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Discussion in 'Injuries and Prevention' started by elftengu, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. elftengu

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    My missus has just started exercising to a boxercise type DVD and has been doing about half an hour to one hour a day, every day for the last two weeks.

    Until two days ago. Her ankles have swelled up and have stayed swollen, even in the morning after a good night's sleep.

    Does anyone have any ideas? RICE doesn't seem to do much good but she's disappointed she can't carry on with the routines as her ankles are quite painful.

    To be honest this is her first strenuous activity for a while, could this be a contributing factor?

    Any ideas folks?
  2. pauli

    pauli mr guillotine

    congratulations! have you picked a name yet?
  3. Lily

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    Pauli - LOL! I was going to say undo the ankle clamps. *cough*

    Ok on a serious note, elf, what footwear does she use during this exercise and what surface is she exercising on?

    I'm surprised RICE doesn't work, maybe take an over the counter inflammatory and try RICE again. If the ankles really are that painful then she should get a med checkup and clearance for exercise (as you say its the first strenuous activity in a while).

    Hope she gets better :Angel:
  4. elftengu

    elftengu Banned Banned

    Thanks, I've just found out that her work shoes aren't helping matters but we'll try the anti-inflammatories.

    And no, she's not up the pudding btw! :)

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