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Discussion in 'Kung Fu Resources' started by Banditshaw, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Banditshaw

    Banditshaw El Bandido

    Where are the UK Lau Gar Videos?

    I've searched on Youtube and all through this forum as much as I can.
    Can some of the UK Lau Gar players on this forum post some working links to some apps, forms, etc. on here if possible. The BKFA Site has nothing up either.

    It would be cool to see some stuff since not much is available on the net.

    Maybe Su Lin could make a resource of just UK Lau Gar videos.

    It would be nice to discuss with you UK Lau Gar players and know a little of what's out there.

    I did find this might be old news but t's the first I've seen.
    Any Comments?

  2. jmd161

    jmd161 Hak Fu Mun


    Through your link on YouTube I was able to find these.



    Can any of the UK Lau Gar people confirm, if this is indeed UK Lau Gar?

    If this is indeed UK Lau Gar, I'd say it's safe to say it has nothing in common with Lau Gar Kuen, other than maybe being linear. The bow/salute is nothing alike and the bow/salute in those vids kinda bother me.

    The bow is done to one side which is the right in both movements, i've never seen anything like that before. Usually a bow/salute is towards the front or done to the left, right, and center.

  3. jmd161

    jmd161 Hak Fu Mun

    There was no intent what so ever in the performance. The movements were rushed and done kinda half assed. Might not have been intended to be posted on the internet?!?!?!

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  4. Banditshaw

    Banditshaw El Bandido

    That's what I thought as intent whatsoever.
  5. jmd161

    jmd161 Hak Fu Mun

    Before anyone has anything to say about where's your vids of Black Tiger?

    Here is a vid of our longrange Golden Buddha form known as Kam Kong Kune.

    [ame=]Sil Lum Hak Fu Mun (Shaolin Black Tiger)[/ame]

    This was filmed during a walk thru, plus it has been edited, it's not the entire form. But you can see the techniques and how long Black Tiger forms are.

  6. Banditshaw

    Banditshaw El Bandido

    There was a link I posted a while back on the lau gar vids thread of some Guangdong Lau definitely had the five families flavour...too bad the user took it off youtube. I think Tartovski saw that as well cos I sent it to him....I lost it out of my file.
  7. jmd161

    jmd161 Hak Fu Mun

    Wow! I would have liked to see that...chances are if it was Canton (Guangdong) it might have been from the actual Lau family.

  8. Banditshaw

    Banditshaw El Bandido

    Thanks Jeff I really enjoyed that. I love the long arm techniques employed and the footwork involved too. Your right, there are a lot of similarities between Hung and Hak Fu Mun...maybe somw Lama o` Fut Gab as weln.
  9. j/d161

    j/d161 Guest

    There is this o|e also,bthe Lau`Gar sta`ts at 1(00 min +nto thervid.


  10. jmd161

    jmd161 Hak Fu Mun

    How did I miss this post?

    Yeah there is a Lama influence on Hak Fu Mun as well. I would like to study Fut Gar a lil more, I saw a lil in Boston's Chinatown, but not enough to see it's influence on Hak Fu Mun. I was able to see it's influence on Hung Fut, though. I tried to learn the Fut Ga, but the sifu wanted to make me learn his lineage of Hung Gar first. I might be moving back to Beantown, so let's see what happens...

  11. Tartovski

    Tartovski Valued Member

    AFAIK there are 3 chinese Lau Gar vids on the net; All are of the same guy. The one that starts 1 min in, The "Five Animals" one (where he wears a red top?), And one weapon form:
    [ame=""]kungfu in zhongshan下陂头æ‘-大刀 - YouTube[/ame]

    Of the UK Videos, there are a few more, and I think you've posted them all apart from these:
    (Scottish Club)
    (which is BKFA stuff, but sadly not complete videos)
  12. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    There aren't many examples on UK Lau on the net and those that there are have caused many a heated debate.
  13. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    There is a resource for Kung Fu videos already,not sure Lau needs another thread to be honest. There aren't actually that many videos around and as discussed already in previous threads they arent all of particularly great quality.
  14. Tartovski

    Tartovski Valued Member

    However, they are of suitable quality as a way of comparing it to the mainland style...
  15. jmd161

    jmd161 Hak Fu Mun

    Yeah they are, and no there is no relationship between mainland Lau Gar and UK Lau Gar. By looking at the vids of UK Lau Gar the Southern flavor and characteristics just aren't there.

    If they are related????

    I'd say someone learned a few movements or a buch of part forms and then tried to fill in gaps. Which could also explain why UK lau Gar looks so different.

    Then there's the fack that Jeremy Yau, could be a fake! There where many Chinese people that had little or no kung fu training that got rich or made good money off the public wanting to learn Kung Fu. Many had no clue what kung fu should look like or move, so it wouldn't be hard to fool the public.

  16. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    Ok ,since you all asked so nicely!

    I will merge threads and do some tidying :)
  17. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    Lau Gar Videos

    Done and done

    Enjoy :)

    (I may even get round to posting one up at some point :D)

    Please can we keep it to Lau Gar and related vids and NOT Lau Gar Hung Gar form :)
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  18. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    This is my final warning.

    I have yet again had to split this thread because exactly the same debate has started again.

    May I remind you that I will not have this happening again.If it does I am going to start deleting rather than moving threads and taking action. I realise that things do go off topic and return again in time, but I will not be ignored again. There are plenty of threads where this debate is going on.Discuss it there,please.
    I advise you ALL to read this.
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  19. Bassmonkey

    Bassmonkey Formerly Cobalt60

    Cant believe i missed these! Sorry if anyone is a member of this club, but the first link of kay boon sau fa was so bad i almost broke the tos on swearing. Maybe its because i have practiced it so much.......but dear god!

    As for the 2nd link, i have never seen far kuin done in person, but the it didnt seem....snappy, or accurate enough. Didnt seem to know what they were doing with the hands.
  20. Bassmonkey

    Bassmonkey Formerly Cobalt60

    Sorry su.

    Missed the above post by you also and therefore missed the link.

    You can delete my previous post if you like.

    Was interesting to see some videos though, kind of gives you the kick in the bum to train harder and perfect your technique!

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