Kyuk Too Ki?

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Claudinha, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. Claudinha

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    Hello. I am new so I don't know if this has been asked before. Does anyone know anything about Kyuk Too Ki? My bro said he met some Hapkido guys who told him they train Kyuk Too Ki style. I am under the impression that is it similar to Shootboxing, but with alot of Tae Kwon Do style kicks?

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    i hear it is Korean Kickboxing. I have a black belt magazine and they are selling instructional videos on it. They also call it korean kickboxing. I wanna learn it . It sounds cool because i like kickboxing(muay thai) and all korean martial arts. Very similar to Kun gek do.
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  3. dunks34

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    Gyeuk Too Ki from a Canadian Black Belt of it

    I'll keep this simple. I'll tell you what I can in regards popular (in Korea) but almost unknown Korean Martial Art.

    I'm a Canadian (Nova Scotian) who taught English in Korea for over 3 1/2 years.

    Within one month of my arrival I started learning Gyeuk Too Ki from a former Korean Kickboxing National Champion. (Kim Moon Il) Best description I can observe is Gyeuk Too Ki means "Fighting". Muay Thai and Hapkido, mixed with Judo.

    When I achieved Black Belt 1st Dan. I received two Black Belt Certificates. One for Korean Kickboxing and the other for Hapkido, both official registrations.

    The Koreans look at anyone with a First degree Blackbelt in anything as a beginner.

    I'm quite likely the only non-Korean Black Belt in Gyeuk Too Ki. If anyone would like any further info just reply to this post.


    Gyeuk Too Ki Common Ti
  4. Mitch

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    Thanks for the info Dunks, it's been discussed on the TKD forum a few times too. Is it taught aywhere outside Korea do you know?

  5. dunks34

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    To the best of my knowledge it is not taught anywhere outside of Korea. My instructor in fact had to get permission from his Master to be allowed to teach me.

    I've kept my eyes open for any sign of a Gyeuk Too Ki school since my return to Canada but I've never located one.

    The only people who seem to have ever heard of it are Korean born nationals.

    Muay Thai and Hapkido schools are everywhere though.

  6. xhai

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    I'm Thai. Now in Thailand many people talk about this. Thai people angry that Korean copy Muay Thai. International Muay Thai Federation and Ministry of culture have a plan for ban Kyuk too ki.
    This video is special scoop in TV News from Thailand.
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    Was lurking and found this.

    Friend of my teacher and our mentor in training is one master (he is not Korean) who beside other degrees holds 6. degree black belt in Kyuk Too Ki.

    It can be described as Korean kickboxing. Kicks and punches are teached exactly same as in ITF Taekwondo, with added low kicks and sweeping allowed.

    It pretty much resonates with Chinese Sanda or Thailand's Muay Thai (except I think knees and elbows aren't allowed).
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    Yes I know an academy by run by a korean teacher with a 9th degree black belt in Chile. Could you please tell me the order of the belts? Thanks

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