Looking for a good martial arts workout video, any recommendations appreciated

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  1. Hello,

    I'd like to please ask what MA workout videos anyone could recommend to get a good workout in? I have no idea where to look and what would fit into that category. I enjoy exercising in general and like to lift weights, swim and bicycle and I've dabbled in some yoga. Never tried an MA workout before but I hear it's really good for the body. Wrestling/grappling is what interests me but because of my current situation and this lock-down business etc, I can only learn from the internet for now so I may have to do 'striking art' workouts?

    Before getting into learning the self-defense part of MA, I thought maybe trying some MA workouts would help to get an idea or a feel for this new planet I'm about to land on? Or maybe the self-defense parts are included in the workout? Excuse my ignorance. I have very superficial knowledge on MA and have no clue what I'm doing or what I need to do lol. I'd love to reach better fitness goals for myself and I'm always open to try new things.

    Appreciate any feedback or recomendations in advance, thank you very much and I'll let you know how it goes
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  3. Thanks so much man! The course was free and I couldn't have asked for something better. This is right up my alley, thanks again : )
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    This fella has some good advice on this particular topic:

    I have heard good things about the Havoc team

    The John Danaher drill video is a good one and free :D

    I found Ross Enamait to have a great selection of workouts from various levels of available equipment.


    This channel is good for helping with drill ideas, more about how to set up drills rather than the technique for hand and foot work.

    In terms of how to for the basic technique, you will find a load of various videos on the basics, I think it will quickly come to a point where you need to film yourself and assess, even look at gyms that can do a remote session with you to get things started.
  5. Thanks a bunch! You posted stuff based on what I said I liked, that's really considerate of you bro and it all looks great. Thinking of investing in some boxing gloves and a heavy-bag down the line :D
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    I know he is trying to sell a product but, back in the day really what day the 1870s? I've been involved in traditional Chinese arts since the 90s and all the teachers were hands on in fact that was the traditional way, small classes so the teacher could touch hands with everyone

    I've been involved with sport arts since the early 00s and all my coaches were hands on, they demonstrated on you, they roll or spar with you.

    If you think that's the same sort of feedback as you will get from someone watching a video whilst eating biscuits well then ....

    There's also something he glossed over completely, say the instructor was completely traditional demonstrated the technique then went to have tea and left it to you to figure out whilst the seniors in the class helped you, they were still seniors skilled in the art, trusted to pass on the proper technique, you weren't left with an equally clueless partner to try to figure out what was going on, you had the assistance of a very skilled senior who know what he was doing.

    That's what's missing from on line courses and what's almost as important as having the teacher there, being in a class with skilled seniors better than you to assist your development.
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  7. Makes sense, thanks for the feedback.
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    That's in regards to learning an art, if you want a workout and to get a sweat on, there's lots of good stuff out there such as the bas rutten workouts, get a punch bag, gloves his CDs and get a good workout in.
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  10. Looking for a decent workout right now, thanks, I've heard Bas' shadow-boxing routines are pretty good for a sweat.

    Wouldn't mind learning some things along the way!

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