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    Point taken, but if someone teaches a mix of Japanese styles, but calls it "Tai Chi" for commercial reasons, I think the factor of honesty also comes into play. I wouldn't learn from a con-man, however good he was.

    Regarding the sword form, I don't really see your point (if you forgive the pun) - a form should be comprised of fighting maneuvers, if it is, then it should be martially useful and make martial sense in the progression of those movements. The creator of a form will know whether or not that is what they have done, or whether they've just constructed something pretty.
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    Ah well that is a dangerous statement, since I have yet to see a fully functional tai chi sword form. They all contain too much filler.

    The Bear.
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    I was taught a really stripped-down 13 postures thing, I don't know its origin, but it had a bit of a Western fencing influence. I don't think I could remember it now - I tend to practice any techniques I learn either in a more repetitive way or else in a more free-form imagined sparring or real sparring way. The reason I practice more like this is because in the past I have felt my body and seen other peoples bodies get too stuck in fixed patterns, and you then almost have to fight your physical urge to go into "the next move" which is a crazy situation to find yourself in. There is way too much emphasis on set sequences, in my opinion. Note - I'm not saying they serve NO purpose at all, only that their value is a bit over-emphasised.
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    I am wondering if martial forms really exist?
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    I did Wu Chian Chuan style for a few years, until I moved away from the area.

    Where I moved to, there was only Yang style classes anywhere nearby, so I just carried on practising Wu style on my own for a few years, until I decided that it was time to actually start learning something new!
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    Hi Jk,
    Repetitve cutting is a good exercise however cutting against resistance is better. Stick a 4x4 post in your garden and cut and thrust against that.
    You should try sword sparring it teaches you alot very quickly. And I learned quickly that women have no disadvantages with a sword.

    You well know my opinion on this. I stopped doing tai chi forms because once you learn the basic movements I believe you should move on to do applications. Forms are fine for solo practice also.
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    yeah, ok. If the guy says that it is more than something he made up then ok, or if he wrongly applies a pre-existing brand then it is a con. Relying on the logo to sell the product. But how do you define taijiquan?

    As for the sword form thing? Your waving a sword around, so it will be dangerous, but the trick is knowing how dangerous. What is the form designed to do? defeat another swordsman? an inanimate plank of wood?

    How do you really test the manoeuvres? In the yang style some of the movements are very obscure so the only way to test your technique is outside the form with cutting and sparring. The form just teaches body mechanics to prepare you for testing. Only when you start to test your sword skills will you realise whether or not the sword form is martially effective or not.

    But how many people are there that are going to need to defend themselves with a sword? What's the point in learning it at all? Is it so we can defend ourselves with a stick or umbrella? Or does it teach us about how to close with our opponent and spot openings in their posture?
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    Just a quickie reply - yes I do also do a bit of sword sparring and have made some special gloves - eskrima ones are too uncomfortable. I might need to experiment with cricketer's gloves too... I haven't tried on a post.

    How realistic is sword work? A bit. I have a good sword and if someone broke into my house and started waving a machete around, I'd use my sword's reach advantage. Obviously I'd try not to cause excessive injury, but I wouldn't leave it in its scabbard.

    How to test sword maneuvers? Wooden weapons can give you an idea, and you can wear armour - it still hurts though. And you can spar with singlestick rules, where you acknowledge hits in the awareness that you are training sword techniques and it would be unrealistic to continue if someone had just sliced your arm... sorry if anything is unclear - bit of a rush...
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    Buy yourselve some nice japanese kendo kote they are far better than anything else. I use a leon paul 1400N fencing mask also.

    The Bear.
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    An EXCELLENT question - I created it because I HATE the 32 42 etc sword forms which are ABSOLUTELY NOT martial forms - however I suspect that there are bits of my form that could be criticized for being overly 'cute'...

    Once I and my students actually learn my form then I (and they) will start refining it and hopefully end up with something that's not too awful :)

    All the best.

  11. jkzorya

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    Thanks, PB, they do look better than most of the other things I've checked out.
  12. Polar Bear

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    Yeah you get wrist and thumb protect which is a real bonus.
    If you are really going to up the intensity I would recommend head gear.

    The Bear.
  13. jkzorya

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    Oh, I'm not sure I'll need head gear since Taoquan sold me one of his patented formula "Qi-vestsTM." Apparently, I am now "Impervious to Bullet or Blade" ;) ;)
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    Actually JK, the blade portion costs more. Sorry you know marketing and stuff, but I promise it is high quality stuff only a mere $200 more to make your vest blade proof. If you are serious about training, this would be the in(vest)ment :D You would want to make, plus I will throw in the longevity improvement as well just b/c you are a good customer :D
  15. jkzorya

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    Sorry TQ, I have no further need for my cheese vest, or whatever it's called, now that I've discovered Kundalini KolaTM.

    Kundalini KolaTM
    allows me to completely transcend the outermost meaty veils of my fleshy existence, so the next time someone chops my head off with a sword, I'll be able to live on as "Pure Spirit SoulTM."

    It also says on the tin that it will let me walk through walls - apparently it has something to do with the "Enhanced-formula Etheric Electrolyte BubblesTM." Kool.

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  16. Taoquan

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    This is merely a charlatan, don't buy into it trust me I know b/c of my vests...I for Qi bullets! :D
  17. jkzorya

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    Ah well, I couldn't really expect you to understand if you've never experienced:
    Kundalini KolaTM's
    "Enhanced Effervescent Etheric Electrolyte Bubble BuzzTM."

    It says on the tin that it only works on Enlightened Beings.

    If you collect 50 ring pulls and send them £20, they send you a free glow-in-the-dark T-shirt.
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    Keep it on topic please peeps.
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    I trained in the chee soo styles.I would back up the above guy.its fake
  20. Theserialkiller

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    You are correct.I trained in it

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