looking for a silat instructor in Bellevue/Seattle

Discussion in 'Silat' started by remi, Oct 12, 2003.

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    I just arrived (one month ago) in Bellevue, WA. I'm looking for a Pencak Silat instructor in the area (most likely in Seattle). So far I've found Pencak Silat Mustika Kweetang (Guru Jim Ingram) web site.

    Is there any other Guru around here ?
    Do you have any opinion on them and their teaching ?

    Thank you,

  2. balut

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    Hey remi,
    Any luck on finding an instructor? I've recently become interested in Silat, kali, Arnis...and would like to obtain some instruction if possible. I haven't found anything here in Seattle or Bellevue. If you have, give me a hint!! hehe Hope all is well. Thanks!
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  4. Bobster

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    Hello Remi. My name is Bobbe Edmonds I teach Pentjak Silat Serak & Mande Muda, as well as Kali. My school is in Renton, just outside of the highlands. Feel free to email me, fistwind@att.net, or call (425) 430-4419, if you are interested in training.
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    I highly recommend Bobbe Edmonds, I have known him for a while and have seen some of his program over the years.. He has trained with several of the big names in silat and kali.. It would be worthwhile to get intouch with him if you want to learn material that is not sports oriented, but the real deal as far as effective silat and kali training..
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    Peace and blessings be with you all, I am a friend of Guru Oom Jim Ingram, and I'm very familiar with his number one student Noel Shaver...... I can say their dutch/indo silat is very effective although I cannot claim to know what another teacher knows... I do know they have powerful silat knowledge as I have full respect for what I've seen from them personally.... as for Bobbe... I've never had the pleasure of meeting him although Guru Noel did tell me, I move like Herman Suwanda... one of his teachers... Herman I have met, before he passed away.... he used to come sit at my teachers feet from time to time... one of the few on the american silat scene I ever met from that circle... his family lineage has true silat and we respect the suwanda line... though never having met Bobbe I will recommend him since he does represent that silat lineage and whoever does so will share true silat knowledge... and have impeccable manners that reflects that trust of a family with their precious tribal art...

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