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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by robertmap, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. robertmap

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    I'm working on a new website that will contain information about learning Tai Chi online. If you know of any online training that does NOT come up on a Google search for "learn tai chi online", I'd love to hear about it - Thanks.
  2. Xue Sheng

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    Too much going on in Taijiquan, in my opinion, to learn it online.
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  3. aaradia

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    Sorry Robertmap, I usually love your postings. But I don't believe in learning any martial art online. Video's are a great supplement, but nothing replaces a qualified instructor seeing your stuff and giving corrections. One needs that feedback. Also, the combative aspects - the push hands - partner drilling - can't be done online either.
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  4. Botta Dritta

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    Have to reluctantly agree. What little I Learned probably is now full of errors, which needs an instructor to correct. Leaning it visually may lead to bad habits being ingrained from the start. Tai Chi in my experience is also very tactile requiring an instructor to feel your alignment and body tension to make adjustments. That being said an online resource that acts as a compendium of information rather than and instruction course would be interesting.

    Ken Guillette runs something similar on his site in the US. He make abundantly clear from the start that you need a teacher and that you can't learn online, but he provides ideas/reminders/instructions a for people who have already had some tuition. For example his stuff on Chen style applications form applications is both similar and different enough to what I was taught to make it worth my time to buy one of his Dvds
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  5. Dan Bian

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    To go against the grain here a lil-bit...

    I think it's a good idea - depending on what we mean by "learning tai chi on line".
    I think, if we're meaning learning forms, tuishou, applications and do forth, I think that would be a risky venture, given the possibility of ingraining bad habits, lack of correction etc.

    However, if we are talking about giving interested newcomers a sample of tai chi, by way of a few very basic exercises they can work on at home, which will develop skills that will transfer over when then start to learn the full taijiquan system; I think that's great.

    Basic walking exercises, breathing exercises, some very basic qigong movements. These things can be expressed quite easily in a 5 minute video, and give the viewer something easy they can go away and have a go at, without to much risk to themselves.

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