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  1. To All Members
    Thanks for All your Comments, really enjoyed the bashing
    Dear, Just because you have not seen it doesn't mean its not there, I live in a location which is 240Km away from main city, I teach a lot of trainers and they train students under then, 10k students is a very big number for you but not here we have a huge/humongous population. I have started teaching from the age of 16/17 and am 56 now, so you can do the math, When you say "at least 1 or 2 would have been heard of to be from your school"
    I agree but here scenario is different, people learn martial arts to save themselves not actually to take it as a career. If you have anybody from around here ask them students are always trained either to be an engineer or a doctor everything else specifically related to sports or even martial arts is non-sense. This is how our society is, even though I don't like it, we all have to live with it. I consider IP man a great martial artist but I don't know whether you will agree or not he was this popular because of the movies. Same is with bruce lee. Not everyone is both skilled and lucky as them. Doubt me and every other teacher, its fine, ask questions that fine too, but don't let others ego ruin your opportunity what you could've learned.
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    What absolute bollocks

    I have a very dear friend of mine who teaches actual documented JKD and BJJ in India who actunhas skill and can show his ability freely AND can tell you exactly who trained him and when
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  3. Great, Introduse me to him maybe? Obviously if it doesn't hurt ur EGO?
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    My ego? I am not the same me in India Einstein

    He was referenced elsewhere - go digging and ye shall find
  5. You have a friend, a dear friend and I have to find him? :D
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    I am seriously not bashing. Its just that a lot of things don't add up. Simple questions, simple answers.
    For example:
    What is your lineage?
    Oh I trained under X who came from Y school of whom Z was the Head Master.

    That answer in itself wouldve save several webpages of arguments and doubt over you.

    I am Asian myself, so I understand "the village life". Heres the crack. Technology still exists there.
    10k students, not 1 has an access to a camera to film your class, but suddenly theres one to get you in a gi and a "well done badge".... But you can get someone to sort you out a website. Camera no. Computer and internet and software, yes. :/

    In the end, you are using other peoples images to promote your brand. Which in itself is dishonest and not of "the way".

    Any decent martial artist with decent knowledge can spout out their history with ease and pride because THAT in itself is certification.

    My lineage is open and easy to track all the way to the Origin. I know some people dont like the idea of lineages but since lineages and ancestry is a big deal in Asian culture, well.....

    Go into my/others post history on MAP and read about competitions, videos and photos filmed and demonstrations of techniques.

    I'm betting you cant say the same, I know this because I've gone through your website. No images or "proof of work"

    Again, you are offering your services. Using other peoples images and not being clear of your credentials.

    I'm out.
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  7. Thanks for the serious Questions now thats why you deserve a serious reply from my end.

    My teacher is Mr.B.Roy (Still Alive) and his teacher was Master Wang Shujin (Whom I actually never had the met) if we go back in time Mr.B.Roy was training under him in Kolkata Kalighat (I can't remember the name but surely you can find it out somehow) my master says," there was only 7 students including me", he tained for a quite sometime and then moved on to persue his career, because back then it was imposible to live on top of martial art traing.
    Secondly I never knew how to use the internet untill a day when one of my students built me a website all by himself, even this profile is also created by him and i strted learning things from him. I am still learning there is a lot to learn for me. I don't own a camera myself neither i allow anyone carry anyof my students, because its annoying when you are talking about thumb-throid and they are looking into their phones. I will request my student to take few pictures of our class and update the site whenever i can get ahold of him.
    I am not here to get people to like me or anything else so i never thought it is necessary to upload kideos but judgeing from the situation i will ask my students to create few demontrations and fights (if can find anyone ready to fight) and give it here not because i want to showoff my skills because i want people to understand that even though i am less tech savy i am not a "fake Person"
    ", you are offering your services" I barely get anyone from the site, its just a think for me that i don't understand completely.
    I have enough certificates given on my site few are signed by the then president of india so may be i am not exactly that what people are thinking bof me, or maybe....!
    I wish to write more but i know its not gonna change anything so.. I wish you luck and thank you again for asking these.
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    That would make your style predominantly bagua or taiji based unless your Mr Roy changed anything drastically ?

    (hmm, not sure whether the wang reference is a bait for Hannibal ? :p)
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    So let's put this more simply.

    1) Who is your karate teacher, your a 5th Dan in karate according to your website.
    2) Who is your jeet kune do teacher, your a first Dan according to your website.

    3) who is your kung fu teacher and what grades do you hold? (Mr.B.Roy? So bagua? what is Mr Roy's full name?)

    4) what is your boxing record, you claim to of fought pro?

    5) what is your kickboxing record, again you claim to of fought pro.

    No need for multiple evasive replies, with the language gap. You may of claimed something which wasn't 100% true, if so it's simple to confess and correct the record.
  10. I am ready to answer all your questions, with certificates attached here but before you take my interview let me know that my interviewer is actually has a Job for me :). I have answered 3 out of 5 questions multiple times and simply don't have any more patience. What I am gonna do is collect all questions and create a single paper with all the details. Repeating the same things over and over again simply doesn't help anyone.
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    English isn't your first language so you may not realise, that no you havn't answered any of the questions clearly.

    Youve given one name as your teacher, but that teacher isn't a Jkd, or karate instructor. And you've said you have a boxing/kickboxing record, but havn't specifically said which is which.
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    Try to clearly and simply answer the questions. We don't need a essay, just clear names, arts, and dates if possible.
  13. I just checked my website the certifites are already there including the manes and tearhers + the association, now who ever can't read this is their own problem not mine, I thought all of my certificates were not uploaded previously, but i have seen all of it now, the only things that are not uploaded is the boxing ones, will upload it there shortly.
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    Do you have videos of your boxing matches? I wold like to see :)
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    Care to post a direct link?

    We've all looked and it doesn't say it anywhere that is in the English version.

    Surely you know the names of your instructors, it's not a big ask?
  16. Here
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    Why Can you not name your coaches?

    It's a big red flag to others if you cannot name your karate or jkd teachers.
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    It's self explanatory, theyre all for attendance of other courses.

    Your karate 5th Dan isn't on their, and neither is your jkd grading.

    Both arts you claim to teach. But won't name your coach?

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