Largo Mano and Cinco Teros

Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by querist, Jul 30, 2018.

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    Well, it happened. After years of Wing Chun and Inosanto Kali (I hold no rank in Kali - my Wing Chun sifu taught me what he knows) and then moving to Texas for a new job, I have started studying Largo Mano Escrima.

    The way my guro teaches it is that there are names for the strikes, but we also went over the cinco teros. Anyone who is familiar with Guro Inosanto's teaching will know that there are many angles to learn. I've learned that one of the ideas behind cinco teros is that instead of learning different angle names/numbers for different targets, you just learn these angles and use them on a variety of targets.

    For you more experienced FMA folks out there, how do you learn your angles? Numbers? Names? How many do you teach a beginner?

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  2. Hannibal

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    Numbers mainly- but I know about 4 different systems numbers so even that is an issue!!

    To simplify I started using shapes and forehand/“open” and backhand/“closed” but even that has little to no meaning outside my system

    Sadly you learn each one as you start and just have to remember- thankfully the mechanics remain the same :)
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  3. querist

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    That is true. I even remember Guro Dan's system changing while I was learning it.
  4. Smitfire

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    Seems there are as many number systems in FMA as there are filipino martial arts. :)
    I've only done 2 systems (Inosanto inspired Kali via Ollie Batts and Salem Assli IIRC and Rapid Arnis via Pat O'Malley) and they had different numbering systems. Strike 2 was diagonal in one but horizontal in the other for example.
    Seen other systems where the number designates an angle AND a target which I think is a bit too much detail.
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