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  1. Hey, guys. I wanted to look into learning more about Lethwei, but since there is no Lethwei school where I live and I don’t have enough money to afford a Lethwei seminar, do you guys have any idea where I can buy some videos on Lethwei besides the Foundation of Lethwei by Dave Leduc (I already have it) and New Generation Lethwei by Dave Leduc (which I eventually plan to get)?
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    Dave leduc trains at tiger muay Thai, training at a legit muay Thai school will get you better at Burmese boxing, them buying any amount of dvds.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Speaking of Tiger Muay Thai, I saw that they also teach Muay Boran (which is the war-based precursor to Muay Thai). Isn’t Lethwei the foundation for Muay Boran?
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    Those are I think the only videos on the subject currently.

    Whilst Thai and Burmese boxing are similar some of the allowed techniques change the way of training and fighting dramatically, the clinch changes a lot with the allowance of the headbutt. No gloves and the way the rules are also change how you strike and what with.

    Having said that as Deadpool posted training in a Thai gym and then modifying what you do maybe training outside the gym with a friend etc would be preferable to simply trying to learn from instructionals only
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    Not many vids out at the moment. Leduc is doing his own variation of Lethwei which despite what he says is mostly Muay Thai mixed with some Lethwei. Hopefully there will be more instructional wise coming up. If you want to understand the art deeply you can check out the born warriors documentary material from my understanding there is an in-depth book coming out toward the end of the year then maybe instructional.

    Born Warriors | The Movie - Born Warriors | The Movie

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