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    Hello all.

    My name is Adam, I am practising Kalarippayattu since 2000 and am a senior Instructor of Kerala Kalarippayat Academy (KKA), the Indian representative at the World MA forum which is held annually in South Korea.

    I undertook my training over the last 19 years in Kannur, Kerala and have bee teaching since 2006. I now run my own school and Kalari Chikitsa clinic in Thailand (KalariLAB). I am also a UK trained Physiotherapist.

    Over the last 3 years in Thailand I have taught many international students and have repeatedly been asked to make an online program. For a long time I thought this impossible and did not consider the idea fully, however have recently changed my feeling on this as I wish to provide lifelong learning to my students (and others) and most importantly to ensure an accurate and clear teaching of Kalari, in a time when many schools are being set up and teaching a very watered down version of the forms and to be honest, a practice that is in fact quite dangerous for the body.

    Kalari appealed to me, some 19 years ago, because not only was it a highly refined system of body-mind conditioning and psych-physical exercise but also because it instilled health in the body rather than take it away. I believe this is the real strength of Kalari and what makes it stand out over other martial arts. It is not the most deadly of the martial arts but it is certainly one of the most refined systems of conditioning.

    I have decided therefore to create KalariLAB onLINE : An interactive virtual school that will provide not only 3 training videos a week but also a student/teacher forum and the option of live 1on1 individual tutorials. In addition, students can receive live 1on1 consultations in Physiotherapy and Ayurveda (provided by my colleague Dr. Caoru Osanai).

    The platform will go live in June 2019 and I shall make it so one week is available free of charge so that anyone can benefit from the course and see if it something that is useful to them.

    We are running a crowdfunding campaign on link removed to raise funds for the program, to pay for filming, editing, internet promotion and a new website to fulfil the needs of the school. If you are interested, please check out the following link where you will find 50% discounts available on all subscriptions link removed

    Now I have received several messages on social media from Kalari practitioners who think I am ‘cashing in’ on Kalari and that Kalari is not something that can be taught online. I would just like to reiterate my reasons for doing this:

    (1) To provide lifelong progressive learning to anyone interested in learning Kalari who does not have access to a teacher

    (2) To provide high level safe and accurate content in a time when many of those teaching are simply not capable of that

    (3) To build a living Kalari community of practitioners around the world to share experiences and connect with each other

    I hope you see that my intentions are honourable and I hope you decide to take a look at and perhaps join our project. Let’s make Kalari great again! There was a time when every child in Kerala benefitted form this art, let us extend that globally.

    Best wishes

    Adam Phillips

    KalariLAB, Director

    KKA, Senior Instructor and Kalari Chikitsa therapist

    Physiotherapist (BSc)
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    Welcome to MAP.

    Please note we don't allow advertising.

    If you'd like to place a commercial advert then contact either Mitch or myself.
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    Also note, it may be my browser (Chrome) or my security system, but I clicked the attached picture and I could not get out of it. My browser locked up. The only way to get out of it was to close my browser completely
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    Picture also edited out.
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    Aside from the usual caveats about learning a martial art online, how can physiotherapy be done virtually? I’d expect a physiotherapist needs to see, touch and manipulate a patient’s limbs.

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