Larry Tatum Videos.. Which set?

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Raikage, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. Raikage

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    Hi, I used to train in Kempo a while back. I really enjoyed the style but unfortunately I had to move. The place i relocated to did not have any Kempo/Kenpo schools. They had Muay thai so I studied that and some Brazilian JiuJitsu. I enjoyed the muay thai classes alot and still train in it. I have however, found some guys in my Muay Thai class who also used to study kempo.. we all decided to try to practice our old kempo skills on the side..

    we heard alot about the tracy kenpo and larry tatum series and decided to use them to help us rehash our kempo.. we decided to pitch in and get the larry tatum series but noticed that there are two sets. My question is, does anyone know what the difference is between the two larry tatum sets? are the sets supposed to be used in order?

    One set is titled " Self Defense Techniques" and the other is "when kenpo strikes". I know the "when kenpo strikes set is older but ive heard alot of good things about it. i dont know anything bout the other set but seems to cover the self defensse techniques.

    I'd like to buy both sets, but can really only afford one at this time.. Any recommendations on the sets or tapes?
  2. Pacificshore

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    I have a copy of one of Tatum's videos called Mass Attacks. I think it's from the "When Kenpo Strikes" set. Pretty good video and informative. Probably won't go wrong with either set. By the way, I believe Century MA supply is still having a sale on their videos, and Tatum's was part of that sale.
  3. matsloth

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    tatum tapes

    i have most of the tatum tapes ,but i must say the "when kenpo strikes"set is my favorite , it re inforces that tatum is the main man .
    i got most of mine on ebay at a real good rate.
  4. erubio14

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    I have some of the tatum self defense techniques and forms. i think that "when kenpo strikes" is just an extra video set. He told me i needed to learn the self-defense and the katas, to advance to higher belt levels. He told me about those "when kenpo strikes" videos, but i don't remember what he told me. this was about 2 months ago

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