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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by wuchi, Jan 17, 2007.

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    I have a silly little question; when i practice in the morning these days, and it's quite cold outside, my left hand becomes warm, but the right one doesn't...

    At first both are cold, obviously, because the body needs to get warm first, but after some time, fingers on my left hand become warm, but on the right hand they remain cold... I have a small problem with my right shoulder, probably to stiff, so could that be the problem; the fluids passing trough slower compared to the left hand?

    Again, i don't know if this validates as a reasonable question, but i just have to know!!! :bang:

    and yes, i am thinking of wearing only right glove, but i attract weird looks allready... so...
  2. inthespirit

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    I have had a shoulder injury from using the PC too much, or incorrectly.. i.e. repetitive stress due to improper posture/mouse use. As a result I noticed similar things, though not during form practice. Try some Yi Quan zhang zhuang stuff, sorted my shoulder out very quickly.

    You can find the basic idea for the exercise in the articles section here:


    Can also have a read of this if your interested:

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    Hi wuchi,

    I think it is a sensible question. Your guess regarding your shoulder and the ensuing slowness of fluids/energy to your right hand is spot on.

    If you follow inthespirits advice , I am sure it will be of help, as I was going to suggest a similar course of action.

    As for wearing only one glove, as you already get weird looks -- go for it :eek:

    Let us know how you get on :D
  4. JSun

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    You're only allowed to wear one glove if it's made of sequence and you're grabbing your crotch with the other hand.

    Then again, you think your already getting weird looks...
  5. zhongding37

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    How do you practice?
    If you go straight to form i can understand.
    try to do Cross connection exercises first.
    and also ask your teacher about this, its always best to ask him first.


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