Leung Ting scandal

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by Gong_Sau_Rick, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Taijiman

    Taijiman Valued Member

    WTF? Wish I could understand what they were saying... but I can't imagine what it would be to cause this to make any sense :D
  2. RunningDog

    RunningDog Valued Member

    You're very kind, but I'm not sick, just a little bit mean.
  3. Kew-Do

    Kew-Do Valued Member

    OK Bro just let me know if you need anything.

  4. AuHg

    AuHg McDojo Happy Meal

    making money

    this is old....

    it really boils down to making money.

    ppl do it all the time getting the advantage or upper hand. Have you notice every kung fu advertised have their link to Shaolin. In the wing chun circle, i notice ppl teaching wing chun claiming to teach "jee shim" or "hung suen/hung fa yi" which are rare branches of wing chun. When you look up their wing chun history (if they provide it) very quickly you know they are teaching YM wing chun like everybody else.

    If we dont talk about LT's alleged deceptions in wing chun etc.

    I just want to say LT is a genius in making money...who wouldnt want to have his success in this respect.

    But claiming to be the leader of the wing chun clan well the fault really lies in wing chun history.
  5. RunningDog

    RunningDog Valued Member

    That's not in doubt. The man's loaded. He seems to have passed this particular talent to his bearded German cohort, Keith Kernspecht, who also rakes in several million Euros a year. We can whine about their ethics all we want, the fact is they're much richer than us, and while that remains the case, I very much doubt they care.

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