lack of respect for lower belts

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by labeledas, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. flyingblackbelt

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    the only thing i will say about lower belts teaching even lower belts is that im a little reluctant. Quite often it just leads to mass confusion because the lower belts dont really know what they are doing as well as they need to to teach, obviously im gonna let a brown belt help out a white belt but im just not sold on letting green belts teach.
  2. neryo_tkd

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    if u r referring to what i wrote, flyingblackbelt, i apologize if i caused any confusion or if i weren't clear enough. of course i didn't mean low belts teaching lower belts. they aren't skilled enough to do the job, that's why there are instructors. but sparring with black belts taught me a lot at the time, and listening to their talking out of experience etc
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    At my Dojang, we all spar each other green through black. I feel as Xplasma does about the greens. they feel as though they know more than they do. My best advice for you is this; During a sparring session, next time that happens to you, throw a couple of "hey remember me?" kicks his way and see how fast they give you their undivided attention.

    My personal sparring philosophy: "Your mine until I hear "Stop" or you remove your helmet"-nuff said.

    TKDshane Ÿ
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    I had the same problem a while back. I was a white belt, and I'm a 16 year old girl, I'm one of the only girls in my class. None of the guys would fight me seriously, and even the higher rank girl i faught was playing easy and not taking it serious. I talked to my instructor and he decided to watchsome of my competitors when I would spar with them. He was didnt like that nobody would compete with me, so he came out and sparred with me and fought pretty hard (considering my belt rank, but of course he wasn't fighting hard for him, but to me he was, he gave me some serious competition). The other guys saw, and then I fought one of them. The instructor stood by and made sure he put up a good enough fight. Once they realized that I had enough confidence for them to give me some competition, and that I was totally fine with being hit by a guy (come on, i hate that "I dont like to hit girls" stuff) now they all fight fairly with me. It's fun.
  5. labeledas

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    well i have a slight problem with that i just can't go full contact with a girl/guy unless she/he is close to my size, or ask me to go all out,i won't go full out on any one smaller than me nothing to do with sex or superiority i just don't realize my own strength sometimes and don't wanna put anyone through a wall
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    when u spar at ur dojang i don't think that u r expected to hit ur sparring partner with all the strength u've got, right? so...there is nothing to worry about. u have to do the sparring with all ur opponents, no matter is it a girl, guy, ur size or not, ok????

    concerning the kicks, one more thing...i have noticed that some people are reluctunt to perform a kick while sparring or while doing combinations where contact is required. one of the reasons is the fact that they r not able to control their kicks, all that ending up in bruising the sparring partner unnecessarily. control is of utmost importance. if that is ur case, work on it.

    if u wear any gear then contact won't kill ur sparring partner. hey, we are talking about martial arts here, kicking is involved. that's the purpose of wearing the gear and practising sparring.
  7. mountainsage

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    Lay him out!

    We are very much alike. I'm 6'2" and 290 and people don't turn their backs on me at anytime during sparring. I started sparring as a white belt with Red and Black belts. The person you were sparring is stupid and cocky. You should have layed him out flat as a learning situation for him. If your teacher has any ability he will, yes, warn you about control, but chastize the green belt for not keep focus especially against a larger opponenet. Losing focus is a cardinal sin of both sparring and self-defense. Until "baro" is called he's live bait.

  8. yamonkey01

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    you see, i started martial arts about half a year ago. i'm 16 man.. at first, i went to this karate place (umm.. very unskilled 6th degree black belt sensei? almost tripped doing a back kick once).

    i earned my 1-3rd yellow, 1-3rd orange belts there in about 2 months. i don't think i got any respect in there, especially from 1 blue and 1 green belt.

    when i realized the place SUCKED , they didn't know how to teach, i joined this TKD place with an actual Korean teacher. i'm about to test in about 2 weeks for a green belt, and have been in this place for about 2 months. like... no one is disrespectful, kid to adult.
    when sparring someone like a green or blue or purple belt... when they see i'm weak on some area, they almost always tip me on what to do. and there are like 6 classes everyday, 5 days a weak, different people all the time.

    hm. maybe the people in my city are just nice :D

    yeah.. i gotta go practice my form :mad:

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