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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by morphus, Jun 4, 2003.

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    cough* :woo: And would ya check out Cain's HUGE sig :eek: have to keep scrolling forever....

    Hi guys, :)
    I'm new here.
    I'd also like to know a bit about Tai Chi

    What, did i say something? :Angel: Please don't get angry, its my first post!:D
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  2. Knight_Errant

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    TKDWarrior- I'm not being rude but could you please translate all those chinese words?
  3. TkdWarrior

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    it's cool Knight...
    well Zhang Zhaung are the standing post excercises in Internal Martial arts(in these u hold ur positions for sometime)

    3 circle and 8 pieces of brocade qikung/chikung is also a set of excercises they involve bit of movement...

    8 pieces of brocade is usually done for healthy reasons

    form/moving form- This is the actual form in Tai chi, most teachers starts from yang 24 then move on to complicated long forms.

    push hands is sensitivity excercise much like ChiSau in WingChun but bit different
    hope that helps
  4. Jack

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    I've been to one lesson of Chi kung last week, we did some push hands exercises and some form work.
  5. imawimp

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    My own first lesson is pretty recent ( < 1 month) , so I can tell you how it started for me. Instructor started by teaching me some warm - up exercises, a couple of simple Chi-Qong movements then demonstrating the form I would be starting with (24 posture).

    After that we worked on Commencing, Part the Wild horses Mane and White Crane Spreads its Wings.

    All teachers are different, so I wouldnt put much stock in what I was shown vs what you were or werent (will or will not be ?) shown.
  6. yangtaichi

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    my very first lesson was really a test to see how well i was connected to myself. sifu lead me through the 18 lohan palm, or somn like that i never recalled the name of that form. it was fun though.

    any way yeah he lead me through that one and then we did some simple standing movement where your just staionary and you do this or than with your arms and waist. oh yeah an the 8 brocades or jewels as i call them, depends on the translation.

    its pretty simple and all you have to do is just relax and follow along

    cake or death?

    uhmmm cake i think,... yea most definatly cake
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    OK So I'm out off my lurking closet - satisfied?

    Mr. Yoda a week has long since passed.

    Did you have a go...

    .. or were you setting up an excuse for a little 'real' excercise (Shock, Horror! Man in pajamas chins steroid fuelled nutters in local sports centre, "I was just trying to get to my tai chi class" said the man in silk)

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