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Discussion in 'Kung Fu Resources' started by CFT, Aug 1, 2006.

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    I'll not make an issue about it, but I had a working link and then I didn't.
    I gather you have been working through issues with software glitches on the forum.
    I double checked to see if what I was looking for was there before posting and it was not.
    That also applies to the removed posts from this thread, as I checked before mentioning them.

    I have no interest in bickering.
    If Chimp has anything to offer the discussion, then I welcome the contribution.
    Simply point scoring and posturing is not contributing.

    The deemed off topic comments I made, were to do with the terminology used in Lau Gar for terms commonplace in Wing Chun, so as far as I am concerned, I was on topic.

    Closing threads and chopping them to peices without giving clear re-directs to them (acknowledging you have software problems just now) did not help and were not due the sarcasm of the forum staff.

    I hope you'll accept that as constructive and impersonal criticism.
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    Good God man!
    You'll get yourself banned from the forum with that attitude.

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