was the training like?
  6. sprint

    sprint Banned Banned

    what a coinkidink

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