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    Can any one tell me about her, there is some confusion as to who she is and who is in the GM James Mitose book of "self defense". When Hanshi Thomas Mitose reprints the book. I hope he will clarify as to who is in the pictures with James Mitose, his sister or Lisa at the end of the book.

    I understand that Lisa had a Black Belt from Kajukenbo, had to sue for it ;)

    I was informed that Mitose trained women in different classes than he did the men. When at the memorial some women were training, some gave some slack and others did not. Tough ladies. One was thrown around like a doll, Wow.

    Just to clairify, I have the distinct impression, from my source, it was GM Mitose's sister who was in the book. Last 3 or so pages.
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    What source?
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    I fact why didn't you just ask Tom if the woman in the book was his aunt? You just saw him last weekend.
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    Could have slipped his mind at the time ;)
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    I should have done that, but this came up after the meet, I was not even thinking about that at the seminar.

    But I am now. Because someone asked me about it. Do you care to inform me or not? I edited the original.

    I am starting to get a feeling that they both might be in the book. Hanshi Thomas Mitose, when I asked about the book, he mentioned it was still at the printer and the pictures were not good. He found the negatives and was going to use them. He mentioned the book he was releasing is the one on "Self Defense", I am glad of the clairification.

    The conversation was friendly and not constrained by either of us. I did not go for a lot of questions. I made contact and now maybe my e-mails will be answered. Or not...I like him he is a very impressive fellow. Great shape for his age.

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    Thanks for the picture, now maybe you could also mention your thoughts or maybe that is all you wanted to do?

    Do you have the book? Do you think there might be more than one female in it? Does it really matter? Who is the fellow under the yellow arrow?

    Which aunt would we be talking about?

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    I have no idea Gary. I searched for Lisa's name and that pic came up. Was hoping someone would recognize it and it would stir discussion. I tend to only post in pictures in this forum if you haven't noticed ;)
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    Kempofist here is something in the files to go along with the picture, I was hoping for some other information.


    (A once in a lifetime meeting)

    I bought James Mitose's original book in a used book store in LA next to the Linda Lee theater that showed all the Japanese Samurai movies (All in Japanese with subtitles). This is when I first got "hooked" on the Japanese cinema. You soon learned that a true movie was visual and the less dialog the better. The price back then was 75 cents for two full two-hour movies ... which meant that as young starving college students, I and my two brothers could spend a Sunday afternoon with two full Samurai movies; popcorn and coke for less than five dollars.

    The picture below is from James Mitose's book. It was laid out horizontally with no page number - almost as an afterthought. You had to turn the book sideways to view the picture. I first saw this picture back in 1959.

    As time passed more information came out about this photo. We found out from James Mitose's military records that he was 5' 5" tall. In the photo I have blown up the middle section; you can see that Mitose was taller than Chow. (Chow was 5' 2".) Note that Arthur Keawe, even while kneeling, almost came up to Mitose's shoulder. It would also be Arthur Keawe who became a Dr. who financed James Mitose's books. Also this picture was taken on the day of Keawe's promotion to Black Belt. That is why there are so many other black belts present. With James Mitose are William Chow and five other black belts. With Keawe that makes a total of seven black belts in this one picture, and that does not include Thomas Young.. But we have been told James Mitose gave out only five Black Belts! (James Mitose never said that! Bruce Haines made that statement in his book and that has now been accepted as fact! WRONG! There were other beside those in this picture!)

    (03/19/00 - I want to thank John Bishop (Kajukenbo) for providing us with greater information about the above picture. According to Thomas Young, Adriano Emprado and Ed Parker, the photo was actually taken at Professor Chow's school at the Nuuanu YMCA in Honolulu. As John points out Chow and two others are wearing Nuuanu tee shirts under their Gi's. In the photo are William Chow, Maslichi Oshiro, Paul Yamaguichi, Bobby Lowe and Fred Lara. Once again thanks John.

    Arthur Keawe would also donate many pictures of James Mitose with President Eisenhower to the Eisenhower library. If you know what to order you can still get copies of these photos. Don't bother: in time I will be putting them up on the web when I reach that point in telling the history of James Mitose.

    Yes, this humble man - James Mitose - had full access and cooperation of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. In fact, President Eisenhower was the Honorary president of the ... but I'm getting ahead of myself!

    This story is about another person in the photo.

    In 1993 Steve Finn gave me a call from our studio in Lexington. He called and said, "Mr. Tracy you have to come over to the studio. There is someone you have to meet." For those of you who know Steve, you know he is all business.

    I hopped into my car and drove over to the studio. There in a Black Uniform, wearing no belt, was a woman of mixed ancestry from Hawaii. She was now 65 years of age. She was introduced to me as Lisa Edwards. She had mentioned to Steve that she was in a picture in James Mitose's book. But since Steve did not have a copy of the book he did not know what she was telling him. At the age of 65 Lisa could still do full "push-ups" on her fingertips (men's style! She apologized that at her age she could no longer do "finger push-ups" with just one hand like she did when she was younger.)

    This is Lisa (Chung) Edward's story; I have labeled it:

    The First Lady of Kenpo!


    The red arrow points to Lisa Chung as a young girl studying directly under James Mitose, William Chow and Adriano Emperado!
    The blue arrow points to William Chow
    The green arrow points to James Mitose
    The yellow arrow points to Arthur Keawe ("kee AH' vee")



    Jumping ahead in the story. Lisa had studied with Mitose, Chow and Emperado for more than six years when she met a man in the military and married him. She would then leave Hawaii and travel with her husband in the military. When she was getting ready to leave Hawaii, she asked William Chow (Willie to her) what she would do for a Sifu? (Notice the use of the Chinese tern "Sifu" - they did not use "Sensei") Chow told her, "When you meet your next Sifu, you will know it."

    When I first met Lisa in 1993 she was married with a son and daughter. The daughter's dog had just died and they were looking for a new puppy for the daughter. She went to the Yellow Pages and looked under "kennels" for a new dog. While looking for the heading kennels she came across the heading "Karate." There she saw the ad for Tracy's Kenpo Karate.

    Curious, she stopped by and Steve put her on our introductory course. At the end of the 3rd lesson she told Steve, "This is what I learned 40 years ago from Mitose and Chow! You are my new Sifu!"

    HISTORICAL NOTE: When I first worked with Lisa, the first technique she did on me was our "Clawing Panther" - which just happens to be one of my favorite techniques. For a women of 65 she had unbelievable power!

    Of course Steve did not know what to make of this - that is when he gave me the phone call.

    Lisa Chung Edwards became one of our students -- but the history I got out of Lisa was like a trip back in time .. a time when Kenpo was first taught in Hawaii.

    The first real question I asked Lisa was: who was in charge of teaching Kenpo? Lisa stepped back and did a full bow from the waist. She then came to full attention, with her hands at her sides, and stated: "Great Grand Master Mitose! Then Tommy Young, then Willie Chow." She then clarified for me: back then, "not Professor" - just Willie. Willie was just another of the students. I asked her: did Chow's father teach him Kung-Fu? She just laughed. Willie Chow, she told me, had only one Sifu - and that was James Mitose.

    Up to this point I still did not know she was the young girl in the photo in Mitose's book!

    To be continued.

    ©2000 Al Tracy -- all rights reserved - last updated 01/31/2003

    Now who is the lady in the last 3 pages of the book?
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    The picture is from William Chow's school at the Nuuana YMCA. Mitose came by for a photo opp, and later used the picture in his book.
    In the back row (L to R) is Freddy Lara, William Chow, James Mitose, Bobby Lowe, and Paul Yamaguichi. The red arrow is pointing to Elizabeth "Auntie Liz" Chun. Some others are now calling her "Lisa Chung". The yellow arrow is pointing to Dr. Arthur Keave.
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    I did notice you are into pictures. I was wondering why you did not post the full picture?

    If you go to Tracy website you will see the whole picture to go along with what I posted from his site. It also mentions that Dr. Arthur Keawe was part of the assistance for James Mitose's book. I see it written as Keave also.

    Until the next book is printed I guess we will still be trying to get to the bottom of this information. Hopefully Hanshi Thomas Mitose will clear it all up?

    I wonder how long GM Tracy will take, to add more to the story?
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    I wasn't aware the picture was bigger. My google-fu is weak apparently.
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    If you go into the site of GM Al Tracy there is more. I did post the words that went with the picture. I could put the new one up but it is not that important.

    What is important here is the fact that there is more than one female in the book. Or is there?

    This has been discussed a few times. But similar to this thread it is evasive and the element of truth is not here IMHO...

    I have the edition that was printed in 1980 "What is Self Defense".
    I see where GM Al Tracy mentions that he is thankful to John Bishop for his information, about Lisa Chung aka Lisa Chun and Edwards. I figure if this is brought out and gets to the right people the new edition might clear up several things that are still muddy.
    Since the edition that was printed in 1980 was in the timeframe that Arnold Golub, Bruce Juchnik and Thomas Mitose were together it has to be something that was known by all.

    Rick Alemany was there also and he has written in the 2nd edition about how it was "the missing link" finding James Mitose.

    So I figure there is another missing link (Fusae) Hanshi Thomas Mitose met his father in Hawaii when he was 6 for a short period of time and then again in San Francisco and later on again when he was in prison and maybe before and during the time of the trial??? But did he really know Lisa Chung? More important did he know Fusae?

    Fusae Mitose Oshita did she exist, As a GM? Did she receive the secrets from her Mother? His sister went to Japan and so did James. What happened to her, did she stay? Did James have some children in Japan and leave them and come back to Hawaii?

    Was she higher ranked than James? James was the GM when he was in Japan.
    So when he returned was there a conflict and why he quit training and Fusae has been mentioned as a teacher by Will Tracy???

    That is the reason for this thread. Anyone have anything they would like to discuss or enlighten, information and so forth. I figure since this is a Planet of martial arts, maybe some one from Japan might contribute?

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    Thought I'd bring this back into play and see if Lester is monitoring this site and might be able to give us a thought about the person.

  15. John Bishop

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    Since Lester never met or talked to Prof. Chow or James Mitose, how on earth would he know anything about her?
    Plus he's too busy trying to figure out how to bring the monarchy back to power in China and reclaim the family throne.
    Where do you get these characters from Gary?
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    From the Martial Arts Sewer no doubt. He's like the forum version of that Art Carney character from The Honeymooners.
  17. BGile

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    So many chacters so little time.

    Actually he was at the Memorial so I talked to him. Since he claims things that I don't, take it up with him. He is the one with the lineage...

    I would not want to speak for him, he can do it himself.

    Gary :)
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    Really guys.. is this where it goes,?? then which one of you sqauts behind someone so the other can push them over? constant gang up. It is noticeable... Mr. Bishop, I respect your answers to a lot of the questions asked here and on other forums. They are very cut to the chase and in depth. The things you know, you know them well and i always appreciate it when you share them with the public,, especially to people outside your organization. Some people would not do this..But, when you make comments and Danjo follows them up with these kindof statements. well, you understand how it looks. Just someone has to stick up for Gary sometimes. Gary can go on with his ways, but some of his posts do make you think. And this is what we are supposed to do is it not?
    In Peace,
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    "In Peace" I guess if I follow up every condecending post with that it'll be okay? Defend Gary all you want, but watch where that gets you eventually. I noticed you answering a lot of Joe Shuras' posts for him over at Martial Talk lately, but I guess that's different somehow?

    In Peace,

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    It's good to see than Wing Chun and Ninjutsu have not cornered the market on constant bickering and fueding in the martial arts world. :D

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