Labrum tear?

Discussion in 'Injuries and Prevention' started by CauliflowerEar, Sep 23, 2018.

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    Has anyone successfully recovered from labrum tear with or without surgery?

    I used to do boxing and thai boxing 4-5 times a week about 7 years ago and only just got my problem shoulders diagnosed from back then as significant tear in anterior labrum from top to bottom in my right shoulder which requires surgery and small partial tear and fraying in my left shoulder which should be able to get sorted from physio. All these years the popping and pain in my shoulders is because they have been partially dislocating. I'm desperate to get back into a striking MA so hoping for some success stories?

    I have to add these shoulders to my 3 torn ligamints in wrists 2 left and 1 right wrist, deviated septum and chronic adductor issue still not resolved. It's scary how my body has been messed up after contact sports and I'm only mid twenties.
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    Get the surgery and the physio, without it your only going to get worse. If you do go back to contact sports, find a safer gym, a high injury rate is generally a sign of bad gym culture.
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    I can't help at all, just want to say your username is hilarious!
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    That's a pretty good list of injuries !

    I totally agree with Dead Pool get the surgery and physio done on the shoulder and it sounds like you need a few more for the wrists as well, without this you are just a time bomb and the type of surgery you will need if left too long will be more restrictive in terms of your range of motion.

    I have had a scalpholunate reconstruction on my right wrist and am currently working my way around the waiting list to have the same operation on the left wrist. My range of motion has decreased 30-35% and what I can and can no longer do is annoying but the only way to save me 10 – 15 years before more restrictive surgery is needed. I tend to find myself holding back on the focus pads with hand strikes and other areas of training as once the reconstruction is broke that is it.

    On the shoulder it sounds similar to what my Dad had done earlier last year, I would need to check which ligaments he has reconstructed but overall he is happy with his surgery. Comes with its own limitations but he is now early 60's so happy to start taking it a bit easier.

    I can still train but within new limits and hopefully you should be the same, just work your way back into it slowly and look into a few MA to see what would work for you post op.
    Have a good chat with your GP / Surgeon and be clear on what you will and will not be able to do once you have had the operation (s).

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